LoL World Championship: Semi-Finals

The Semi-Finals of the League of Legends World Championship Season 4 are starting on Saturday, October 11th with the first best of 5 between Samsung Galaxy White vs. Samsung Galaxy Blue. The second Semi-Final of LoL Worlds 2014 is scheduled for Sunday, October 12th. The live stream starts on both days at PDT: 1 am | CEST: 10 am | KST: 5 pm and all matches are rebroadcasted after the original live stream. The two winners advance to the Finals of the World Championship while the two defeated teams are out of the tournament, sharing 3rd/4th place (the exact ranking will not be determined) that earns them $ 150,000 each. Welcome to the Semi-Finals of the League of Legends World Championship 2014!

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LoL World Championship | Semi-Finals

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Schedule and Betting Odds – LoL Worlds 2014 | Semi-Finals

Semi-Final #1

Samsung White - OGN Team Logo Samsung Galaxy White vs. Samsung Blue - OGN Team Samsung Galaxy Blue ( 3 : 0)
(Oct 11th, 01:00 PDT/ 04:00 EDT/ 10:00 CEST)

Semi Final #2

Royal Club - LPL Team Logo Star Horn Royal Club vs. OMG LPL Team Logo OMG (3 : 2)
(Oct 12th, 01:00 PDT/ 04:00 EDT/ 10:00 CEST)

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Stats Comparison before Knockout Stage | Semi-Finals

Team Wins* Losses* Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Samsung White 9 1 9.06 1941.16
Samsung Blue 8 2 5.39 1771.38
Star Horn Royal Club 8 3 4.79 1748.26
OMG 6 3 4.43 1653.92

*Including Group Stage, Tiebreaker and Quarter-Final Matches

Preview and Predictions LoL Worlds Semifinals

Samsung White - OGN Team Logo Samsung Galaxy White vs. Samsung Blue - OGN Team Samsung Galaxy Blue
(Oct 11th, 01:00 PDT/ 04:00 EDT/ 10:00 CEST)

LoL World Championship Semi-Final 1: Samsung Blue vs Samsung White - Teaser Image

Finally, the top two Korean teams will meet each other in the semifinals of World Championship. These top caliber teams have been at their throats for more than a season but it is only this time that the sister teams will duke it out in the international stage. Samsung must be proud to have given birth to not one but two top tier teams. However, fate is mischievous in pitting both teams under one series. It is also fate that have brought them into this path and in the end, only one Samsung team will be able to carry on the torch towards the Finals. Will it be White or will it be Blue?

Somehow, White is still the frontrunner in winning the entire tournament. The main reason behind this is that they only fell one time during Worlds and that was to TSM during the best of 5 in the Quarter-Finals . Teams will be watching that replay over and over again to see what happened to White and how TSM was able to beat them. Nevertheless, White still has more to offer. When compared against their sister team, White has a whooping 9.06 KDA ratio than Blue's 5.39 (which is still the second best KDA of the 4 teams in the Semi-Finals). They are also better at getting gold with 1941 gold per minute for White and only 1771 for Blue. However, Blue has far more minions killed with 943.1 minions per game than White's 804.5. This goes to show that Blue is far more passive during the laning phase whereas White is always seeking for blood. Blue has always been the more careful team between the two. Blue would rather farm up and save up for later while White turns on the aggression early to exert dominance over their lane opponents. This results into more kills for White with 23 per game on average than Blue's 19.9. Overall, Blue will surely want to keep White at bay during the laning phase and avoid getting into teamfights they are not prepared with.

Lanes to watch out for: Bottom lane. Deft versus Imp. Imp takes the aggressive route while Deft is more defensive. Deft is the AD carry who wants to farm up using minions and takes the opportunity to farm champions when Heart gives him such chance while Imp is an AD carry who seeks out the opportunity and let Mata do all the protective stance for him. Both bottom lane partners have a different playstyle. It will be interesting to watch as Imp and Mata tries to create a window of opporunity for them while Heart and Deft continue to deny them such opportunity with careful approach to their laning phase. It will all come down to their jungler who will give them such opportunity. When either one of the junglers come and visit their lane, it will be total mayhem for both teams.

Prediction: Blue has dropped two games before while White has only dropped one but it does not mean that White is better than Blue. Blue is in fact the Kryptonite of White and it will be interesting to see how the sister teams will play this series out. 50-50 for both teams. The team who wins this series deserves their spot at the finals – that's for sure, and will most likely be the favorite to win the summoners cup.

Royal Club - LPL Team Logo Star Horn Royal Club vs. OMG LPL Team Logo OMG
(Oct 12th, 01:00 PDT/ 04:00 EDT/ 10:00 CEST)

LoL World Championship Semi-Final 2: Star Horn Royal Club vs OMG - Teaser Image

OMG seemed to have cleared their errors during the Group Stages and benched Dada77 for the rest of the tournament thus advancing to the semi-finals with a 3 : 0 victory against White Shield. However, OMG still has one other weakness they need to sharpen up and that is their over-aggression. OMG is very aggressive when they should not be and this can be their own undoing. Star Horn Royal Club has far more experience dealing with aggression with the likes of playing against Edward Gaming and OMG back in LPL where they placed second. Will OMG be able to provide calculated aggression instead of utter chaos or will Star Horn Royal Club begin to show signs of weakness with their blatant confession that communication is one of their main problems?

Overall, both teams are head to head when it comes to KDA with SHRC leading a good 4.79 on OMG's 4.43. In the past OMG seemed to be the most aggressive team but after the Semifinals, SHRC has taken theirs to the top when it was revealed that SHRC has 17.55 champions killed per game on average in comparison to OMG's 15.22. This also holds true to SHRC's gold per minute with 1748 against OMG's 1654. SHRC plays the laning phase more aggressive and OMG plays more careful by having more minion kills with 1105 than SHRC's 972.91. A role reversal for both teams but when faced against each other, teams will surely revert back to their original strategy during the semi-finals. SHRC had to turn on the aggression since they are facing a really tough match with Edward Gaming whereas OMG only needed to play wisely against Shield. This time, OMG will have play both aggressively and wisely if they plan on winning this semifinals best of 5 series against SHRC.

Lanes to watch: Jungle with Insec. Watch Insec play the heck out of this series now that they are one step closer to getting the prized Summoner's Cup. Uzi will have no problems in the laning phase since he is in good hands with Zero. Things will get messy once Insec decides to join the bot lane and with Uzi as the only Chinese speaking player in the team down at the bottom lane, problems can happen but the sheer skill of all three players will make up for it. Top lane with Gogoing. Gogoing has proven himself to be top caliber top laner with his ability to tank and deal damage at the same time. With the rise of AP carries at the top with Rumble and Ryze, Gogoing will surely bring his team to the finals and let the world know that they are indeed the dark horse of this tournament.

Prediction: Can go either way with both teams. Same as the Korean teams whoever moves on to the finals deserve their spot.

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