LoL World Championship Recap & Vods Day 4

LoL World Championship 2013 Recap of Day 4 LogoThe second half of the Group Stage of LoL World Championship continued on Day 4 of the Group Stage with LCS EU dominated Group B. After a day's rest, teams are able to form tighter strategies and counterstrategies against their foes that led to an ulimate clash teams from Group B. Will Fnatic continue their dominance or will the hyped up Samsung Ozone take the lead? Everyone is watching impatiently as Group B matches begin with Ozone versus Gambit.

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League of Legends Team Vulcun

Team Vulcun discussing strategies

From the start of champion select, Ozone looked dangerous by eliminating Thresh from picking and snagged Sona away from Gambit's Voidle. This time, the Koreans are out for blood as they tried a double AD composition with Caitlyn and Ezreal. The rest of the team picked Jarvan and Zac as their main front line. This proved to be very difficult for Gambit to contest as they are pushed back on their own towers while the rest of Ozone dominated the entire game by taking objectives after objectives leaving them with a large gold deficit. The worst part is, Gambit has not even taken a single tower from Ozone.

The next game pitted Team Fnatic against fourth place Vulcun. Fnatic took notes from NA's very own Team Cloud 9 and pulled an Ashe-Zyra combo at the bottom lane and dominated the entire lane. xPeke's Ahri proved to be slippery and forced a defensive stance for Vulcun. Vulcun tried to regain map control through Dragon but it was already obvious that they were in a huge gold deficit. The last teamfight proved that Fnatic had what it takes to win the match as one Flash and Stranglethorns from Zyra led to an amazing teamfight that deleted all Vulcun players from the map. The game ended in just 21 minutes.

Team Mineski at LoL World Championship 2013

Mineski 0-6 at Group Stages but can still spoil other teams.

The fourth match of the 4th day of the group stage of the LoL World Championship 2013 was with Fnatic and Ozone. Amazingly, the Korean team left Corki, Zed, and Kassadin open which has been known to brought terror within the map eversince the start of the Group Stage. xPeke's Kassadin had a rought start but later took the entire match around with his amazing plays. As always, Fnatic dropped the bomb on Ozone with their last teamfight at Purple Side's jungle near the Red Buff by flanking Ozone and destroyed their entire team. This teamfight immediately led to a victory by Fnatic.

Team Mineski had two losses but this time, their chances of making it out of the Group Stage is now impossible. But, teams should not be complacent about Mineski's standings as there is still a possibility that Mineski can spoil another team and kicked them out of the running for the Quarterfinals.

Standings after Day 4 of Group Stage:

Group B:

Fnatic – 5 Wins 1 Loss

Gambit – 4 Wins 2 Losses

Vulcun – 3 Wins 3 Losses

Ozone – 3 Wins 3 Losses

Mineski – 0 Wins 6 Losses

Day 4 held no matches of Group A!   Check here for current Standings of Group A

VODs Day 4 Group Stage of LoL World Championship

Ozone vs Gambit  –

Gambit vs Mineski –

Fnatic vs Ozone –

Mineski vs Vulcun –

Fnatic vs Vulcun –

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