Overwatch Passes 25 Million Players

Overwatch - LogoIf you are into esports and online gaming, the chances are high you’ve already heard about Overwatch. It is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In a relatively short period of time, Overwatch has become an incredibly popular game with millions of players and counting.

Overwatch - Icon Popularity of Overwatch continues to grow rapidly

Blizzard entertainment announced that the popular hero shooter game has reached 25 million registered players. This is a massive achievement if we take into consideration that in November 2016, the company behind this popular game made an announcement that 20 million registered players play Overwatch.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean they sold 25 million copies of the game, it’s a still huge number and perfectly depicts the ever-growing popularity of the game. In fact, Overwatch hit this figure faster than any other game in Blizzard Entertainment’s history.

The latest announcement was published on the official Twitter account for the game saying: “The world needs heroes, and over 25 MILLION have answered the call! The fight for the future isn't over yet, though… Are you with us?”

The amazing growth of Overwatch is attributed to numerous factors including:

  • The developers have been extremely engaged with the community via Twitter and Reddit as well as through frequent Developer Update videos that provide a detailed insight into what they’re currently working on
  • Recently, Blizzard started focusing more on Overwatch as an esport. Also, frequent hero spots for competition on the Twitch front page raised awareness of this interesting game
  • The game is fun, focuses on individual performance and reveals very little about what other players are doing, thus allowing players to focus on themselves and their performance.

When it comes to Twitch, Overwatch has about 24,000 viewers an hour, which is amazing.

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Overwatch - Icon Reasons why people adore Overwatch

If you still don’t play Overwatch and don’t know whether you should start or not, here are some of many reasons why people can’t get enough of this game:

  • Unpredictability – you never know what’s around the corner
  • The maps – while some maps are better than others, they never grow old (or boring). This is primarily due to Blizzard’s matchmaking system that randomly cycles through the maps with no double-ups
  • Teamwork – the game is team-focused but doesn’t require team chat. You can read how your teammates play and adjust accordingly
  • The events – Halloween, Christmas, the Olympics, Lunar New Year, all these tiny changes to mark a certain occasion make Overwatch exciting
  • The community – players engage in discussions about adjustments, patches, nerfs, and buffs
  • The evolution – Overwatch is very different now than it looked like when it was launched for the very first time. Now, the game has more heroes, more maps, seasonable events, nerfs, buffs, and developers from Blizzard are constantly working on new features
  • The diversity – only a few games have this level of diversity as in Overwatch. In most games, the diversity seems forced, but in Overwatch it’s entirely natural, thus attracting different players
  • The skins – provide amazing aesthetical appeal and allow players to showcase commitment and personality
  • The overtime – the final rush to the point to either snatch your victory from the jaws of defeat or, at least, avoiding an embarrassing loss
  • The stability – believe it or not, despite so many users, Overwatch has never suffered from server issues, lag, or any other online problems that are characteristic for many games

Bottom line

Overwatch is a relatively new game developed by Blizzard entertainment, but it managed to gather 25 million registered players in a short period of time. This amazing achievement only speaks about the popularity and quality of this game. If you’re not playing, you’re definitely missing out.

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