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The World Championship Group Stage is finally over (see full coverage here) and only four teams emerged victorious – Europe's Fnatic and Gambit Gaming as well as Korea's Team SKT T1 and China's OMG. Now these teams will face off in the Quarter Finals against the seeded teams from the different regions all over the world. Seeded teams include the top team from the North American region which is Team Cloud 9, SEA region’s seeded team, Team Gamania Bears, South Korea's Najin Black Sword, and China's Royal Club. The Quarter Finals will start on Tuesday.

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After the Group Stage, captains from the seeded teams were called to the stage to randomly pick their opponents in the Quarter Final matches. Gamania Bears would go against South Korea's SKT T1 while Najin Black Sword will do battle with Gambit Gaming. Royal Club will once again do battle with another Chinese team – OMG. Finally, Fnatic, one of Europe's finest team, will face off with the North American Region champions, Team Cloud 9. This will prove to be a fight to watch out for since both regions have been going at it since the emergence of the World Championships since Season 1.

Cloud 9 (NA) vs Fnatic (EU) (Tuesday 9/24)

Winner: Fnatic (read full recap)

LoL Team Cloud 9 - all 5 members

Cloud 9 takes on Fnatic

The Cloud 9 vs Fnatic match will be the match to look forward to. Only one team will come out from this match and settle the argument on which region is the best – Europe or North America. Fnatic has always had a flawless game and came out of the Group Stage with only one loss. On the other hand, you also have one of the most dominating and flawless teams in North America – Team Cloud 9. Cloud 9 has taken the North American scene by storm as they came out of the NA LCS with only 4 losses during the Spring Split. Fnatic's xPeke will have to watch his back when he takes on Cloud 9's Hai. Both captains will duke it out in the mid lane to find out who is the best mid laner in their match.

Najin Black Sword vs Gambit Gaming (Tuesday 9/24)

Winner: Najin Black Sword (read full recap)

League of Legends Team Najin Black Sword

Najin Black Sword will battle it out with Gambit

The same thing will happen with the Najin Black Sword and Gambit Gaming match. Gambit Gaming has always been known to quickly adapt a counter-strategy to their enemies but it will prove to test their wits as Najin Black Sword has never been seen playing a competitive game since the OGN Winter where they emerged as champions and earned a bye in the Quarter Finals. Najin Black Sword on the other hand will have to learn how to counter Gambit's counterstrategy with them. They will have to learn how to adjust their gameplay against a team that is known to be a chameleon. Gambit's Darien will have his hands full as he goes up with Najin's Expression. Although Expression might be a novice in the international scene, Darien should not be complacent with one of the world's best team.

Gamania Bears vs SK Telecom T1 (Wednesday 9/25)

Esport Team Gamania Bears

Gamania Bears will have a hard time against SKT T1

After coming out from the Group Stage, SKT T1 will soon find themselves battling with another formidable yet mysterious opposing team. Not much is known with the Taiwanese Gamania Bears. Although the Gamabears are still new to the scene, SKT T1 should not count out the reason why they were seeded into the Quarter Finals. Gamabears were able to come back from the losing bracket and took down their opponents in the Final Round in their Regional, 3 to 2 games. SKT T1 has showed their hand in the Group Stage and it is up to Gamabears to take advantage of what they have seen so far. It will be a very different story of SKT T1 as they will have to traverse in dark waters when they face off with the Gamabears. This will be a match on who can adapt a team's strategy better as SKT T1 is known to be very aggressive early on while Gamabears are known to stretch out the laning phase until they reach the late game while systematically taking down objectives. SKT T1 should take notes about Gamabear's weakness as well as the low champion pool of their AD Carry. Gamabear's carry has only used two champions so far – Caitlyn and Varus.

Royal Club vs OMG (Wednesday 9/25)

Team Royal Club - League of Legends World Championship 2013

Royal Club have to stand their ground against OMG

This will be a grudge match for both Chinese teams. Royal Club was able to knock OMG out of the contention for the Quarter Finals bye and OMG will be looking for blood agains their Chinese rival. This will ultimately prove who the best team of their region is. OMG's Cool and San will face off with Royal Club's White and Uzi in their respective lanes to see which of these players can carry their team to victory.

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