Riot Games UK Moves Away from ESL, Launches Forge of Champions cup for the UK, Ireland

Riot Games LogoEstimates show that global revenue in esports industry will increase 26% by 2020 and reach $2.3bn by 2022. In addition, we can expect esports will double its audience to nearly 600 million by 2020. The popularity of esports events and tournaments keeps growing, especially when Riot Games and their League of Legends are involved. It comes as no wonder why we witness growing efforts to make LoL events and esports even more popular across Europe and other continents. Riot Games UK will is about to make major changes. Scroll down to read more.

League of Legends Icon What is Riot Games UK’s plan?

Riot Games have a complex relationship with the United Kingdom. In March 2016, they closed their UK branch located in Birmingham. However, in April 2017 they announced a return to the country. More precisely, they opened their branch in London. The primary objective of their return to the United Kingdom is to promote the growth of player base. Esports, primarily League of Legends, enjoy a great popularity in the UK but Riot Games has made new plans to take the growth of player and fan base to a whole new level.

In an exclusive interview with Esports News UK, Mo Fadl, Riot Games UK’s Head of Esports announced the company’s plans for the national scene. Mo Fadl also discussed the launch of Forge of Champions, a cup format created specifically for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

According to Mo Fadl, the concept of this new event is to allow teams to be forged into champions. The event will involve pros, for sure but more details will be revealed soon. During the interview, Riot Games UK’s Head of Esports, didn’t provide too much information because Forge of Champions and its development plans are still in process. That said, he promised the event will be a huge game changer.

After ending their partnership with ESL UK, Riot Games sought to build the scene from scratch. Now that they returned to the country and opened the office in London, their plan is to reinvent themselves.  In order to make it happen, they brought a new partner to the UK – LVP.

Why bringing LVP to the United Kingdom?

LVP is the Spanish League of Legends tournament and you’re probably wondering why Riot Games UK partnered up with them. The reason is understandable. Mo Fadl explained that the LVP is no stranger to building scenes. That’s why LVP is the most popular regional league in Europe mainly because they know how to reinvent themselves and make the events more exciting for both fans and players. In a nutshell, this partnership will allow the company (Riot Games) to switch gears in approaching the UK scene as it prepares to strengthen its infrastructure there.

When is Forge of Champions going to start?

The new event created by Riot Games UK, Forge of Champions, will take place this summer. The open split with eight pro teams will fight one another. At this point, it is not clear what teams will compete, but we can expect more details to be released soon. If everything goes smoothly, esports is set to become even more popular in the UK and League of Legends would attract more fans.

Despite its strong popularity in the UK, Fadl believes that esports is still underperforming and under-delivering. No, he didn’t criticize players and teams, but lack of industry itself. He hopes that new changes will prevent talented players from the UK going to other countries where they want to participate in more exciting events.

League of Legends Icon Bottom line

Riot Games UK decided to move from ESL and create a new event that is set to become a major game changer. They also brought a new partner that will help them reinvent themselves, attract more fans and players, and strengthen the industry in this country.

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