For the first time USA recognizes SC II player as athlete

Starcraft 2As we can see in the hype in the media and the ever increasing numbers in players and spectators, the importance of eSports is constantly growing . Nevertheless, professional players still have to struggle with the problem that they are not taken seriously enough in comparison to traditional athletes. A further step in the direction to change this, was the recently announced decision of the U.S. government.

As we all know eSports teams as well as tennis players and other athletes travel from tournament to tournament. In the past Progamers often had to fight with visa problems. For example Fnatic could not participate in the main competition of the G- League 2013, because the team has not received a visa for China.

The same problem also had the StarCraft II player Kom Dong- Whan (No. 62 in the SC II World Ranking) , who so often visited the United States for tournaments in the last years, that a regular entry without a visa was forbidden. After intervention by developer Blizzard and the streaming provider Twitch Dong- Whan has now received a five- year valid P1A visa for professional athletes, which means that the U.S. recognize SC II tournaments as a sport for the first time.

After this decision also the lives of other eSports pros should get easier and they should, at least in the U.S. have no more problems with the entry. It is to be hoped that other countries join the trend and professional gamers soon get the recognition they deserve.

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