LoL World Championship Recap & Vods Day 5

LoL worlds recap day 5Day 5 of the Group Stages of the World Championship started with a match between Lemondogs and SKT T1. Lemondogs was able to pick the highly contested Zed in the middle lane but SKT T1 had a counter strategy in mind. Faker picked up Riven and was able to fend off Zed in the first few minutes of the game. Although Faker gave the First Blood to Lemondogs, Faker was able to come off against Zed and as soon as a teamfight would break out Faker was able to hold his own against the Lemondogs. SKT T1's Piglet was able to farm up a huge amount of gold which resulted in items that would allow him to carry the entire team on his back especially on teamfights. After a huge fight in the Dragon Pit, SKT T1 emerged with a Triple Kill and ended the game. SKT T1 ended Lemondogs' hope in going through the Group Stage.

SKT T1 lol esports team

SK Telecom T1 already secured second place and a ticket to the Semifinals

TSM had never been able to score a victory against any other Korean team. Day 5 looks like they have the strategy to take their first victory. Once again, the most contested pick, Zed, was chosen by Reginald but Faker got Riven again. This time, Reginald and Faker were head to head with their mid lane. Everyone was caught offguard with the support Annie pick for TSM. But, the Korean team's composition was far more powerful and dominating for TSM as they were able to shut down Reginald and the entire team. There were a few times that SKT T1 played over-the-top aggressive especially with Faker and Impact chasing the enemy deep into the enemy territory even bypassing several towers in the process. However, they were still leading in terms of gold and objectives and in the end, SKT T1 sealed TSM's fate by winning the game. This leaves TSM with a 0-16 loss against any Korean team.

Team OMG - league of legends team

Team OMG: 6 wins in 6 matches = advance to the Semifinals

Speaking of TSM, the last match of the day was TSM and OMG. Although it was clear from the start that TSM would never have the chance to continue on outside of the Group Stage, they still played honorably. OMG was able to surprise everyone with a Syndra and Volibear jungle pick against Ahri and Jarvan IV. Lovelin's Volibear ended up dominating the game and shutting down Dyrus' Vladmir. Teamfight after teamfight, Lovelin's Volibear was able to grab and fling priority targets which his team was able to destroy in an instant. This enables OMG to finish the game without any difficulty.

Meanwhile, scored 2 more defeats which blasted their hopes in joining the Quarter Finals next week. Tomorrow the Group Stage comes to a close as Group B joins in on the mayhem.

Group Stage Standings after Day 5:

Group A

OMG – 6 Wins 0 Losses

SKT T1 – 5 Wins 1 Loss

TSM – 2 Wins 4 Losses

Lemondogs – 2 Wins 4 Losses – 0 Wins 6 Losses

check Day 4 for Group B standings

VODs Day 5 of LoL Worlds:

OMG vs –

TSM vs SKT – vs LD –

OMG vs TSM –

SKT vs LD –

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