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Last week's VAC spike showed incredible results and the number of cheaters dropped drastically. Cheaters are scared for their accounts and inventories and more about it hereafter.

So far, the biggest  Valve VAC ban wave this year happened on 6.6.2017. and 6.7.2017. Almost 6,000 valve accounts were banned on the CS: GO and Dota 2 games. Even though Valve does not want to comment anything about this, there are speculations that VAC detection has finally got the update and is now able to detect newer versions of cheats that were previously under VAC radar.

A total of seven „new“ cheats were detected. Valve has been unable to detect some of these cheats for a few months and some are even older than two years. This wave occurred 6.7.2017. and  4332 players got VAC banned and the next day, another 1,500 accounts were added to the list. The players who got VAC banned have lost the right to play online competitive matches, and their inventories have been lost forever. The total value of banned inventories is estimated at $ 7,000

Of those 6,00 lost accounts, 3 of them have lost a lot. Their total inventory of these 3 players was estimated to roughly $6,000 in skins… Needless to say, all those skins are now completely worthless.

Valve VAC Spike

Despite this is the first huge VAC spike of 2017, from previous experience we can expect more. Last year there were several huge VAC ban waves, the last one occurred in October 2016 when over 5,000 accounts were banned. In this big waves, people lost over $200,000 worth of skins and the biggest win happened in July last year when $88,000 in skins was lost forever and are now untradeable.

You can find more about this on Reddit. There is a section which lost inventories due to VAC ban. More about this can be found here.

This Steam's undertaking has resulted in a decrease in the use of cheats in the game. Cheaters are frightened and are not sure whether a new VAC detection program can detect their cheat version or there are still under VAC radar,  but it's just a matter of time when they will get banned.

Furthermore, the number of VAC bans drastically reduced after this huge VAC ban wave. According to the site that tracks Steam VAC bans ( in the last 5 days, there are just 300 ban's, which is far below the daily average that varies from 500 to 1000.

The graph down below shows the huge VAC ban spike and possesses interesting information:

Valve VAC Spike Graph

In the above graph, the green bars represent VAC bans, the blue bars represents game bans, and the gray lines show lost inventory in USD.


Written by: Pavo

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