Overwatch League Details Revealed

Overwatch League LogoThe announcement of Overwatch league was met with approval and enthusiasm of the ever-growing fanbase. The new league, which came as a logical step due to the immense popularity of the game, is set to revolutionize the world of esports. And even after the first upset from MLB (Major League Baseball) about the logo of Overwatch League, Blizzard is releasing their own League, but the overall system and even revenues will be different than any other league we follow today. The statement released by Blizzard was enough to get us all excited for the new league. But now, we can finally know more details about the upcoming esports leagues. Blizzard provided info about signings, revenues, and more. Here’s what you should know.

Overwatch Signings

The very first details about the Overwatch league were about teams and towns that will be a part of the first season. New details were released as a blog post on the official website of the league.  In order to help team owners create the ideal rosters to represent their cities, world’s best Overwatch players were evaluated for the purpose of compiling a stats-based scouting report. The goal here is to help team owners discover and evaluate potential pro players from skilled but unknown leaderboard standouts to experienced veterans. In turn, they’ll be able to identify players who are the right fit for their team.

At this point, all 30+ million Overwatch players are considered as potential free agents. It is important to clarify that players who are associated with the established Overwatch league aren’t automatically signed to the rosters. The Overwatch league doesn’t prevent players from joining any team because of a previous team affiliation as long as that person is eligible to play. A player is officially a member of some team only and when he/she signs the contract that is approved by the league itself.

The official signing window for the first season of the Overwatch league starts on August 1 and ends on October 30, 2017. During this team, all seven teams will be able to hold talks with players and sign them. This also applies to potential, new teams that join the league during this summer. The signing system elaborated above will be updated and modified for upcoming seasons. Blizzard will work on improving the league for teams, players, and fans so the transfer policy in the subsequent season will need some changes.

Benefits of signing Overwatch League Player Agreement

As mentioned above, a player who wants to join some team and participate in the league will have to sign a contract, Overwatch League Player Agreement. Benefits of signing this document are:

  • 50% of the team’s performance bonuses is distributed to the players directly
  • Every player is provided with health insurance and retirement savings plan
  • Minimum salary for Overwatch league team players is USD $50,000 per year
  • Players sign a one-year guaranteed contract with the option to extend for an additional year

It is important to mention that total bonuses for the first season will amount to $3.5 million while the winning team will receive an additional $1 million. Every team must have at least 6 but not more than 12 players. Additionally, teams are obliged to provide housing for their players as well as practice facilities.

Bottom line

Overwatch league will be groundbreaking for more reasons than one. The league will have a different structure, revenue system, and player signing system than any other league in the world of esports. The latest announcement made by Blizzard revealed how teams will sign players as well as benefits that come with Overwatch League Player Agreement. Signing window is here and we just have to sit back and see how teams will shape up before the season starts. Follow us for more info on the upcoming Overwatch league.

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