LoL World Championship: Recap Day 1

Recap Day 1 of the League of Legends World ChampionshipThe stage is set for the League of Legends Worlds Championship starting off with the Group Stage. The ten teams in the Group Stage are divided into two groups. TSM,, OMG, Lemondogs, and SK T1 rounding out Group A while Samsung Galaxy Ozone, Gambit Gaming, Vulcun, Fnatic, and Mineski on Group B.

The first match was TSM against and it turns out TSM had it in the bag when was not able to contest an 8 minute Dragon. Although there were some good plays with Mazzerin's Gragas, it was not enough to carry their team to victory. TSM won the match with 7-24 in favor of TSM and a 17,000 gold deficit. It was not a good day for as they fall once again to Lemondogs with a 20-5 score in favor of the Lemondogs who had a 22,000 gold lead in just 29 minutes of the game.

Ahri - LoL Champion - most picked at Worldchampionship Day 1

Ahri: highly contested

Ahri was the highly contested champion of the day. During the SKT T1 versus Lemondogs match, Faker's Ahri showed massive amounts of play with his full combo during the Baron matchup that wiped off Mithy and Dexter. SKT T1 ended the game with 19-10 in favor of SKT T1. But, it was not the only time Ahri made a huge impact of the day. The match between OMG and TSM was another game that heavily featured Ahri this time played by OMG's Cool. Despite having low mana, Cool's Ahri secured a Charm that initiated a teamfight near the Baron Pit that secured them the win for the game. The match ended with OMG's Cool and San both had 11 kills and only 2 deaths. OMG finished the game with 32 against TSM's 14 score.

Team OMG on first place after day 1

Team OMG: Leading Group A after Day 1

OMG continued their winning streak as they face against Korea's SKT T1 for the last match of Group A. OMG's San playing with Corki managed to score a 10-0 KDA and led the team to victory with 17-6 score. The recent buffs to Trinity Force led the resurgence of champions such as Corki back into the competitive scene. This makes Corki and other carries that relied heavily on the procs from Trinity Force to be heavily contested by the rest of the matches for the entire day.

Gambt BenQ LoL esports team

Gambit BenQ: First in Group B after Day 1

Group B started off with Vulcun against Fnatic in an explosive close call fight for Vulcun's Xmithie when Zuna flashed in to catch Puszu's Ace in the Hole at the Baron Pit. After not capitalizing on a 5 vs 4 teamfight, Fnatic lost a crucial team fight when xPeke's Lissandra and Puszu's Caitlyn were caught giving even more gold to an already rich team. In the end, Vulcun finished off the game with Mancloud's Orianna easily destroying Fnatic's only line of defense which was soAz's Yorick in a single combo. Vulcun's next match against Samsung Galaxy Ozone was a tough one. Ozone's substitute player, Looper was amazing with Singed. After dominating the laning phase against Shen, Looper found a lot of opportunities to teleport into team fights and get things done. The unstoppable duo lane brought by Mata and Imp caught Mancloud with a Death Sentence. Without the main damage dealer, Samsung Galaxy Ozone was unstoppable as they tore down the nexus and won.

It was also not a good day for SEA Region's Team Mineski as they fell through the cracks after their game with Gambit Gaming and once again failed to perform against Team Fnatic. Speaking of Gambit Gaming, their plans of boot camping finally paid off as they blown the gates wide open and showed the world that they are meant to play at the World Championships this year as they swallowed Ozone entirely in their last game.

Group A Standings after Day 1

OMG – 2 wins 0 losses

SKT T1 – 1 win 1 loss

TSM – 1 win 1 loss

Lemondogs – 1 win 1 loss – 0 wins 2 losses


Group B Standings after Day 1

Gambit Gaming – 2 wins 0 losses

Samsung Galaxy Ozone – 1 win 1 loss

Vulcun – 1 win 1 loss

Fnatic – 1 win 1 loss

Mineski – 0 wins 2 losses

While OMG and Gambit Gaming might relish in their victories today, it is still a much long way to go before the end of the Group Stage and there is still a huge possibility of upsets in the coming days. Teams are trying to feel out their adversaries and hopefully take their big guns out when it truly matters. Only time will tell if or Mineski will pull a TPA on OMG or Gambit Gaming or those in the middle pack will pick up their game and rise to the top.

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VODS Day 1 of the Worldchampionship:

GG vs TSM –

SKT vs LD –

TSM vs OMG –

LD vs GG –

OMG vs SKT –

Vulcun vs FNC –

Gambit vs MSK –

Ozone vs Vulcun –

MSK vs FNC –

Gambit vs Ozone –

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