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Before this years League of Legends season is over and the new 2018 LCS Season 8 starts, we still have one event left, the 2017 LoL All-Stars. Although the World Championship is the most important event of the season, a culmination of a prolific and exciting year, All-Stars competition is emerging as a great introduction to what’s coming after.

This particular event gathers biggest stars in one place and allows both players and fans to experience all the excitement that only League of Legends tournaments can provide. The fact that each year competition is tougher only increases the popularity of All-Stars and tickets for this event are highly sought-after. Do you want to attend this event with your friends? Riot Games released ticket info, scroll down to find out where to purchase your tickets.

League of Legends Icon When and where I can purchase my ticket?

Tickets will be officially released on Friday, November 10 at 10 AM PT. Like in most events organized by Riot Games, tickets are exclusively available at the Eventbrite website. Any other site claiming they have tickets for this event is a scam and you should avoid it.

Prices for this event are affordable, fit for anyone’s budget. Ticket costs are:

  • Battle arena – $30
  • Battle theater – $20

Riot Games announced that battle theater tickets for Sunday will cost $10 only due to less live games.

League of Legends Icon Why are prices different for the battle arena and battle theater?

Although the difference in prices is only $10, which isn’t so drastic, you’re probably wondering why couldn’t they set the same price for all. The main reason for the difference in price is down to the format. Each ticket cost delivers the somewhat different experience. Here’s the basic rundown of what you can expect.

Thursday and Friday (double round robin)

  • Battle arena – three 5v5 best of 1s, six 1v1s
  • Battle theater – three 5v5 best of 1s

Saturday (knockout stage)

  • Battle arena – semifinals 5v5 best of 3, six 1v1s
  • Battle theater – semifinals 5v5 best of 3

Sunday (final)

  • Battle arena – finals 5v5 best of 5
  • Battle theater – 1v1 finals best of 3

As you can see, different ticket price option provides access to the different amount of action. Basically, battle arena allows you to see more in one studio.

League of Legends Icon Does this mean I’m going to miss a great deal of action?

No, not at all! Riot Games doesn’t want to make you purchase $30 tickets unless you want to. Let’s say you want to buy battle theater tickets, you’ll still be able to see what’s going on in another studio because matches will be broadcasted on screen. The same applies if you purchase battle arena tickets, on the screen you’ll see the action from the battle theater. That way, regardless of the studio they choose, visitors will get to see everything that’s going on.

League of Legends Icon How many tickets can I buy?

Due to high demand, Riot Games usually has a limit of four tickets per transaction, and this event is not an exception. Remember, you can buy up to four tickets for battle arena OR battle theater, not for both. You can’t buy two tickets for each.

League of Legends Icon What time do doors open and show starts?

Doors will open at 1 PM PT every day and the show will start at 3 PM. Don’t forget that event takes place in December (7-1o) so make your plans accordingly.

League of Legends Icon Do I need to set up an account on Eventbrite?

Yes, the only way to purchase tickets on this website is to set up your profile. It’s recommended to do it before in order to have a smoother experience when tickets go on sale.

Bottom line

On Friday, November 10, tickets for All-Stars event will be released. You can purchase four tickets and treat your friends with a trip to LA. Regardless of the studio you choose, you’ll still be able to see what’s going on in the other studio on the screen. Now, you just have to wait for Friday and decide whether you prefer battle arena or theater.

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