CS:GO skin betting sites are massively relaunching and putting Valve to great danger

I am sure that everyone these days knows about the drama and public exposure that the eSports betting industry received in recent times. Many of the biggest names in the industry were in the center of few great scandals that shook the scene earlier this year. Among those names were CS: GO and their creators – Valve as well their other franchise – DotA II. League of Legends was not spared of these allegations as they received a fair share of exposure after fixed matches allegations as well. The biggest issue was with skin betting sites that received 2 waves of cease and desist letter from Valve.

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After the initial shutdown of the alleged CS: GO betting sites, they are starting to come right back up again. All of this led to certain legal restrictions that have been raising their regulations ever since the first incidents… What's next? Well… Valve, the company behind Steam, could be in serious trouble because of WSGC's orders. And here's why:

CS: GO Skin Betting Sites are massively relaunching

We already had a news article covering the comeback of few big names in the skin gambling industry. But this time, there are even more of them… And this time, Valve could end up guilty because of their illegal operations. Why? Well, last week Valve was given an order to immediately shut down all skin gambling sites item transfers. The order came from Washington State Gambling Commission (WSGC from now on) which are in charge of regulating online gambling. They are a serious organization which does not mess around with their job… And it looks like Valve could fell that on their skin.

As you can see, CSGO2X, one of the most popular skin betting sites, has already announced its relaunch. They are even giving away a rather expensive M9 Bayonet skin (worth $400) to one lucky guy. In addition to CSGO2X, many other skin gambling sites have announced their relaunches as well. Sites such as CSGO Society and CSGO Lounge have already bypassed Valve's prior regulations and are working with full throttle yet again. These are all very bad news from Valve who, from the looks of it, are not doing much to sort these issues out…

What could happen to Valve if they ignore WSGC's orders?

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This question is a broad one, that's for sure. There are many possible answers but, truth be told, neither of them looks good for the gaming giant. Valve has quite a difficult task at hand and very little time to do something about it. They have until Friday to shut down all illegal skin transfers or WSGC will undertake serious sanctions against them. What could those sanctions mean? We do not know right now… But considering the seriousness of this entire situation, Valve should do whatever it takes to meet their terms. In case they fail to do so – it could result in some of their Steam platform servers being shut down.

But, will WSGC really take such a drastic move against Valve? When asked the same question, here's what Will Green of Legal Sports Report had to say:

“Absolutely… I’m not saying they will, but it’s 100% possible. WSGC doesn’t mess around.”


Written by: Pavo

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