LoL Worlds Newsfeed #2 – Only 4 spots need to be filled

The LCS Regional Qualifiers in North America and Europe are over and two more teams have joined Worlds. Inlcuding the teams from the recently finished Wildcard Qualifiers in Turkey (Bangkok Titans) and the LCK Summer Playoffs (SK Telecom T1 and  Koo Tigers) only 4 spots need to be filled until the World Championship line up is complete. From the LCS Regionals we have Cloud9 for North America and Origen for Europe, both taking the last seed for their region.

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Last EU Seed

Origen - LCS Team LogoOrigen showed convincingly that they are the second best team in Europe and they’re certainly aiming to show even something greater at Worlds. This is not a team that will just make-do with being second. They beat Unicorns of Love 3:0, and even though they didn’t lose a single game, they were definitely given a ride for their money by UoL. Still, the difference in experience was shown as UoL made some mistakes that cost them quite a bit, while Origen were playing slowly and methodically, almost always being ahead, despite the fact that they didn’t have an easy way to initiate a fight in game 1. Once they started building up speed, though, there was no stopping them. Like we said, neither of the three games was easy. There were some amazing teamfights coming out of both teams. After game 1, Origen started showing more dominance and started snowballing all the way to victory in the Regional Qualifiers and getting a ticket to the League of Legends World Championship.

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Last NA Seed

Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid took four games to be decided. C9 made it all the way through to the regional qualifiers. They showed a bit of dominance in game 1. They were already quite ahead when a Baron teamfight decided the game officially. From that point on it was just a matter of time before they capitalized on their lead and got to victory. The League of Draven was upon Team Liquid. Game 2, however, was all Team Liquid. They got their revenge big time and showed C9 why they should not underestimate them. They cemented their position quite easily and gave C9 a taste of their own medicine. It was not going to be easy for C9 to get to Worlds because Team Liquid stood there like an immovable object. Game 3 was longer and more evenly distributed throughout, but by the end C9 had a significant lead and decided to show Team Liquid that they weren’t going to back down, either. By the end of game 4, it was apparent that C9 just wanted to get to Worlds more. After 40 minutes, a 10k gold lead, and a score of 19:12, Cloud9 finally destroyed Team Liquid’s Nexus, as well as their chances to go to Worlds. The forecast for Worlds? Cloudy.

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