Mobalytics is fully funded!

mobalytics-logoAfter a successful funding campaign, Mobalytics has announced a beta test of their platform in November. If you don't know already, Mobalytics represents a brand new eSports tool. Undoubtedly, the platform seems interesting enough and will provide its users with a ton of useful information. With giants such as Almaz Capita, Founders Fund, General Catalyst and GGV Capital standing behind the funding, Mobalytics is bound to impress everyone interested in the industry.

What does Mobalytics do?

Mobalytics is a platform that will analyze and improve competitive gaming performance. They will mainly focus on the most important eSports franchises such as League of Legends, CS: GO and DotA at first, but plan to expand into more and more markets as time goes by. The key is in  improving their algorithms and helping players perform better. These systems are already popular within popular sports such as NBA. Players have detailed insights of their virtues and weaknesses, letting them concentrate on specific parts of their game that needs improvement. Mobalytics will work in a similar way, and will probably result in better competitive gameplay coming in the near future.

“The most important goal for now is to make sure that our algorithms generate meaningful insights and add value to the player experience… We want players to see themselves in the Gamer Performance Index. Only in that way will they trust the platform and rely on Mobalytics to up their game.”

Amine Issa, co-founder

Will the eSports industry profit from Mobalytics?

The answer to this question is quite short actually: directly no… indirectly yes! Even though there is no real option to monetize gambling within the platform itself, gamblers will still greatly profit off of it. Considering the site will feature all sorts of useful information about every professional player in the top eSports franchises, there is no doubt that gamblers will love it. They will have a better insight on what to expect in certain matches, giving them a better overview of what bets to place.

“We believe that eSports is an amazing field to apply a ‘Moneyball’ approach… In contrast with traditional sports where you need to create complex solutions to get data, eSports data is readily available and actionable. With some intelligent manipulation, there is almost no limit on the amount of insights you can uncover.”

 CTO Mykola Lobanov

Undoubtedly, there are a rough couple of months in front of this company. If they can prove that their algorithms can provide both casual and professional players with relevant data, they could become the next big hit in the industry. As far as we can see, this addition seems to greatly impact eSports betting as well. With a surplus of relevant information about teams and players, betting on eSports will be much easier.

Written by: Pavo

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