LoL World Championship Recap & Vods Day 3

League of Legends World Championship 2013 Group Stage Recap Day 3Day 3 kicks off with Group A of the World Championship Group Stage. Fan favorite teams like TSM and SKT T1 are looking to beat the others but China's team OMG might snatch the top spot under their noses as the team remains undefeated so far. After their disappointing take on the first day of the Group Stage, both teams are neck and neck as tension rises. At the back end of the group, team and Lemondogs should not be counted out just yet as they aim to take the reins out of the top three teams of their group in Day 3's matchup.

TSM Snapdragon

TSM Snapdragon have the crowd on their side

Lemondogs and OMG started the event with a back and forth for both teams. Just as when audience think that it would be a clean gank, someone from the opposing team suddenly shows up to follow up the gank or counter gank. But, OMG was already far ahead when Lemondogs picked up their pace. They even tried to get Dragon at the nineteen minute mark and although OMG did not contest the Dragon, they were able to take down a tower and a few objectives along the way. Later in the game, Nukeduck's Fizz was able to buy time for his team through the use of Zhonya's Hourglass and catch up to their enemy for a teamfight but a moment's mistake led to OMG have the upperhand and dominated the game further until OMG was able to secure the nexus at the 40 minute mark.

Lemondogs were able to bounce back from their loss to OMG with their match against TSM. Early in the game, TSM's TheOddOne would get first blood after a reckless journey towards the bottom river bush and got ganked by the Lemondogs. Once again, TheOddOne was caught in another awkward position giving away another kill. But, little do the Lemondogs know, TSM's midlaner Reginald was farming up his Zed to become the ultimate assassin if a teamfight breaks out. Meanwhile at top, Dyrus' Vladmir was splitpushing against a Shen who could not do anything to stop the onslaught of ganks. Ultaimtely, the European team watched as their nexus is torn down for the second time today.

GamingGear seemed to have another rough match this time with SKT T1. Although one might think that SKT T1 was laid back with their see through team composition, it only took 26 minutes before the Korean team was able to push through the towers while having none of them broken and sealed another victory for South Korea.

SK Telecom T1’s Midlaner - Faker

SK Telecom T1 Midlaner: Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, KDA: 6

The ultimate match for the day was the last match with TSM and SKT T1. The pre-game interviews as well as at the analyst desk have mentioned that SKT T1's coach does not like TSM's midlaner Reginald with all his trashtalking and has made a point to beat TSM with the use of SKT T1's world class midlaner Faker. The game started out with heavy aggression that took out SKT's bottom tower in the first few minutes of the game. But, the Koreans countered the early aggression at the top pressuring Dyrus' Rumble into oblivion. SKT made sure that at least one of TSM's champions was neutered to a point that they need to play a more passive game so that SKT could dominate the game. SKT was successful at putting a backpedal at TSM's gameplay. It was this time that SKT revved up and pursued TSM after a terrible fight near the Dragon and SKT's Piglet scored a quadrakill with his Caitlyn. A few moments later, the entire SKT was hammering the nexus towers and took the victory for this match silencing TSM fans in the process.

Standings after Day 3 of the LoL Worlds

Group A

  • OMG – 4 Wins 0 Losses
  • SK Telecom T1 – 3 Wins 1 Loss
  • TSM – 2 Wins 2 Losses
  • Lemondogs – 1 Win 3 Losses
  • – 0 Wins 4 Losses

Only Group A played on Day 3check Day 2 for Group B Standings

VODs Day 3 Groupstage

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