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With the Season 4 World Championships starting next week and the Group Draw being made the first betting odds for the Winner of the World Championship are online. In this overview you can take a look at the betting odds available for lines on who will be Season 4 World Champion. Bets on the outright winner of the tournament can be played right until the first match of the Group Stage starts. Overall, there are a lot of talented teams that have joined the tournament and all of which deserve to be on their spot. However, there are teams that may be on the short end of the stick considering their gameplay and strategy as well as skills and talent when pitted against the better team. This is reflected in the betting odds for outright winner as well in the betting odds for the normal matches. In a game like League of Legends, there will always be underdog teams that will stomp their enemy. As to which teams will get a whooping next week and which teams will rise towards the top spot? If you want to place a bet on a certain match take a look at the upcoming matches with betting odds.  Let’s have a look at the odds of the eSports analysts at the League of Legends betting sites!

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Betting Odds Outright Winner and Futures*

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LoL Worlds: Outright Winner Teams and prospects

Kabum eSports

Most likely won't make it out of the Group Stage as they lack the international experience and their strategy seems to be random. Betting for Kabum would be suicide but the odds are definitely tempting.

Dark Passage

The same with Kabum, Dark Passage seems to be the one of the least teams in the Group Stage to make it out alive.


The Chinese team in disguise as an NA team made it to the top three in their region but when they are up against more experienced international team, there is no clear foreseeable event that they can match against teams like Samsung White and Blue.

SK Gaming

The same as pretty much with the lower tier teams in the Group Stage. SK Gaming needs to get ahead before they can thrive on late game but there are teams who excel at the early game as well which can mean bad things for the team. Bet on SK Gaming only when they are up against teams who love to play late game. Try not to bet against Chinese teams who are known to be aggressive early on.

Ahq e-Sports Club

Much to the dismay of the team, they only play second ball to Taipei Assassins. This might be the time when they get to shine but their inexperience in international LAN tournaments might cause them a bit of nerves. One can bet on AHQ if they play against Dark Passage or Kabum!

Taipei Assassins

It is very hard to predict TPA as well as analyze their current standing. At one time they can be total juggernauts, destroying everything in their path and there would be another time when they are trampled by other teams. Bet on TPA if they are match against teams below their current standing. Betting odds: 50-50 to make it out of Group Stage.

Cloud 9

The recent changes in the meta has quickly shifted away from Cloud 9 but they have recently discovered new picks that helped them win more games. Cloud 9 can be a force to reckon with when it comes to teamfights but their weak laning phase can be disastrous when they are matched against aggressive Chinese teams or methodical European teams or even calculative Korean teams. Bet on C9 only when they are up against teams from their own region or against Wildcards/SEA.


Fnatic is the ultimate dark horse in this tournament. They can go head to head with the top teams when they need to but they also get punished when they are looking away. Trust in Fnatic to throw the balance away from their opponents but keep an eye on their gameplay as well. Feel free to bet on any game with Fnatic.


One of the most aggressive teams in the world. It can be a double edge sword for them. If they are up against teams with weaker laning phase, they will surely dominate but one false move can mean a mistake that might cost them the game. Bet on OMG if they are up against weak laners like SK Gaming.

Star Horn Royal Club

With the addition of Insec in the jungle, this Chinese team has cemented themselves as one of the top teams to beat. Unfortunately, there are also better teams ahead of them which puts them at the bottom of the pack. Feel free to bet on Star Horn Royal Club especially when Uzi is able to perform well on previous games on the same day.

Najin White Shield

There is little weakness that can be found in this Korean team. They even beat previous World Champion SKT T1 K in the Qualifiers. But, their inexperience in international tournaments can be their only disadvantage and only their jungler Watch has the experience. Still feel free to bet on Shield when it comes to it.

Team SoloMid

TSM can play against the top caliber teams from all over the world only if they have a good day. Before that, they need to pick things up first and lay their fate on their laners. Betting on TSM is ill-advised especially if they are matched against Korean teams.


Probably the only team that can break through several Korean teams and Chinese teams is Alliance. All of them have great laning phases and synergy when it comes to teamfights. The European superteam might even make it to the Finals if they play it right. Bet on Alliance.

Edward Gaming

A team that consists of perfect players but their inexperience in international tournaments might bring them down a notch. If they can deal with the nerves, then they can deal with the Koreans. Wait and see what happens during their first few games.

Samsung Galaxy White

Either one of the two Samsung teams are bound to take the title this year and it would either be White or Blue. White has had experience with Worlds and they are calculative in every manner.

Samsung Galaxy Blue

One of the few teams that are favorites to win the title. There is no doubt Blue is the best team in the world today. Hopefully, when they show up on stage they prove to the world that they are indeed the top.

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