eSports betting banned by the Dutch law regulators

All types of online and eSports betting have been declared illegal in the Netherlands! After a huge debate, Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit declared that both eSports betting and skin betting are completely illegal under the current laws of their country. This came as no surprise considering that all types of online gambling are also illegal in the Netherlands. Even though there are many people protesting because of this, chances of this changing in the near future are nonexistent. The main reason behind this is the extremely long process of acquiring new laws in the Netherlands… And this is something that cannot be adjusted that easily given the complexity of this industry.

eSports betting regulator in the Netherlands

Despite new gambling laws being pushed to the senate quite recently, there is still a long way ahead of them. In other words, since 2011, Dutch have been trying to pass on new laws on online gambling. After several complaints from the European Commission, new laws have been created but not yet confirmed. To be more precise, even if the lawmakers hurry up with this, it could still take more than a year before these new laws are passed on and confirmed by the senate, meaning that the Dutch will not be able to legally participate in eSports betting sites for the time being. Official statements by Kansspelautoriteit: E-Sports and Skinbetting/Skingambling

What about skin betting? Is that going to become legal when the new laws come into play?

These questions are still to be answered. As far as we know (and as far as we can tell from the current information available), there is a huge chance that, even after these new laws come into play, eSports betting and skin betting will still be illegal. This is due to the fact that Kansspelautoriteit seems to lack knowledge about the industry. They even set up a public online form asking people to share their knowledge about both subjects:

  • The name of the provider.
  • In what way was the consumer approached?
  • Did minors (under 18 years) participate in eSports betting? Computer games are widely played by minors who potentially face unwanted gambling.
  • How much money has the consumer lost or used to play with?

The above form shows how unknowledgeable Kansspelautoriteit is when it comes to eSports betting and skin betting… Despite the fact that it is solely their job to correctly regulate the two.

With this being said, many online esports betting sites are waiting for more information on this. But then again, as we already said above, these laws will not change anytime soon… which means that Dutch will have to wait quite a bit of time before they can legally bet on their favorite eSports.

Written by: Pavo

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