Sportradar and France’s National Lottery Are Launching a new eSports Betting Website

Francaise des Jeux, the French national lottery partnered up with Sportradar in order to create a free eSports betting website in France. They aim to provide their users with a wide array of statistical information as well as other types of content closely related to worldwide eSports competitions.

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Needless to say, such a partnership could become a big hit knowing Sportradar's thorough business approach. Of course, everything will be done in legal terms with the French gambling regulations.

But this was not the only notable expansion by Sportradar in recent months.


Sportradar means business!

With a huge number of offices all around the globe (in 24 countries, if we are to be more precise with our numbers), Sportradar is one of the industry's leaders for sure. They are innovative, well organized and feature aggressive expansion policy that's still a hot topic. Just take a look at these partnerships which all happened in the last couple of years:


  1. 3 months ago, eSports analytics company called DOJO Madness improved their services with a special collaboration with Sportradar.
  2. Back in 2015, Sportradar partnered up with ESL in making a comprehensive system for processing and distributing real-time match statistics.
  3. In September 2017, Sportradar announced a partnership with PvPRO (a lesser-known eSports platform) for streaming and data distribution.


They are not the only aggressive company in the industry

I'm sure most of you know that 2016 was a pretty hectic year for eSports and eSports betting. But, from all we could see from in this year, things are looking even more eventful. There is a whole heap of activity in the eSports betting industry. Take Pinnacle as the perfect example – after winning several awards last year out, this year they've launched their brand new eSports betting hub. Unikrn isn't off the cake either. They've successfully launched Unikoin Gold, their own cryptocurrency, and are now expanding their services all over Europe.


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