LoL Worlds Quarterfinals Recap Day 1

Going into the Quarter Finals of the LoL World Championship, the few remaining teams are known for their world class gameplay. Now, the first day of the Quarter Final matches start off with an old rivalry between the North American region against the European region. Team's Fnatic and Cloud 9 are looking to settle the old issue on which region is the best and today, only one will emerge victorious. All teams in the Quarter Finals will have to beat each other in best of 3 mode.

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Quarterfinals: Fnatic vs. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 lost in the everlasting battle between North America and Europe against Fnatic

The first match between Cloud 9 and Fnatic started off rather slow with a few kills. Cloud 9's questionable decision to leave xPeke's well-known Kassadin open was about to bite them in the head. Cloud 9 tried to mitigate a lot of the pressure from the lanes by rotating their lanes by switching the Carry and Support up top. Once Dragon was up, Cloud 9 instantly rotated the duo back to bot lane so that they can capture the objective and quickly got the Dragon without any effort. But the next time Dragon was up, Fnatic was able to contest it in an explosive fashion with Puszu getting double kill. All throughout the game, xPeke would dominate his lane against Cloud 9's Hai's Gragas. It was duly noted that Hai had never played Gragas before and was forced to play it due to the ban target on him during champion select. The rest of the game came down with Fnatic taking the victory.

On their second match, xPeke got his wish in playing Twisted Fate but was instantly countered by Hai's Fizz. By level 3, an early three man push secured them a gold advantage and snowballed the game for their first win in this round. The third and last match started with a mistake from both Cloud 9's Sneaky and Lemon Nation by giving Cyanide the first two kills of the game and everyone else got an assist. This led to Fnatic dominating the game and with a few more mistakes from Cloud 9, Fnatic was able to snowball directly into the enemy Nexus and secured a spot at the Semi Finals. Fnatic finally settled the old score that the EU region is far more superior than the NA region by limiting the amount of mistakes and punishing the enemy team when they make the mistakes.

Najin Black Sword vs. Gambit Gaming

LoL Team Najin Black Sword

Najin Black Sword was able to defeat Gambit Gaming thus preventing two European teams from entering the Semi Final Round.

The second set of matches started with Najin Black Sword versus Gambit Gaming. Najin Black Sword surprised everyone with a Jungle Nunu picked and a Diana top. But this proved to be very difficult for Najin Black Sword to counter Alex Ich's Fizz after he dominated his lane against Nagne's Ahri. A few skirmishes later, Gambit was able to take control of the map as well as the entire game and secured their first victory of the set.

The second match began and Najin Black Sword came out strong. After picking Ahri the second time, Nagne was able to get comfortable with the champion as well as playing against Alex Ich's Orianna. Nagne was able to dominate his lane and outfarmed as well as zoned out Orianna off the lane. Although Gambit ran a Teleport Malphite top, Expession's Renekton was able to stop Malphite from teleporting to assist in any skirmish by stunning him and dueling him instead. After an uncontested Baron, Najin Black Sword was able to regain their series with a victory as both teams are now tied.

The last match of the day became the deciding factor whether or not we will see two European teams in the Semi Finals. But, Najin Black Sword would want to contest such claim. By picking Nidalee, Nagne was able to dominate the mid lane against Alex Ich's Gragas forcing Alex Ich to farm from distance. Meanwhile at bot lane, PraY and Cain's synergy was spot on as they took Double Kill in as early as level 2. Diamondprox's Evelynn was not able to gank properly as all lanes were able to buy pink wards to counter him. By basically running Gambit over and over, Najin Black Sword was able to throw Gambit's chances on making it to the Semi Finals.

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