LoL World Championship Recap & Vods Day 6

The last day of the Group Stage at World Championship may be the end of some teams that have conquered their regions to be in Los Angeles but it also proved to be one of those days that each team will do what it takes to get to the top. The day started with TSM against Gaming Gear. TSM dominated the entire match by having Wildturtle as mid for the first time since 2012. TSM took the stage and pick different champions that are not normally picked in the competitive scene. The same thing happened with the OMG vs Lemondogs match wherein Cool picked Cassiopeia and the world wide debut of support Veigar. OMG proved once again to the world that they have a large variety of champions that can still work which sets the bar way up high for other teams. Both TSM and OMG won their specific matches.

League of Legends Team SK Telecom T1One of the most anticipated matches of the day was between OMG and SKT T1. SKT T1 took Ahri for Faker while OMG's Cool took his signature Syndra. But, everything broke down for OMG during the 12 minute mark when Faker's Ahri caught Cool's Syndra with the Charm that ended in a six man kill, 3 towers, and an inhibitor. This proved to be a very difficult game to turn around for OMG as SKT T1 ravaged through each and every team fight after that unfortunate turn of events.

LoL Team FnaticThe entire day was filled with tension after the match between SKT T1 and OMG which is why the manager of Team Fnatic tweeted that their game with Mineski would relieve the pressure and would entertain the audience as well as the viewers. And true to his word, Fnatic and Mineski brough the house down with an amazing game. Even though it was clear that Mineski was nowhere near Fnatic's gameplay level. The team from the Philippines managed to win fans all over the world with their entertaining game against Fnatic. The game was filled with puns and comedic calls from both teams as well as from the casters. The audience surely enjoyed the game and now the world will know of the Mineski Pain Train: Varus, Sona, Soraka, Nunu, and Zilean.

The Lemondogs settled their grudge against TSM with TSM taking the win while SKT T1 made an easy victory out of their match with With that, the Group Stage of the World Championship came to a close with OMG and SKT T1 emerging as the winners of Group A and Fnatic and Gambit Gaming for Group B. Stay tuned as these groups will be joined by Gamabears, Royal Club, Cloud 9, and Najin Black Sword for the Quarter Finals set next week.

LoL World Championship VODS Day 6:

Gambit vs Fnatic –

Vulcun vs Samsung Ozone –

Fnatic vs Mineski –

Gambit vs Vulcun –

OMG vs Lemondogs –

SKT T1 vs OMG –

TSM vs –

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