LoL World Championship concluded – SKT T1 wins third title

With an exciting and nerve wrecking final during the night of October, 30th the 2016 League of Legends World Championship draw to an end: the SK Telecom T1 team enforced the victory over Samsung in a tight duel on Summoner's Rift and won their third title at the sixth World Championship. Thereby Faker and Co not only were able the re-qualify as first title holder for the following Championship tournament, SKT T1 could also defend their Championship title as first team in the history of League of Legends. Furthermore superstar and midlaner Faker crowned himself as best League of Legends player of all time with astounding performances in the Grand Final. The final prize pool of the tournament remains still to be seen, without the Championship skin sales of the next week the prize money already amounts over 5 million US-Dollars. You can find a detailed article about the actual prize money of the 2016 World Championship at our site. Who is now sad that the competitive season 6 has already concluded – don't shed your tears! The 2016 LoL All-Stars tournament is already awaiting us with entertainment and a big surprise factor. And also the competitive LCS 2017 won't be long in coming, so stay tuned for more action!

Finally here is a video about the winner's ceremony and an interview with League of Legends legend Faker. Enjoy watching!

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Written by: Daniel

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