Tickets for Battle of the Atlantic and LCS Promotion

Tickets for the Battle of the AtlanticSince December 5th tickets for the matches at the Battle of the Atlantic and the LCS Promotion Tournaments are available on the web. The LoL tournaments are held partly in the new LoL ESL Arena in Cologne. The games that will be played in the U.S. take place in the MBS Media Campus, California. The daily tickets in Köln cost € 10 and are sold through Ticketmaster. The prices for the tickets in the U.S. are $ 15, and are available online via TicketWeb. Links to the points of sale of the tickets for the Battle of the Atlantic and the LCS Promotion matches can be found below.

At each of the six gaming days, both a match of the Battle of the Atlantic tournament as well as a match of the promotion round will take place. The only exception is the first match day in Cologne, at which only a promotion match is played. So if you would like me see the League of Legends teams live, this is a good opportunity!

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Tickets can be purchased online and can be picked up locally. Further information can be found on the website of the sale.

Tournaments in Cologne

Tournaments in Los Angeles

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