LoL Worlds 2015: Group Stage #1 | Day 4

Day 4 is the last day of the first Group Stage of the League of Legends World Championship 2015. The fourth day brings two matches each in Group A, Group B and Group D. Group C has already finished the first round of the double round robin yesterday. After Day 4, LoL Worlds is taking a 3 days break before the action continues on Thursday, October 8th with the second round of the Group Stage. During the second part of the Group Stage every group will have its own final day so only one group will be active on each of the 4 days. But let's don't look too far in the future – with all the recent upsets this day will be exciting for sure. Let's get ready for Day 4 of LoL Worlds 2015.

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LoL World Championship | Group Stage #1 – Day 4:

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Results and Betting Odds – LoL Worlds 2015 | Group Stage #1 – Day 4

Logo of LCS NA Team TSM Team SoloMid vs. LGD Gaming - LPL Team Logo LGD Gaming    1  0  
(Oct. 4th, 05:00 PDT/ 08:00 EDT/ 14:00 CEST/ 21:00 KST)

KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo KT Rolster vs. Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen    0  1  
(Oct. 4th, 06:00 PDT/ 09:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST/ 22:00 KST)

Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus  Gaming vs. Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo AHQ e-Sports Club    1  0  
(Oct. 4th, 07:00 PDT/ 10:00 EDT/ 16:00 CEST/ 23:00 KST)

Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 Cloud9 vs. Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic    1  0  
(Oct. 4th, 08:00 PDT/ 11:00 EDT/ 17:00 CEST/ 24:00 KST)

KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers vs. Logo of LCS NA Team CLG Counter Logic Gaming    1  0  
(Oct. 4th, 09:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST/ 01:00 KST)

paiN GAMING - LoL Team Logo paiN Gaming vs. Flash Wolves - LMS Team Logo Flash Wolves    1  0  
(Oct. 4th, 10:00 PDT/ 13:00 EDT/ 19:00 CEST/ 02:00 KST)

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Preview and Predictions LoL Worlds Day 4

After missing a few predictions in day3 i now hold a 15:3 prediction rate which i'm still fairly pleased with, we'll be going into day 4 with a lot on the line as the strength of each team grows!

Group Stage Day 4 – Match 1: Logo of LCS NA Team TSM Team SoloMid vs. LGD Gaming - LPL Team Logo LGD Gaming

(Oct. 4th, 05:00 PDT/ 08:00 EDT/ 14:00 CEST/ 21:00 KST)

With LGD having underperformed during their first few matches at the World Championship we could be looking at them bringing out something unexpected as they need to take a victory before the end of the first week however the same can be said from TSM. Hype will surround this match as a fan loved team, TSM, goes against the 1st seed from China. Can they bring out their best and take a victory in?

Logo of LCS NA Team TSMTSM – After their performance against Origen they’ve show that they have a few gaps in their strategy and they’ll need to focus more on helping their top laner “Dyrus” to make any substantial improvements because teams have been punishing them a lot. If they manage to shift a bit more power into their top lane over their mid lane TSM could come to surprise us just how strong they could be.

LGD Gaming - LPL TeamLGD – People assumed they’d come into the World Championship quite strong regardless of their consistency issues but so far teams have picked on their bottom lane which is one of their best lanes that has the potential to carry them. If LGD can make it out of the early game, which TSM often don’t perform too dominantly during, they might be able to scale into the late game and win with their more convincing team fighting ability.

For the game to go accordingly for TSM to take the victory they’ll need to improve their vision because LGD work well with early aggression and rotations. With lane swapping being a more than likely occurrence TSM should be able to handle it quite well, especially showing their early game lane swapping against Origen. LGD shouldn’t be complacent going against Team Solo Mid so they’ll need to make a few improvements of their own, if they manage to keep their bottom lane ahead they could be looking at a strong victory. LGD often play compositions that complement their strength so we’ll more than likely see a Lulu ban with LGD attempting another JuggerMaw composition. With both teams needing a victory before the week ends this game could be played slowly and methodically but in my opinion that works out better for LGD.

Unless LGD swap up their composition and go for a set of champions that have early game strength I think TSM are coming into the match with an advantage. LGD have been lacklustre across the board whereas TSM have shown that they can hold out and stall a game to a point where they’re comfortable. However with TSM having difficulty pushing a lead when they have one LGD may be able to stabilize the game to a point where they pick off members of TSM to push objectives, TSM having members of their team getting picked off has been one of their weakest points so far in the their two matches in Worlds Group D.

Prediction: I think Team Solo Mid will take the victory and win their first game of the groups stage against LGD, they focus quite a lot on taking early rotation advantages and if they manage to pressure the map and set LGD back enough they could press their lead and avoid LGD snowballing their bottom lane which will halt the “Imp” carry.

Group Stage Day 4 – Match 2: KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo KT Rolster vs. Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen

(Oct. 4th, 06:00 PDT/ 09:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST/ 22:00 KST)

Both of these teams have had a good showing in the groups stage of the World Championship 2015 so far, with both teams being undefeated so far this match will be the most difficult for either to take a victory. Origen have shown that their compositions can be unpredictable which could give them an advantage over KT but if they’re punished for any of their picks then KT could come out on top.

KT Rolster - LCK Team LogoKT – After a strong showing so far they’ve let their opponents know that they’re a top team in their group; taking their victory over LGD convincingly they’ve been able to prove that they’re able to pressure any advantage they get. If they do manage to take an early advantage against Origen, which is likely as Origen take their early game slowly, they may be able to pressure this lead into multiple objectives and map control which could convert into a slow but methodical victory.

Origen - LCS Team LogoOG – Showing they’re not afraid of a few unconventional picks to create a strong composition Origen have shown that they’re able to create an advantage in champion select and KT are going to have to watch for something specifically picked to go against them. Origen haven’t had the strongest early game showing so far but with KT’s methodical play style they should be able to survive and if they’re on comfortable picks their team fighting capability could give them an edge.

KT and Origen both have the ability to play a style that allows them to take objective though control and tempo through even the smallest of advantages. If either team takes an early small gold advantage though it can be overlooked, the advantages that these teams look for are more to do with positioning and rotations. Origen often rely on their top laner “SoaZ” to be able to hold his own against his enemy and they do the same with their mid laner “xPeke” with their jungler focusing more on the bottom lane and objective pressure however this could be more difficult in this match up as KT often have a ward and vision advantage and only take a risk if the reward is worth it.

KT might want to take an early game risk to shut down one of the laners of OG, if they managed to do so then they’ll be able to convert that tempo into early game objectives and that’s where OG runs into some trouble however if they go with a composition like they did against TSM then OG should be able to survive and ignore a gold disparity as long as their composition scales to allow it.

Prediction: My mind is telling me to side with KT but Origen has had a more consistent performance and my European pride wants me to side with them. I have the feeling that Origen could have something up their sleeve for going against the KT Rolster team and if they manage to build a strong composition that gives KT a hard time, like they’ve shown they’re able to in the past, then Origen could be enough temp to take their victory. I’ll be predicting an Origen victory however it won’t be easy and KT stand the best chance in this worlds group to pick at an OG weakness.

Group Stage Day 4 – Match 3: Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus  Gaming vs. Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo AHQ e-Sports Club

(Oct. 4th, 07:00 PDT/ 10:00 EDT/ 16:00 CEST/ 23:00 KST)

With AHQ having an extremely convincing performance against Fnatic in day 3 of the groups stage they’re looking like a favourite here however if we take into account their previous extremely lacklustre performance their chances definitely fall off, if they keep up their consistency and play as well as they did against Fnatic they have a strong chance to contest this game.

Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team LogoAHQ – After taking an early loss in their first game of the groups stage they’ve come out looking strong after showing up against a fan favourite team. After a convincing performance against the European 1st seed they’re looking like an extremely strong contender but only if they play as confidently as they did in day 3.

Invictus Gaming - LPL Team LogoIG – Taking a few difficult losses earlier in their group stage they’re on the back foot now that they need to have a good performance. Coming into this game IG stand a good chance to take a victory but only if they out pressure the Taiwanese 1st seed team. With knowledge that IG can perform methodically they’re going to have to adapt to take this victory.

Both of these teams have faced off against the European 1st seed team and if we look back over the matches then AHQ are coming into this game with an advantage. If IG want to take a victory during this match they’re going to have to work on their ability to apply tempo to advantages and obtaining advantages that they’re able to pressure. If they’re able to apply pressure in the early game they could snowball a lead and keep AHQ behind, similar to the style that C9 had shown in the 1st day of the groups stage. AHQ are going to have to avoid falling behind, although they took the victory against Fnatic after being at a gold deficit, they should focus on the top lane once again because such a fantastic performance from “Ziv” really kept Fnatic from taking the game. If IG stay relevant during the laning phase we could look at some explosive team fighting around objectives such as dragon and baron because both of these teams don’t like to leave and objective to be taken for free.

Prediction: I think AHQ are going to take the victory against IG, if they’re able to perform during this game and play consistently well then IG could be in trouble from the get-go. IG are going to need to make a few adjustments to how they’ve been playing their games out to have an impact here.

Group Stage Day 4 – Match 4: Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 Cloud9 vs. Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic

(Oct. 4th, 08:00 PDT/ 11:00 EDT/ 17:00 CEST/ 24:00 KST)

After a surprising loss against AHQ, Fnatic are going to have to pick them-selves up and brush off any doubt that they can perform well, Cloud9 have a knack for playing into a team’s weakness and if they manage to do so during this game then Fnatic could be looking at a second loss in Group B of the World Championship.

Logo of LCS EU Team FnaticFnatic – After their game against AHQ we’re going to have to hope that their top laner “Huni” plays a bit more methodically and with his team. A few miss-steps gave their opposing team a lot of openings to pressure the game and FNC saw a lot of trouble coming their way. If they manage to cover up this weakness and give some assistance to the top lane they should be able to outperform their opponents during this match.

Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9Cloud9 – C9 have shown extremely well what can happen when you underestimate a team, through well-coordinated map movements and rotations they’ve manage to overcome and outplay their opponents so far. This could come to be quite a challenge against the European 1st seed as their methodical and organised play-style can be difficult to shake.

Fnatic are going to have to pay attention to the top lane, after their performance against AHQ they’re going to want to see that “Huni”, FNC’s top laner, gets a lead before they leave him to do his own thing. However with C9 having the more dominating bottom lane with “Sneaky” having outstanding performances so far FNC are going to want to keep an eye on the bottom lane to make sure it doesn’t get out of control. C9 just need to continue playing how they’ve done so far, with rotations and objectives being their strongest point they’re going to want to gain a small advantage through laning and apply pressure to any and all global objectives, doing so could throw this gaming into a slippery slope for Fnatic.

Fnatic are going to need to keep an eye on Cloud9 so they’ll need to apply time to gain vision control. If at any point they manage to take a lead then they could pressure this and snowball the game in their favour however Cloud9 have shown that their shot-calling and bottom lane pressure can turn a gold deficit into an advantage in a short space of time. Either team could take the victory but Cloud9 come into this game with an advantage as they managed to defeat the team that took Fnatic down, if they manage to perform well then things could be looking bad for Fnatic during this first week.

Prediction: I’m going to predict an Fnatic victory over Cloud9 because although they had a lacklustre performance against AHQ it was solely because their top laner’s communication issues and underplaying the entire game. If we look at this match objectively, Fnatic are coming into this game with stronger laners however Cloud9 can contest the game through better shot-calling and rotations. We’ll have to wait and see what C9 bring out during champion select but I think Fnatic are going to show up strong in this game.

Group Stage Day 4 – Match 5: KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers vs. Logo of LCS NA Team CLG Counter Logic Gaming

(Oct. 4th, 09:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST/ 01:00 KST)

With CLG currently going undefeated during the groups stage while having ‘sloppy’ play means they’ve not even shown us their full strength, with faith on their side they’re going to need to really show up against the KOO tigers because KOO were the fans second favourite team to take this group.

Koo Tigers - LCK Team LogoKOO – Regardless of their loss against the Flash Wolves in day 2 of the groups stage they’ve shown that they can perform from any position in the game, if they managed to propel a lead against CLG we can expect them to rotate for objectives but they shouldn’t underestimate CLGs ability to play from behind.

Logo of LCS NA Team CLGCLG – Currently undefeated, Counter Logic Gaming is going to have to play with confidence against the KOO Tigers and avoid any of the sloppy play they’ve complained about. With the meta giving top laners an advantage their renowned top laner “ZionSpartan” should be able to make some aggressive and calculated plays so keep an eye for him.

CLG, in my opinion, are coming into the game with an advantage but not because of their current win rate on the worlds stage. I think their ability to carry from multiple rolls will make them a significant long term threat. If KOO tigers are able to keep a few of these lanes behind and push for a tempo advantage they should be able to gain vision control of some of the more important objectives, I expect to see a lot of dancing around baron in this game unless there’s a relevant team fight that sways a lead for either team. KOO Tigers are going to want to pressure any available advantage as CLG are well versed in taking multiple objectives in a short amount of time, the Tigers are going to want to focus heavily on not falling behind in the early game while rotating in accordance to CLG.

Counter Logic Gaming, if they overcome their recent sloppy play, should be able to create a lead in their stronger laners and gain a lead throughout the laning phase. With an already phenomenal ability to control and pressure objectives they’re going to want to take a victory though a tempo advantage and make plays on KOO’s miss positioning.

Prediction: As a long term CLG fan and with faith that they’ll play more methodically I’ll be predicting a CLG victory. KOO will most definitely be able to contest the game but ultimately I think CLG will take the game though mid to late game team fighting and objective pressure.

Group Stage Day 4 – Match 6: paiN GAMING - LoL Team Logo paiN Gaming vs. Flash Wolves - LMS Team Logo Flash Wolves

(Oct. 4th, 10:00 PDT/ 13:00 EDT/ 19:00 CEST/ 02:00 KST)

With PaiN coming into the series as the underdog here and after FW had a great performance against the KOO tigers they could be in some trouble. They may be a Wild Card team but PaiN has shown that they have the ability to take early advantages and if they take one against FW things could finally go in their favour in the group stages.

pain gaming - IWC BrazilPaiN – After a few close early games but lacklustre performances overall PaiN have shown that they shouldn’t be an underestimated team, they’ve managed to hold out and surprise the crowd, they may be able to keep FW on their toes but they’re going to have to push their early game advantages harder than they’ve previously done before.

Flash Wolves - LMS team logoFW – After taking a victory over the KOO tigers, just as I’d predicted, they’ve been able to take a strong victory and show that they’re able to contest against the strongest teams in their group. If they’re able to take an early advantage against PaiN they’ll be looking at an easy victory however PaiN have shown that they’re not afraid of taking risks so keep your eyes peeled.

For PaiN to take a victory in this game they’re really going to have to step up with their vision and map rotations, we know they’re able to perform in the early game regardless of their hectic level 1 shenanigans and they’ve also shown that their ability to team fight shouldn’t be disregarded. If they’re able to pressure the Flash Wolves in the early game it may just put them in a position where their play style and aggression allows them to take a victory or at least keep the game close. Flash Wolves are going to need to come into the game head-strong and maybe take on a more methodical play style, if they don’t give up an early advantage then their ability to out-play and capitalise on their tempo should propel them into an astounding lead because they can relentlessly push objectives. If the Flash Wolves that played against the KOO Tigers shows up PaiN could be in a lot of trouble if they give up an early lead like they’ve done in the past.

Prediction: I’ll be predicting a Flash Wolves victory for this game because they’ve already shown that they’re a top 2 contender for group A, being able to adapt throughout the game to any disadvantage will help them against the early aggression from PaiN.

Live Stream / Vod – Worlds Day 4

Watch the english live-stream of LoL Worlds Day 4- Group Stage #1 right here. After the live stream all six matches of the fourth day will be available as VOD!

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