LoL Worlds 2015: Group Stage #1 | Day 1

Day 1 of the LoL Worlds Group Stage brings 6 matches in total. On the first day of the League of Legends World Championship Group A, Group B and Group C are playing two matches each. Group D will start the competition on Friday. Below you can find the whole schedule of Day 1 and the estimated starting times. The whole group stage is running in Paris, France and of course all matches are streamed live in various languages. Over the next 2 weeks the 16 teams will play 6 matches each until the best two teams in each group advance to the Knockout Stage of the World Championship. Bets on the tournament winner can be placed until October 1st at most of the betting sites (some might close this market earlier). Let’s get the action on – welcome to Day 1 of the LoL Worlds Group Stage 2015!

Results Group Stage #1:
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LoL World Championship | Group Stage #1 – Day 1:

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Results and Betting Odds – LoL Worlds 2015 | Group Stage #1 – Day 1

Opening Ceremony
(Oct. 1st, 07:00 PDT/ 10:00 EDT/ 16:00 CEST/ 23:00 KST)

Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic vs. Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus  Gaming    1  0  
(Oct. 1st, 07:30 PDT/ 10:30 EDT/ 16:30 CEST/ 23:30 KST)

Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 Cloud9 vs. Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo AHQ e-Sports Club    1  0  
(Oct. 1st, 08:30 PDT/ 11:30 EDT/ 17:30 CEST/ 24:30 KST)

SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom vs. H2K Gaming - LCS EU Team Logo H2K    1  0  
(Oct. 1st, 09:30 PDT/ 12:30 EDT/ 18:30 CEST/ 01:30 KST)

Edward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming vs. Bangkok Titans- LoL team Logo Bangkok Titans    1  0  
(Oct. 1st, 10:30 PDT/ 13:30 EDT/ 19:30 CEST/ 02:30 KST)

Logo of LCS NA Team CLG Counter Logic Gaming vs. Flash Wolves - LMS Team Logo Flash Wolves    1  0  
(Oct. 1st, 11:30 PDT/ 14:30 EDT/ 20:30 CEST/ 03:30 KST)

paiN GAMING - LoL Team Logo paiN Gaming vs. KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers    1  1  
(Oct. 1st, 12:30 PDT/ 15:30 EDT/ 21:30 CEST/ 04:30 KST)

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Preview and Predictions LoL Worlds Day 1

Group Stage Day 1 – Match 1: Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic vs. Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus  Gaming

(Oct. 1st, 07:30 PDT/ 10:30 EDT/ 16:30 CEST/ 23:30 KST)

One of the first games of the World Championship 2015, this game holds a lot of hype as people will finally get to see the strength of western teams with the top European team, Fnatic, going against one of the top Chinese teams, Invictus Gaming.

Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus Gaming – Season 5 IG came in strong after picking up a few Korean players such as KaKAO and RooKie, coming second place in the 2015 Demacia Cup Spring Season however they had an underwhelming LPL Spring Split after coming in 5th place. They took the Chinese 3rd seed to worlds after taking 3rd place in the LPL Summer showing their strength by defeating one of the strongest Chinese teams, Edward Gaming.

Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic – Fnatic have been a long standing and strong European team but at the start of season 5 only 1 original member was left, Yellowstar. Yellowstar was told he could create the team and after picking up some players he was familiar with Fnatic managed to win the Spring Split and go undefeated in the Summer Split going 18-0 and winning the LCS Summer Playoffs securing their 1st seed.

One of these teams really stands out and that’s Fnatic, showing during the Mid-season invitational that they can take wins from the strongest Korean team SKT-T1, they’ve only improved since however will they be able to adapt to the Chinese low economy style of play? We’ll want to keep an eye on early map movements and early game aggression in these games, which Invictus Gaming excels at. Comparing KDA’s between these 2 teams would be counter intuitive because of different region METAS however Fnatic have shown that even if they fall behind in the early game they can bring themselves back and constantly stay relevant whereas IG struggle in the same situations. Invictus Gaming’s stronger points are definitely their map movements and rotations, they’re able to pick off members of the opposing team in the most difficult situations so ward and vision control will be of substantial relevance in this series.

Prediction – I’m expecting IG to come into the series strong with their play style working to their advantage, Fnatic with their experience will adapt later in match. With Fnatic being the top European team and IG scraping the 3rd seed most people, myself included, are expecting Fnatic to take the victory but I don’t think it’ll come as easy as most people think. Fnatic Victory is my prediction, expecting IG to take an early advantage with constant map pressure but Fnatic adapting with their veterans experience will allow Fnatic to take the match.

Group Stage Day 1 – Match 2: Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 Cloud9 vs. Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo AHQ e-Sports Club

(Oct. 1st, 08:30 PDT/ 11:30 EDT/ 17:30 CEST/ 24:30 KST)

With Cloud9 making a surprise comeback late into their NALCS Summer Split excitement has built around the team as they’ve come out on top against all odds however AHQ are the 1st seed from the LMS tournament and have shown substantial improvements lately which lead to them taking down all of their opposing teams without a challenge.

Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9Cloud9 – Cloud9 have run into a lot of trouble, standing so close to relegations in NA. After a few roster swaps their Mid-laner moved to jungle and took back the main shot calling role, after his re-introduction they manage to climb their way back up near the top and took the NA 3rd seed to the World Championship 2015 after reverse sweeping multiple teams in the LCS Regionals. They’ve shown substantial improvement but are definitely coming into this tournament as an underdog.

Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo AHQ – Originally known as 2 separate teams “Corsair” and “SSWIE” who later formed to create AHQ, this teams has been known to have a constantly strong performance; Being top contenders in the past 2 years. They’ve shown substantial improvements and managed to take the 1st LMS seed to the World Championship 2015 after defeating Hong Kong Esports in the finals going 3:0 of the LMS Summer Playoffs. Definitely the strongest team from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao that have qualified and people expect to see good results from them.

AHQ are definitely looking like the stronger team of the series, being 1st seed vs a 3rd seed and with their region constantly performing better than that of the NA region. But just because Cloud9 are an underdog does not mean they won’t fight back with full strength. Cloud9 have shown on multiple occasions that they are willing to do what it takes to win, they have shown that even when they’re behind in an entire series that they will play until they’re down and even then they’ll keep on kicking. With AHQ being a well organised team in all styles of play I think Cloud9 are going to have a hard time but I’m hoping to see some exciting games. Cloud9 have potential and with their shot calling being possible the best in the NA region I’ll be looking for Cloud9’s map presence and rotations where they’ll look to out manoeuvre AHQ and make an impact.

Prediction – I would love to see Cloud9 make an impact and take a win off of AHQ however with their shown strengths having such a substantial gap I’ll be expecting an AHQ Victory where AHQ shown the dominance that they had previously shown during the LMS tournaments. Although Cloud9 are the underdogs here I’m expecting them to keep AHQ on their toes with some great plays and even pushing the game to extend to 40+ mins.

Group Stage Day 1 – Match 3: SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom vs. H2K Gaming - LCS EU Team Logo H2K

(Oct. 1st, 09:30 PDT/ 12:30 EDT/ 18:30 CEST/ 01:30 KST)

With SKT-T1 having one of the most hype up players in League of Legends history, Faker, audiences are looking at how well SKTT1 perform as they are one of the fan favourites to win the World Championship 2015 however H2k have some hype of their own with their Mid-laner “Ryu” having a history against the team.

SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team LogoSKT-T1 are a global powerhouse team and the World Championship 2013 winners, with a lot of hype around the team they are one of the fan favourites to win this year. They’ve shown consistent dominance in all of their games taking a 17:1 split in the Summer LCK however during the Mid-Season invitational they lost a series to Chinese powerhouse team Edward Gaming but they’ve bounced back stronger than ever.

H2K Gaming - LCS EU Team LogoH2k  have shown that they can be consistent, having taken 3rd place in every possible position throughout the 5th EU LCS season. But does this show a lack of improvement? They’ve ran into a few troubles on their journey but managed to take the 3rd seed to the World Championship 2015 with a decisive 3:0 win over their contenders, Unicorns of Love in the EU LCS Regional Qualifiers to LoL Worlds.

We’re going to want to keep an eye on the Mid-lane throughout the series as H2K’s Ryu has something to prove. H2Ks consistency may be able to keep them in the series and with a few improvements made over the down time before the World Championship 2015 we can hope they made steps of improvement and have practiced hard. SKTT1 being the most dominant team across the globe are coming into the series with expectations to win. SKTT1s constant pressure and dominance have shown near-perfect play and having a near perfect season in one of the most difficult regions we can expect to see some phenomenal level of play from this team.

Making a comparison between these teams is difficult not only because of the substantial gap in the skill they have shown but because of the differences in the regions. SKTT1 however have shown that they can come out on top in every region, with a small Chinese exception, and they have the consistency and confidence to pressure early which really sets H2K in a bad position which they have found difficult to come back from.

Prediction – It’s probably not a surprise but I’ll be expecting an SKTT1 Victory having such a high skill floor, H2K may not be able to hold their own against the Korean powerhouse team just like most other teams in the world but someone has to be able to take them down and Ryu from H2K has as much, if not more, of a motive as anyone else to take a win so keep your eyes on the mid-lane.

Group Stage Day 1 – Match 4: Edward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming vs. Bangkok Titans- LoL team Logo Bangkok Titans

(Oct. 1st, 10:30 PDT/ 13:30 EDT/ 19:30 CEST/ 02:30 KST)

With BKT being a Wildcard team the audiences want to see how they can hold up against one of the strongest Chinese teams, having previously taken out YoeFW BKT show a lot of promise as a Wild Card because YoeFW also managed to get a seed to the World Championship 2015. EDG however are an extremely dominant Chinese power-house that people have a lot of hope for.

bangkok titans - IWC TurkeyBKT – Bangkok Titans are a long standing team that have achieved little but have always stayed relevant by taking top places in minor tournaments and showing a strong performance in 2014 with the Thailand Pro League Winter, especially now that they’ve recently taken a dominant win over the Taiwanese team Flash Wolves. The Titans have qualified for LoL Worlds by winning the IWC Turkey.

Edward Gaming - LPL Team LogoEDG – is currently a ‘powerhouse’ team that has already participated at the highest competitive levels. Taking down SKTT1 during the Mid-Season Invitational and taking top place in the LPL during both the spring and summer splits regular season. They’re one of the teams that the fans expect to go far in the World Championship 2015 and with them taking a win against the fan favourite, SKTT1, recently they’re looking better than ever. EDG qualified for the World Championship through the LPL Regional Qualifiers.

BKT have shown that they can take wins against competitive and strong teams but can they hold up against the Chinese power-house? EDG recently made a lot of improvements and have improved their level of play substantially which, for me, takes away a lot of hope for the Wild Card team BKT. I wouldn’t disregard them though because they’ve shown amazing performance recently and having defeated the Taiwanese team that had shown such promise in the LMS Summer split we can expect BKT to perform their best and keep EDG busy.

EDG have shown a consistently strong performance but have also managed to lose games where they were expected to win, this sort of opportunity is all BKT need to take the game from EDG however with EDG stepping up recently will they make the same mistakes they’ve made in the past?

Prediction – I’ll be happy to see BKT hold their own and extend the game against EDG however with improvements having been made to EDG I don’t expect them to make the same mistakes from their past. BKT have shown that they are a strong team and can contend against other strong teams but EDG have been such a dominant member of the Chinese scene that I’ll be expecting them to win the game, so EDG Victory. I’m not saying it’ll come easy and regardless of BKT being a Wild Card team, their history shows that they can go against strong teams and come out on top, I just don’t expect it to show against the 1st place Chinese seed.

Group Stage Day 1 – Match 5: Logo of LCS NA Team CLG Counter Logic Gaming vs. Flash Wolves - LMS Team Logo Flash Wolves

(Oct. 1st, 11:30 PDT/ 14:30 EDT/ 20:30 CEST/ 03:30 KST)

With a lot of fan hype base around the NA LCS 1st place seed CLG will #Faith prevail as they go against one of the strongest Taiwanese teams, FW? This will be a series where both teams get to show what they’re made of and CLG will finally get to address their dreams at being a top global team. FW have a lot to prove in this series, seeing as they only took 3rd place in the LMS summer playoffs but with eastern teams having constantly held dominance over the western regions CLG might run into trouble at the start.

Logo of LCS NA Team CLGCLG – have consistently followed a pattern each LCS, they always start out strong and reach a good standing only to slowly decline around the middle of the season. This season in particular they manage to make a comeback, with a roster they feel comfortable with. Having taken the NA LCS Playoffs victory by storm they’ve shown that their efforts shouldn’t be overlooked by any team. Can this CLG come into the World Championship 2015 strong and hold their place?

Flash Wolves - LMS team logoFW – is a team that have encountered a lot of trouble. Originating from Taiwan this team started to shine in late 2013 and early 2014. Taking wins from the power house teams of the time. They’ve managed to hold their own and made it to the World Championship 2015 by winning the LMS Regional Qualifiers tournament but it didn’t come easy. After taking the series 3:2 against Hong Kong Esports the YoeFW will have to come into the World Championship 2015 with their strongest and most consistent performances to date to be able to stand a chance against the other teams from around the globe.

Faith has followed CLG as they’ve pushed their way to their first ever tournament victory, the hope of the fans is finally paid off as CLG paved their way to the World Championship but now the real challenge begins. Starting off their World Championship against a team as strong as the Falsh Wolves could make things difficult as the FW have shown that they don’t back down easily and with their aggressive style of play we could be looking at some quick games, however CLG have made efforts to improve and they’ve paid off thus far with evidence of them surviving an early game deficit and coming back to take a victory.

Prediction – With CLG coming into the World Championship after a strong performance and with rumours spread from their international scrims that they shouldn’t be underestimated I’ll be predicting a CLG Victory, it won’t come easy and I refuse to underestimate the strength of the FW after they’ve shown that they can contend with the top teams from their region. If they’ve been practicing as hard as what’s common for their region we can expect them to have made multiple improvements which would set them apart from any underdog team.

Group Stage Day 1 – Match 6: paiN GAMING - LoL Team Logo paiN Gaming vs. KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers

(Oct. 1st, 12:30 PDT/ 15:30 EDT/ 21:30 CEST/ 04:30 KST)

With PaiN gaming being followed by one of the largest audiences in the League of Legends scene they’re expected to perform extremely well but as a Wild Card team they’ll be treated as an underdog. Koo Tigers however are an extremely strong Korean team and from past experience we’ve learned to never underestimate even the lower placed Korean teams. KOO only placed 4th in the LCK summer split but managed to take their seed to the World Championship 2015 after earning the second most circuit points of the entire season. PaiN however earned their place in spectacular fashion after taking 1st place in the 2015 Desafio Internacional which earned them their Wild Card place at worlds.

pain gaming - IWC BrazilPaiN – PaiN had a difficult time in the first split of their season only taking 3rd place but after working as a ‘family’ and making the improvements needed they managed to dominate their second split and took 1st place after taking a series from their contenders and going 3:0. Once again during the Desafio Internacional they showed great strength, consistent play and dominance as the work their way through the teams and ended the final series vs Kaos Latin Gamers 3:0 earning their place in the World Championship 2015.

Koo Tigers - LCK Team LogoKoo Tigers – has managed to show the ability to play consistently, taking a top position in the Korean circuit since their formation. Being a fairly new team they worked their way through the 2015 season hold a top 3 place regularly and earning their place in the World Championship by coming second with Circuit Point accumulation. This team have gone head to head against some of the strongest teams in the world and have experience that can push them to be one of the most dominant teams in their Worlds group.

After hiring some coaching staff PaiN made huge improvements and has shown that they are most definitely the strongest team from their region but how will they hold their own in an international tournament against the strongest teams from all of the other regions? KOO are a team that shouldn’t be underestimated, sure they only earned their seed through Circuit Points and not their most recent performances but they have the experience needed to be a top team in their group and we also can’t forget that their bad performances were against teams that are considered best in the world.

Although we’ve not seen PaiN Gaming go against teams from other regions their performances have been amazing and they have the commitment needed to push them to beat even the most difficult of teams. They may be a Wild Card but I’m not sure If I would personally consider them an Underdog.

Prediction – Regardless of PaiN being the strongest team in their region I’ll be siding with the KOO tigers for this match but I’m not going to completely disregard PaiN. I’ll be looking for a KOO Victory. PaiN will have to bring out their best performances to hold their own against the 2nd seed Korean team and it’ll be great to see the Brazilian powerhouse hold their own on an international stage.

Live Stream / Vod – Worlds Day 1

You can watch the english live stream of LoL Worlds Day 1 – Group Stage 1 right here. After the live stream has ended all 6 matches of the first day will be available as VOD!

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