LoL World Championship Recap & Vods Day 2

Recap Day 2 of the League of Legends World Championship 2013Day 2 of the World Championship Group Stage started off with Group B. Yesterday, fan favorite Fnatic as well as hyped up Samsung Galaxy Ozone had a lackluster experience with their 1-1 performance. Now, as they take the stage once again, they are out for blood.

After gaining confidence with their games yesterday, Vulcun is confident that they can take down one of the most versatile teams in Europe – Gambit Gaming. Known for their immense skill at adapting and countering the enemy team, Gambit Gaming proved once again that they can shift their strategy that fits their team composition and counter the enemy's composition. Vulcun also had some bad decisions that led to bad plays especially with Xmithie and Sycho Sid at the bottom lane early on. But, it was during a Dragon fight that Xmithie played a huge role in a disaster that drew mancloud over to a 2-0 fight. After a massacre at Baron, Gambit was able to push through to their nexus and ended the game in just 27 minutes.

League of Legends Team Fnatic - all 5 members

Fnatic taking on the lead in Group B after Day 2

Team Mineski was still having a hard time with their game against Ozone but there were key noticeable differences with their game from yesterday. Casters and the audience saw a glimpse of glory in their team composition as well as gameplay with their game against Vulcun. Vulcun was way ahead of the game but they were somehow lagging behind and relied on Bloodwater's Stranglethorns from Zyra to turn the teamfight around. One of the few key teamfights was when Mineski turned up an ace but alas, they were still far behind and the enemy closed the game.

On the other side of the group, Samsung Ozone know that they are in big trouble with the current patch. It has left Homme, one of their most respected player and shotcaller, to the bench and replaced by Looper. Ozone's game was lackluster leading to Fnatic getting all of the Dragon kills in the game. This led to a huge gap in gold. Although there was a slight window of opportunity to turn things aroudn when Yellowstar and xPeke was overextended, Fnatic instantly bounced back to secure 4 kills to none. This time, the odds are in favor of Fnatic that led to a vote of surrender for Ozone.

Alex Ich of League of Legends Team Gambit BenQ

Gambit BenQ's Alex Ich, KDA: 9 after Day 2

Two European teams who were head to head in the EU LCS battle it out for the final match of the day. Fnatic was dominant from the start when they were able to tear down the first three towers in just 13 minutes of the game. Gambit tried to play aggressively but they were immediately countered by huge teamfights from Fnatic. After a few more teamfights, Gambit decided to be a bit more defensive and careful with their engagements but Fnatic kept on racking up with the kills and gold. Gambit had the opportunity later in the match when they tried to use Fnatic's strategy of hiding in brushes to ambush a lone champion. But, Fnatic turned the table on them and destroyed Gambit. Fnatic reached the nexus within seconds, ended the game, and left a mark to Gambit that you can never beat Fnatic with their own trick.

Group B Standings after Day 2:

Fnatic – 3 Wins 1 Loss

Gambit Gaming – 3 Wins 1 Loss

Vulcun – 2 Wins 2 Losses

Samsung Galaxy Ozone – 2 Wins 2 Losses

Mineski – 0 Wins 4 Losses

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Vods Day 2 LoL World Championship 2013

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