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With the 2017 League of Legends World Championship already fading out in our minds and the offseason transfer period right before the LCS 2018 Season 8 starting with terrific and exciting roster swaps all over the world we must not forget about the glorious League of Legends All-Star tournament 2017 kicking off on December 7th, 2017. This event differs to regular tournaments throughout the year because the participating players are selected by the public in their respective regions to create a regional team for this international competition. The online player voting for the All-Star 2017 tournament is already over and the players are certain, so we want to take a look at all glorious elite teams. In most regions the All-Stars voting ended on November 10th and it was head-to-head run on some positions. Especially in Europe there was a hard fight for the Midlane position of the elite selection. Compared to the previous events there will be no “Uber teams” this year, so each region will compete against all others and a more competitive environment will be created. The fun modes have also been abolished this time to make the event more serious. However, the 1-vs-1 tournament will continue to take place with two participating players of each region. Brazil, Southeast Asia and Turkey will represent the Wildcard regions due to their good results at the LoL World Championship 2017 and the Mid-Season Invitational 2017.

Update for 2018 LCS: Teams NA LCS Spring Split 2018 // Teams EU LCS Spring Split 2018

League of Legends EU LCS Europe Logo Team EU LCS All-Stars (Europe)

All Stars 2017 EULCS

Another bitter disappointment for the team of G2 Esports: after dominating the last splits of the European LCS but then abandon ship at every World Championship, not a single player was selected this year into the 2017 All-Stars squad of the European LCS. Toplaner sOAZ experienced a lot of ups and downs this season and was rightly nominated again for the European elite selection. Jankos squeezed his way into the jungle once again and AD-Carry Rekkles will represent his region as AD-Carry after an emotional World Championship. Particularly outstanding in the European line-up this year are PowerOfEvil, who secured the Midlane crown for the first time, and IgNar on the support position. Both players were able to make a name for themselves at this year's LoL World Championship when they almost knocked out the finalist SK Telecom T1 in the quarter-finals. They will need similar great performances at the All-Stars tournament as well if you take a look at the stacked competition and superstar players all over the world.

Results in detail:

Toplane voting

  1. sOAZ (FNC)
  2. Vizicsacsi (UOL)
  3. Alphari (MSF)
  4. Expect (G2)
  5. Odoamne (H2k)

Jungle voting

  1. Jankos (H2k)
  2. Maxlore (MSF)
  3.  Amazing (MM)
  4. Broxah (FNC)
  5. Trick (G2)

Midlane voting

  1. PowerOfEvil (MSF)
  2. PerkZ (G2)
  3.  Febiven (H2k)
  4. Caps (FNC)
  5. Nukeduck (VIT)

Botlane voting

  1. Rekkles (FNC)
  2. Hans Sama (MSF)
  3. Zven (G2)
  4. Samux (UOL)
  5. Hjarnan (ROC)

Support voting

  1. IgNar (MSF)
  2. Mithy (G2)
  3. Vander (VIT)
  4. Hylissang (UOL)
  5. Jesiz (FNC)

League of Legends LCK Champions Korea Logo Team LCK All-Stars (South Korea)

All Stars 2017 LCK

An LCK All-Star Team without Faker would be unimaginable in the current state of League of Legends, therefore the player of SK Telecom T1 was chosen again by the fans as representative in the Midlane. Although he was neither World Champion nor LCK Champion this year he still played an outstanding season and is therefore a justified part of the South Korean roster. The winner of the League of Legends World Championship 2017, Samsung Galaxy, gets to presents two players for this tournament: top lane player Cuvee and jungler Ambition. Especially for Ambition this is a great honour to not only win the World Championship title but also represent his region at the All-Stars team at the end of his career. Two winners of the LCK Summer Split 2017 – PraY and GorillA from Longzhu Gaming – will furthermore teach their enemies on the botlane how fear tastes. After this fantastic split the duo was considered as the best botlane in the world and their team was mentioned as the clear favourite for the World Championship but Longzhu Gaming had to admit defeat against the later winners of Samsung Galaxy in the quarterfinals. Nevertheless, both players stayed in the hearts of the fans.

Results in detail:

Toplane voting

  1. Cuvee (SSG)
  2. Smeb (KT)
  3. MaRin (AFS)
  4. Khan (LZ)
  5. Huni (SKT)

Jungle voting

  1. Ambition (SSG)
  2. Peanut (SKT)
  3.  Score (KT)
  4. Blank (SKT)
  5. Spirit (AFS)

Midlane voting

  1. Faker (SKT)
  2. Kuro (AFS)
  3. Pawn (KT)
  4. Bdd (LZ)
  5. Crown (SSG)

Botlane voting

  1. PraY (LZ)
  2. Deft (KT)
  3. Ruler (SSG)
  4. Bang (SKT)
  5. Sangyoon (ROX)

Support voting

  1. GorillA (LZ)
  2. Mata (KT)
  3. Wolf (SKT)
  4. CoreJJ (SSG)
  5. Max (MVP)

League of Legends NA LCS North America Logo Team NA LCS All-Stars (North America)

All Stars 2017 NALCS

“Make America great again” – if it didn't either work out for their election nor the Mid-Season Invitational 2017 nor the League of Legends World Championship, at least there is a chance for the All-Stars tournament in December. As usual two players from Team SoloMid were able to secure their place in the North American squad this year with Hauntzer getting his stage time alongside Bjergsen in the star ensemble. In the jungle there was a fierce battle between Xmithie, who played an excellent season, and newcomer MikeYeung with the newcomer finally earning his jersey forAll Stars 2017 Sneaky Cosplay the NA LCS All-Stars team. Support player aphromoo has also become part of the long-established inventory of the North American selection and will be representing his region again this year. The only surprise is the AD-Carry position where Doublelift was beaten by Cloud9's Sneaky after his last two appearances at the All-Star events. Sneaky played a solid season and delighted his many fans on his live stream – because let's be honest, who could say “no” to this maiden outfit?

Results in detail:

Toplane voting

  1. Hauntzer (TSM)
  2. Impact (C9)
  3. SSumday (DIG)
  4. Flame (IMT)
  5. Darshan (CLG)

Jungle voting

  2. Xmithie (IMT)
  3. Contractz (C9)
  4. Reignover (TL)
  5. LirA (NV)

Midlane voting

  1. Bjergsen (TSM)
  2. Jensen (C9)
  3. Pobelter (IMT)
  4. Hai (FLY)
  5. HuHi (CLG)

Botlane voting

  1. Sneaky (C9)
  2. Doublelift (TSM)
  3. Wildturtle (FLY)
  4. Piglet (TL)
  5. Arrow (P1)

Support voting

  1. Aphromoo (CLG)
  2. Olleh (IMT)
  3. Biofrost (TSM)
  4. Smoothie (C9)
  5. Lemonnation (FLY)

League of Legends LPL LoL Pro League Logo Team LPL All-Stars (China)

All Stars 2017 LPL

And once again the Chinese LPL proved to be at the top of the League of Legends scene just before the South Korean LCK gladiators kicked their asses in the semi-finals of this year's League of Legends World Championship. Of course the Chinese region is looking for revenge and the LPL star selection definitely has the potential to reach the top of the international league at this event. First and foremost there is AD-Carry Uzi who played an impressive World Championship and he is one of the mechanically most gifted players in the world. His team mate on the Royal Never Give Up team, jungler MLXG, also made it into the region's star selection with his strong performances in the last Summer Split. Two more Worlds semi-finalists join the LPL All-Stars team – Team WE occupies with 957 in the toplane and Xiye in the midlane the solo lanes of the squad and raises the quality of the team enormously. The LPL All-Stars team is complemented by Meiko on the support position, his team EDward Gaming has fallen somewhat in the favor of the fans but Meiko is still considered one of the best support players of the Chinese LPL.

League of Legends LMS Master Series Logo Team LMS All-Stars (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao)

All Stars 2017 LMS

The teams from the region of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao couldn't achieve the performances that many would have expected at the 2017 LoL World Championship. The #3 seed of the LMS, Honk Kong Attitude, already failed in the Play-In stage and also the two participants of the group stage, the ahq e-Sports Club and the Flash Wolves, did not give the impression of being able to compete with the other strong international teams. Nevertheless the region has a few outstanding players, especially Jungler Karsa is also well-known to most western fans. There are rumours that he is about to move to the NA LCS, which is justified by his consistent performance in recent years. Furthermore participating in the LMS All-Stars team there is AD-Carry BeBe, who only made it to the 4th place of the LMS Summer Split 2017 with his J Team, but whose popularity is still high enough to be elected as AD-Carry for his regional super team every year again. Whether his achievements justify this election or not is still unclear.

League of Legends CBLOL Circuito Brasileiro Logo Team CBLOL All-Stars (Brazil)

All Stars 2017 CBLOL

Only one of the Brazilian representatives at the LoL World Championship 2017 also made it into the 2017 All-Star team, namely Toplaner vVvert of Team oNe. In the Play-In phase of the tournament his team even though made it into the second round as runner-up of the group but was beaten by the Turkish team 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports. Due to the quite respectable performance of Team oNe it is therefore surprising to see that only one player of the team got selected into the All-Stars squad. However, many fans were not satisfied to be represented by Team oNe as a region because the crowd favourites in Brazil are INTZ e-Sports and the Red Canids.

League of Legends TCL Turkish Championship League Logo Team TCL All-Stars (Turkey)

All Stars 2017 TCL

With Thaldrin and Frozen there are two World Championship participants in the All-Star team of the Turkey TCL. With their team 1907 Fenerbahce Esports they made it past the Play-In phase right into the group stage where they got pulled into the almost impossible group with the later World Champion Samsung Galaxy, semi-finalist Royal Never Give Up and champion G2 Esports from Europe. Especially noticeable was toplaner Thaldrin who made a nime for himself as the brain of the team. But although he was always able to initiate the fights for his team, tank champions didn't quite have the greatest influence on the outcome of the games. Also Stomaged and Zeitnot are well-known names as they took part in the Mid-Season Invitational 2017 with their team SuperMassive Esports.

League of Legends GPL Garena Premier League Logo Team GPL All-Stars (Southeast Asia)

The All-Stars team of the GPL from Southeast Asia has not yet been decided. As soon as there are new informations about the star selection of the region we will keep you updated.

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