Teams and Player Overview | All-Star 2016 Barcelona

With the 2016 World Championship having concluded there are many teams swapping players around, but before the new season kicks off we’ve got an extremely entertaining event in our midst. The League of Legends All-Star 2016 event will be kicking off on Thursday, December 8th, and finishing on Sunday, December 11th, in Barcelona, Spain! The All-star tournament is unlike most regular tournaments throughout the year and is often hosted more for the entertainment. Players from all over the globe are selected by the public in their respective regions to create their regional team; there will be a team from every region performing. In addition to the major regions, Europe, North America, Korea, China and Southeast Asia, there will be an International Wildcard All-Star event which takes place from December 1st to December 4th; this will determine the players from the Wildcard regions that will be attending the 2016 All-star event. We’re going to see all different types of game modes played, a few surprising faces and we’re likely to see a lot of 1v1 matches so make sure you tune in to root for your favourite players, regions and teams!

League of Legends Icon 2016 All-Star Barcelona | Facts

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain.
  • Dates: 8th December – 11th December
  • Teams: 6 All-star Teams split into Fire and Ice.
  • Patch: League of Legends Patch 6.23
  • Team Fire: LCK, NA LCS, IWC
  • Team ICE: EU LCS, LMS, LPL

League of Legends Icon All-Star 2016 | Team Ice

Team EU LCS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo EU LCS (Europe) Team EU LCS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo

EU LCS Ice Team All-Star 2016 Barcelona - Team Overview

EU LCS Toplane-Voting

  1. sOAZ (OG) – 23,3%
  2. Odoamne (H2K) – 21,3%
  3. Kikis (FNC) – 10%
  4. Wunder (SPY) – 10,4%
  5. Cabochard (VIT) – 8,8%

EU LCS sOAZ Top All Star 2016 BarcelonaIt was quite a close call for the EU LCS All Star top laner, SoaZ beat Odoamne by only 2% and after a set of strong performances by him it’s understandable why a large portion of EU fans wanted him to be the All Star. SoaZ came out on top because he’s a long term well-loved EU LCS player who’s constantly strived to be the best; his attitude towards the game and his fans has always had him in a strong position to win an audience vote.

EU LCS Jungle-Voting

  1. Jankos (H2K) – 38,3%
  2. Amazing (OG) – 15,6%
  3. Trick (G2) – 11,3%
  4. Spirit (FNC) – 11,3%
  5. Trashy (SPY) – 6,9%

EU LCS Jankos Jungle All Star 2016 BarcelonaJankos took this year’s EU LCS All Star jungler vote by a large margin. He sat on 38.3% and the closest to him was Amazing on 15.6%. A lot of people were lead to believe that Trick from G2 Esports was going to be a favourite because of how well he has performed in the EU LCS but after Jankos put on phenomenal performances during the World Champions the votes quickly stacked in his favour.

EU LCS Midlane-Voting

  1. xPeke(OG) – 35,2%
  2. Febiven (FMC) – 21,5%
  3. Ryu (H2K) – 10,9%
  4. Exileh (UOL) – 7,2%
  5. PerkZ (G2) – 6%

EU LCS xPeke Mid All Star 2016 BarcelonaxPeke is to Europe what the sun is to the sky; an absolute star. If you ask an EU LCS fan what middle laner has been the favourite over the years the chances are you’ll hear xPeke. We’ve not seen too many performances from xPeke this year but from what we have seen he’s been holding up well. After his team, Origen, avoided relegations and made a stand for the EU LCS people must be excited to see his performances again.

EU LCS AD-Carry-Voting

  1. Rekkles (FNC) – 43,1%
  2. FORG1VEN (H2K) – 24,1%
  3. Zven (G2) – 12,1%
  4. Steeelback (ROC) – 4,3%
  5. Kobbe (SPY) – 4,3%

EU LCS Rekkles ADC All Star 2016 BarcelonaRekkles has been a fan favourite EU LCS Marksman for quite some time now, he’s got a lovable attitude and has always appreciate his fans. His team may have been in a decline but from recent news things could be looking up for them. He’s had formidable international performances and is known across the world, winning the vote should have come as no surprise.

EU LCS Support-Voting

  1. YellOwStaR (FNC) – 34,7%
  2. mithy (G2) – 18,1%
  3. KaSing (VIT) – 14,8%
  4. Vander (H2K) – 9%
  5. Hylissang (UOL) – 6,3%

EU LCS Mithy Support All Star 2016 BarcelonaOriginally the vote went to YellOwStar who had a 34.7% vote but after his retirement and his move to Paris St. Germaine the 2nd place player, Mithy, took the position to represent Europe at the All Star event. Mithy has been a support player that organisations have been fighting over, he’s had strong performances and when paired with Rekkles he’s going to be a high impact player.

Team LMS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo LMS (Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macao) Team LMS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo

LMS Ice Team All-Star 2016 Barcelona - Team Overview

LMS Toplane-Voting

  1. Ziv (AHQ) – 66,1%
  2. MMD (FW) – 14%
  3. MapleSnow (HKE) – 6,2%
  4. Morning (JT) – 4,6%
  5. Vayn3z (M17) – 3,7%

LMS Ziv Top All Star 2016 BarcelonaZiv managed to take the LMS top lane All Star vote by a huge margin; he was more than 50% ahead of the 2nd player. Ziv has had a few phenomenal international performances as well as some great regional ones, he’s a bit of a double edged sword but he’s also a force to be reckoned with. If he gets ahead he could be the deciding factor of an entire game so keep your eyes on him.

LMS Jungle-Voting

  1. Karsa (FW) – 49%
  2. DinTer (HKE) – 30,1%
  3. Mountain (AHQ) – 9,5%
  4. baybay (AHQ) – 2,8%
  5. Taizan (M17) – 2,3%

LMS Karsa Jungle All Star 2016 BarcelonaIt’s not much of a surprise to see Karsa win the vote for the LMS All Star top lane. He’s a key part of the Flash Wolves team and they’ve regularly had dominant and formidable performances on an international level. They’re the most successful team against the Korean teams and if the LMS want to find success then working with the Flash Wolves top laner is definitely a good way to get things done.

LMS Midlane-Voting

  1. Maple (FW) – 48,6%
  2. Westdoor (AHQ) – 24,2%
  3. Gear (HKE) – 9,2%
  4. FoFo (JT) – 7,7%
  5. Apex (M17) – 2,6%

LMS Maple Mid All Star 2016 BarcelonaWith recent international performances, seeing Maple take the LMS All Star middle lane vote comes as no surprise. He’ll work fantastically with Karsa and together I expect them to make phenomenal rotations and plays together. Maple has been a strong performing middle lane player in his region for quite a long time and extending his international record will only make him more appealing.

LMS AD-Carry-Voting

  1. BeBe (JT) – 56,1%
  2. NL (FW) – 14,5%
  3. AN (AHQ) – 13,3%
  4. Dee (M17) – 5,5%
  5. Raison (HKE) – 5,4%

LMS Bebe ADC All Star 2016 BarcelonaBeBe is a previous World Championship winner and that’s probably a large reason why he won the vote. He’s not had the greatest or most formidable performances recently but this could be his chance to make an international impact once again and prove that he’s still as good as he was when he took the World Championship.

LMS Support-Voting

  1. Albis (AHQ) – 43,4%
  2. SwordArt (FW) – 12,5%
  3. Jay (JT) – 11,5%
  4. Olleh (HKE) – 11,2%
  5. Kaiwing (MSE) – 8,1%

LMS Albis Support All Star 2016 BarcelonaAlbis from AHQ is going to be well prepared for his All Star performances. He’s taken the vote by a 30% margin and when paired with Ziv he’s going to be ready to surprise. Albis has been with AHQ since season 1 and is considered one of the main reasons AHQ is a quality team; let’s hope he can do the same for the All Stars!

Team LPL All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo LPL (China) Team LPL All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo

LPL Ice Team All-Star 2016 Barcelona - Team Overview

LPL Toplane-Voting

  1. Mouse (EDG) – 24,3%
  2. MaRin (LGD) – 19,7%
  3. Koro1 (EDG) – 18,8%
  4. Looper (RNG) – 10,4%
  5. Flandre (SS) – 5,5%

LPL Mouse Top All Star 2016 BarcelonaMouse was struck with a few personal issues that kept him from performing at the 2016 World Championship but people are expecting a lot from him. Not only is he considered one of, if not, the strongest top laners in his region but his ability to play in multiple positions will aid him when the fun game modes pop up during the tournament!

LPL Jungle-Voting

  1. ClearLove (EDG) – 49,6%
  2. Mlxg (RNG) – 16,8%
  3. DanDy (VG) – 6,1%
  4. SofM (SS) – 4,8%
  5. Condi (WE) – 4,3%

LPL Clearlove Jungle All Star 2016 BarcelonaClearLoves is highly considered one of the best junglers in the World. He’ll be representing his team, Edward Gaming, along with Mouse who won the top lane vote. When paired together we can expect them to strive for high impact and they could create some phenomenal opportunities for their region to run over this tournament.

LPL Midlane-Voting

  1. We1less (LGD) – 27,4%
  2. Xiaohu (RNG) – 13,6%
  3. PawN (EDG) – 13,3%
  4. Easyhoon (VG) – 7,8%
  5. Republic (GT) – 6,9%

LPL We1less Mid All Star 2016 BarcelonaPreviously known as Pain Evil and GoDV, We1less has quite a reputation. Not all of it is positive either; he’s been mocked and battered by the League of Legends community for many things but he’s come back stronger each time. Although his team’s been having a hard time he’s been able to face off against phenomenal players and come out on top, this will be his chance to shine.

LPL AD-Carry-Voting

  1. Uzi (RNG) – 51%
  2. Deft (EDG) – 15,1%
  3. imp (LGD) – 10,3%
  4. S1mLz (OMG) – 5,9%
  5. PentaQ (GT) – 3,8%

LPL Uzi ADC All Star 2016 BarcelonaThis vote came as no surprise at all, Uzi is considered to be one of the best marksman players in the world. He’s got a phenomenal attitude towards the game and is constantly striving to improve on his individual play. He’s got formidable talent that will definitely show during this tournament where he will be proving himself.

LPL Support-Voting

  1. Mata (RNG) – 34,5%
  2. Meiko (EDG) – 18%
  3. Pyl (LGD) – 12,7%
  4. Zero (WE) – 7,6%
  5. Tabe (IG) – 6,2%

LPL Mata Support All Star 2016 BarcelonaMata is a previous World Champion who’s got an extremely formidable Thresh. He’s considered to be an extremely influential player whose skill can carry teams into strong and dominant positions. There are rumours of his region transfer before Season 7 but for now this KR player could be representing China in an International tournament.

League of Legends Icon All-Star 2016 | Team Fire

Team LCK All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo LCK (South Korea) Team LCK All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo

LCK Fire Team All-Star 2016 Barcelona - Team Overview

LCK Toplane-Voting

  1. Smeb (ROX) – 56,5%
  2. CuVee (SSG) – 17,7%
  3. Shy (CJ) – 9,3%
  4. Duke (SKT) – 6%
  5. Ssumday (KT) – 3,7% 

LCK Smeb Top All Star 2016 BarcelonaSmeb winning the vote came as no surprise, he’s still considered the best top laner in the world and he’s often able to dominate and 1v1, to a point where he can be a winning factor over an entire game.

LCK Jungle-Voting

  1. Bengi (SKT) – 46,3%
  2. Peanut (ROX) – 21,3%
  3. Ambition (SSG) – 14,2%
  4. Score (KT) – 9,6%
  5. Blank (SKT) – 2,1% 

LCK Bengi Jungle All Star 2016 BarcelonaBengi is a 3 time World Champion and will be partnered with the infamous Faker from his team SK Telecom T1. This partnership is going to be a true force to be reckoned with and will shake the rift with their talent. Bengi has shown phenomenal control and pace on the rift which will certainly show during this tournament.

LCK Midlane-Voting

  1. Faker (SKT) – 82,6%
  2. Crown (SSG) – 4%
  3. Mickey (AFS) – 3,3%
  4. kurO (ROX) – 1,8%
  5. BDD (CJ) – 1,6%

LCK Faker Mid All Star 2016 BarcelonaThe largest margin of any votes has gone to Faker from SK Telecom T1 and it’s not actually that surprising. He’s internationally considered the best player in the world and has gone head to head against other strong players to prove his skill. Other talented middle laners in Korea shine but not a single person other than Faker got over 5% for this particular vote, showing just how popular he is.

LCK AD-Carry-Voting

  1. PraY (ROX) – 51,9%
  2. Bang (SKT) – 27,7%
  3. Ruler (SSG) – 6,6%
  4. Arrow (KT) – 3,7%
  5. Kramer (CJ) – 2,7%

LCK Pray ADC All Star 2016 BarcelonaAnother large margin separates PraY from the other payers in the Korean ADC vote. PraY has nearly double the votes of the person in 2nd place and the Korean fans are determined to build a super team to represent their region. PraY was a member of the Rox Tigers until the end of Season 6 and was a very determined and dominant player, when paired with a capable support he’ll be able to stun the world.

LCK Support-Voting

  1. MadLife (CJ) – 47,4%
  2. CoreJJ (SSG) – 23,7%
  3. GorillA (ROX) – 10,1%
  4. Wolf (SKT) – 4,8%
  5. Wraith (SSG) – 3,9%

LCK Madlife Support All Star 2016 BarcelonaMadlife is a well-known staple support player whose skill is so revered there’s a manoeuvre name after him with multiple champions. His ability to predict and outplay his opponents creates fear on the rift and when paired with PraY there’s going to be a lot to look out for in the bottom lane.

Team NA LCS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo NA LCS (North America) Team NA LCS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo

NA LCS Fire Team All-Star 2016 Barcelona - Team Overview

NA LCS Toplane-Voting

  1. Impact (C9) – 41,67%
  2. Huni (IMT) – 23,3%
  3. Darshan (CLG) – 11,3%
  4. Hauntzer (TSM) – 10,6%
  5. Ray (APX) – 6,3%

NA LCS Impact Top All Star 2016 BarcelonaImpact has had the fans screaming, his move over the North America was accepted with open arms and lots of love. His quick adaption to the region and his team made him an extremely lovable character in the region and his performances only strengthened his popularity, hence him taking the vote by quite a large margin.

NA LCS Jungle-Voting

  1. Reignover (IMT) – 36%
  2. Meteos (C9) – 22,7%
  3. Svenskeren (TSM) – 14,5%
  4. Dardoch (TL) – 6,7%
  5. Xmithie (CLG) – 6,4%

NA LCS Reignover Jungle All Star 2016 BarcelonaReignover has been a high impact and formidable jungler for quite a while now; his move to the western region removed his “Game Over” nickname as he quickly climbed to the top of the ladder multiple times with his extremely dominant team. Winning the vote wasn’t much of a surprise because he’s a loved personality and wasn’t against much competition in comparison.

NA LCS Midlane-Voting

  1. Bjergsen (TSM) – 66%
  2. Jensen (C9) – 7,2%
  3. Froggen (FOX) – 7%
  4. HuHi (CLG) – 6,4%
  5. Pobelter (IMT) – 5,3%

NA LCS Bjergsen Mid All Star 2016 BarcelonaWith nearly a 60% vote ahead of the 2nd place player, Bjergsen took the vote by an astounding margin. If you’re familiar with the North American League of Legends scene it might not seem surprising that he won but such a huge lead in votes was quite a shock. Bjergsen has been a fundamental part of Team Solo Mid and has continuously improved to stay on top of the competition; he’ll be representing his team and North America on an international stage and his challengers will be tough.

NA LCS AD-Carry-Voting

  1. Doublelift (TSM) – 35%
  2. Sneaky (C9) – 25,8%
  3. WildTurtle (IMT) – 10,8%
  4. Piglet (TL) – 10,4%
  5. Stixxay (CLG) – 9,3%

NA LCS Doublelift ADC All Star 2016 BarcelonaOne of the most revered and respected AD carries in the entire world. Doublelift only came 1st by 9% but fate has brought back the Rush Hour bottom lane. He’ll be paired with his old partner in crime, Aphromoo, to take down the international competition and people are excited to see what they’ve got to offer!

NA LCS Support-Voting

  1. aphromoo (CLG) – 55,3%
  2. Biofrost (TSM) – 10,6%
  3. Bunny FuFuu (C9) – 8,5%
  4. Xpecial (APX) – 5,3%
  5. Smoothie (C9) – 4,7%

NA LCS Aphromoo Support All Star 2016 BarcelonaThe Support player popularity in North America has been dwindling; Aphromoo took the support player vote for North America by a very large margin but he’s always been an outstanding player with a shining personality. He’s been a loved player for an extremely long time and his veteran status only solidifies his victory. He’ll be paired with his old partner Doublelift in the bottom lane so let’s look out for some iconic moves.

Team IWC All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo IWC (International Wildcard region) Team IWC All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo

The IWC Team will be decided shortly by the International Wildcard All-star event which will begin soon, make sure you catch the stream to see who will be the players and the final team fighting for Team Fire! Also make sure you stay updated on freshly released news about the All-star event such as the 1v1 brackets and more by regularly checking in! We’ll be keeping you updated!

These regions will be fighting for the last spot:

  • CBLOL (Brazil)
  • LJL (Japan)
  • GPL (Southeast Asia)
  • TCL (Turkey)
  • LCL (Commonwealth of Independent States)
  • LAN (Latin America North)
  • LAS (Latin America South)
  • OPL (Oceania)

Update: The All-Star team of the GPL region won the Championship and will join Team Fire at the 2016 All-Star event in Barcelona.

More about the LoL All-Star 2016:

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