LoL Worlds Qualifiers 2014: Wildcard Tournaments

As the Season 4 World Championships draw closer and closer, teams from different regions are starting to show their prowess into making it to the big stage. The five main regions are slowly naming their top representatives as the days countdown to Season 4 Worlds. However, there are also other regions that can qualify for a spot at Worlds and are introduced in the Wildcard Tournament. The Wildcard Tournament will be composed of 5 different teams and the tournament will be distributed into two different events.

The five wildcard teams include Russian Force from CIS, Legacy eSports from Oceania, Dark Passage from Turkey, Kabum! eSports from Brazil and PEX from Latin America. The first tournament will be played at Gamescom with Russian Force, Legacy eSports, and Dark Passage playing while Kabum and PEX will play at Pax Pime. The winners of both event will each qualify for the Season 4 World Championships and will complete the top 16 teams from all over the world.

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LoL Wildcard Tournaments facts

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  • Two Wildcard Tournaments:
    • CIS, Oceania and Turkey (3 teams):
      Gamescom 08/13/2014 – 08/14/2014
      Winner: Dark Passage (Turkey)
    • Brazil and Latin America (2 teams):
      PAX Prime 08/29/2014  | 5pm PDT
      Winner: KaBuM eSports (Brazil)
  • Mode: Round Robin x2, Finals: Best of 5
  • Each Wildcard winner advances to:
  • LoL World Championship 2014
  • Live stream for all matches
  • Betting Odds for all matches available

Schedule and Betting Odds – Wildcard Tournament Gamescom

During the first Wildcard Tournament at Gamescom 3 teams compete for the ticket to the World Championship 2014: Russian Force (CIS), Legacy eSports (Oceania) and Dark Passage (Turkey). At the first the start with a double  round robin with the best two teams advancing to a best of 5 finals. We have listed the schedule and betting odds for this tournament below. More information about the online bookmakers can be found here: esports betting sites reviews.

Please notice! Odds shown below might have changed in the meantime. Follow the links to take a look at the current betting odds.

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LoL Worlds Qualifiers Wildcard tournament Pax Prime - Schedule and Betting Odds - egamingbets

Schedule and Betting Odds – Wildcard Tournament Pax Prime

The first part of the International Wildcard Tournament has named its winner. Dark Passage from Turkey has been named as the first Wildcard team to join the Season 4 World Championships during Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany. Now, the second part of the International Wildcard Tournament is heading our way in PAX 2014 wherein teams from Brazil and Latin America will battle it out to get the last Wildcard spot.

PEX vs KaBuM eSports (August 29 17:30 PDT/ 20:30 EDT/ 2:30 CEST) (0 : 3)

Pex - LoL Team LogoKabum eSports - LoL Team LogoThe two teams for this tournament will be KaBuM! eSports and PEX Gaming. Kabum eSports hail from Brazil while PEX Gaming is a Latin American team formerly known as Pineapple Express Team. They renamed their team to PEX after Riot Games requested them to change their team name since it resembles a slang term that refers to drugs. PEX Gaming is the first international team from Southern Latin America to get their own gaming house as well. PEX Gaming has notably won the Riot Latin America Cup 2014 in Argentina against Lyon Gaming who have graced the Wildcard Tournament stage last year. Meanwhile, Kabum eSports have been around since late last year and have garnered enough popularity especially during their win against CNB eSports Club during the Season 4 Brazil Regional Finals.

Kabum eSports starting lineup include LEP at the top, Danagorn in the jungle, Tin at the mid lane, Minerva and dans at the bottom lane. PEX Gaming's starting lineup include Mantarraya at the top, FraGio at the jungle, Uri in mid, Megajp and Badmilk at the bottom.

The Wildcard tournament during PAX Prime will be in a best of five series right before the Semifinals of the NA LCS Summer Split Payoffs 2014.

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LoL Worlds Qualifiers Wildcard tournament Pax Prime - Schedule and Betting Odds - egamingbets

Wildcard Tournament Teams and Roster | Results

The following are the members of each team that will try to qualify for a spot at Worlds this year.

Dark Passage (Winner: Wildcard Tournament at Gamescom)

  • Dark Passage - LoL Team LogoFabulous
  • Crystal Meth
  • Naru
  • Holyphoenix
  • Touch

Legacy eSports (2nd Place: Wildcard Tournament at Gamescom)

  • Legacy eSports - LoL Team LogoMinkywhale
  • Carbon
  • ChuChuZ
  • Cardrid
  • ErectGymnast

Russian Force (3rd Place: Wildcard Tournament Gamescom)

  • Russian Force - LoL Team Logopvpstejos
  • Symphony
  • Flash
  • dayruin
  • Archie

Kabum! eSports (Winner Wildcard Tournament at Pax Prime)

  • Kabum eSports - LoL Team LogoLEP
  • Danagorn
  • Tin
  • Minerva
  • dans

PEX (2nd place Wildcard Tournament at Pax Prime)

  • Pex - LoL Team LogoMantarraya
  • FraGio
  • Uri
  • Megajp
  • Badmilk

Who will be the first team from the Wildcard Tournament to land a spot in the World Championships? Find out this week as the games continue at Gamescom starting at 2:00 PDT/ 5:00 EDT/ 11:00 CEST on August 13 along with the Semi-Finals of the LCS EU Playoffs.

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