US Supreme Court Opens the Door to Legal eSports Gambling

US Supreme Court LogoThe day has finally arrived! The US Supreme Court has reached a decision to overturn the federal law of 1992 that strictly prohibits betting on sports. This is not just good news for people who bet on your usual sports like basketball, baseball, football and others; it also means that eSports finally have a place in the gambling world too! A truly historic day for everyone living in the US – this new situation development basically means you'll be able to bet on your favorite eSports teams, players, and matches, without having to worry about any potential legal consequences. In short – you're finally free to do whatever you please in the gambling world. But what does eSports have to do with this and will they benefit straight off the bat? Let's find out…

eSports Betting in the USA Takes a Major Turn

eSports betting was not possible in the US; a country that is far in front everyone else in the world, yet lacking in the gambling department. US citizens could only watch their fellow gamers follow tournaments and possibly earn some money too.

The era of gambling prohibition is over. But this doesn’t mean you’re allowed to start gambling on eSports just yet. There are a couple of facts we need to remember when talking about this subject, and we all need to have a little bit more patience. What do we mean by this?

Well, the ruling itself has no mention of eSports just yet. Everything is new, the people are surprised, and the laws themselves haven’t been defined yet. For now, this is only applicable to regular sports. But don’t despair! Once the floodgates got opened, there’s no stopping whatever flows through – and that’s exactly where eSports betting comes into play.

Being Patient

We can’t expect this ruling to instantly allow all forms of sports betting. It takes time to create certain rules that people will have to follow. For example, how will they regulate underage gambling? Esports are an increasingly popular activity for many people, including younger audiences, and if the US Supreme Court said “Hey, you’re free to do whatever, we won’t stop you”, what do you think would happen? A ton of negative public exposure, that's what would happen! Match-fixing is another risk that must be dealt with before any concrete law gets passed. This is why patience is a virtue; we must wait for a bit longer before every possible issue gets ironed out.


In any case, this is joyous news. The people have been wanting this for a couple of years and the legal battle itself has been going on since 2012 – a very long time to wait just to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992.

The good news is that this change will influence many. Just imagine finally being able to gamble on your team’s victory in the Dreamhack finals and winning some cash! Something that wasn’t allowed just a few months back (all the way to 1992).

eSports will continue to grow and this ruling was considered common sense by the general population. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to let the people have fun by gambling and potentially winning some money? In our opinion, this is the best thing to happen to eSports since its inception. Let’s see what the future will look like!

Written by: Pavo

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