Week 9 – NA LCS Summer Split 2018

North America is looking forward to the final week of the Summer Split of the LCS Season 8, and the NA LCS showed us again last week that old favorites can be brought down, just as small stars are able to shine from time to time. Few victories can change

Week 9 – EU LCS Summer Split 2018

The final week of the LCS Season 8 is coming, whether fans and teams want it or not. Each team now wants to take the last possible victories to make up for precious Championship Points for the 2018 LoL World Championship. We are looking at two matchdays with 2 possible

Week 8 – NA LCS Summer Split 2018

The North American LCS Season 8 is a rollercoster at the moment and Week 8 of the 2018 Summer Split will continue this trend! I guess with 8.15 we could see even more ADCs again as carry-items have been significantly gold reduced. In North America, it remains still exciting who

Week 8 – EU LCS Summer Split 2018

For the penultimate time we can present you the predictions for the regular summer split of the LCS Season 8. Patch 8.15 is moving to the LCS and we could see even more ADCs again as carry-items have been significantly gold reduced. In Europe Fnatic has now reached the same level in

How Coaching Ban Changed CSGO as an eSport

Conventional sports usually stick to one set of rules which dates way back. eSports, on the other hand, take a much more active approach in terms of shaping the game in the way its makers want to. For example, MOBA games such as Dota 2 and LoL both have frequent

Week 7 – NA LCS Summer Split 2018

Week 7 of the LCS Summer Split 2018 has begun. In ancient Babylon the number 7 stood for bad luck, others such as aircraft manufacturer Boing or Agent 007 use them probably in a positive fashion. In the seventh week of play, some teams will probably have to hope for

eSports Doping | Growing Concern Within the Industry

Our topic for today might not be for those hardcore eSports fans who comprehensively follow each match of all popular eSports franchises. They might not appreciate our choice of word in the following paragraphs because, just like half the community, we’re worried about the potential issues that could arise with

Week 7 – EU LCS Summer Split 2018

The LCS Summer Split 2018 entertains us with only three more regular match weeks. Slowly but surely the trainers are also becoming restless with a view to the LoL World Championship 2018 (LoL Worlds). Week 6 has brought us some surprises. Misfits lost to Splyce in their second game and lost

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