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After the conclusion of four exciting quarterfinal games the semifinals aren't a long time in the coming. Although the 2016 World Championship already draw to a close, the LoL All-Stars 2016 tournament is soon at the ready in December 2016. The teams have been narrowed down drastically since the beginning of the tournament and now we’ll only be watching the best of the best teams performing on the World Championship stage. Each and every single one of these teams has faced challenges and adversity but has managed to come out on top, they’re all deserving of their positions but only a few can push further and pursue the championship. Who will it be? Can Korea shine again or will other regions reach the top? Make sure you catch the Semi-finals to find out who are finalists will be! The starting matches kick off on Friday, October 21st so make sure you don’t miss them! More information about the tournament, the whole schedule, all participating teams and all dates can be found right here at our LoL Worlds 2016 tournament overview,

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Semifinals LoL Worlds 2016 | Facts

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Match Predictions for LoL Worlds 2016

LoL Worlds 2016 Semifinals – Betting odds

As soon as our well-known online bookmakers for esports will provide betting odds for the semifinal stage of the tournament you will find a comparison of all betting providers right here. Keep always in mind that all the odds shown here might have changed in the meantime. Follow the links to take a look at the latest League of Legends (LoL) betting odds.

Quarterfinals betting odds in comparison

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Schedule and Results | Semifinals

The match between titleholder SK Telecom T1 and tournament favourite ROX Tigers kicks off the era of semifinal games of the 2016 World Championship. Just like the quarterfinals all the semifinal matches start on midnight for all watchers from the European region. H2K from the EU LCS is ready to preserve the chance of a non pure south korean final in the second game against powerhouse Samsung. The full schedule of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship can always be found right here.

Semifinals – LoL Worlds 2016 – Schedule & Results

Semifinals – Day 1 – Friday, October 21st 

Semifinals #1: Team SK Telakom T1 Logo - LoL Worlds SK Telecom T1 vs. Team Rox Tigers Logo - LoL Worlds ROX Tigers    3  2  
Start Time: October 21st, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

Semifinals – Day 2 – Saturday, October 22nd 

Semifinals #2: Team Samsung Logo - LoL Worlds Samsung vs. Team H2k Logo - LoL Worlds H2K    3  0  
Start Time: October 22th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

Substitutes and Roster Changes

Currently there are no roster changes for the semifinal games announced.

League of Legends Icon Semifinals – Preview and Predictions

 Semifinals #2 – Day 14 – Preview & Predictions 

Samsung vs. H2K Gaming - Semifinals - 2016 World Championship League of Legends
Semifinals #2: Team Samsung Logo - LoL Worlds Samsung vs. Team H2k Logo - LoL Worlds H2K Gaming

Start Time: October 22th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

Both of these teams have been on a significant and outstanding win streak. Both teams have accumulated 8 victories without falling; this has kept both of them in a powerful position but only one of them can proceed. H2k had an extremely rough start to Worlds and had a terrible 1st week during the group stage but has been biting back; SSG looked more stable but has run into some issues of their own. Which team can continue the win streak?

Team Logo H2K Gaming EU LCS 2017H2K Gaming after an abysmal 1st week during the group stage H2k have made huge improvements to both their consistency and strategy. Other teams have been praising the performances from H2k and they’re officially a team to fear. H2k have shown that they can adapt well during a best of 5 series but will it be enough to take down SSG? They’re likely to run into early game trouble but could thrive later on.

Samsung Galaxy LCK Team Logo LoLSamsung have shown that they can be a dominant force; they’ve had fantastic performances and have been able to avoid trouble for the most part. They’ve shown few weaknesses so they’re going to be trouble to overcome. They might have issues if H2k gain a lead but if they can pressure during the earlier stages of the game they could set themselves up to take a commanding series win.

Both teams are on a fantastic win streak and it’s difficult to decipher which team would be in an advantageous position, SSG have proven to have phenomenal late game team fighting as well as great early game control. Their style of play can be reserved and will quickly turn into aggressive engagements if in a lead; H2k have had issues with their early game but have always been able to come out in a stable position or with a lead. Against SSG, H2k are going to want to try and pressure the earlier stages of the game or will need to choose an extremely reserved style during laning and will fight around objectives. SSG, with aggressive vision, could take hold of the earlier stages of the game but seeing as this is a best of 5 series both teams will need to show reliable adaptions to take a series lead.

I think H2k are going to run into more trouble in comparison to SSG but with how quickly they’ve improved and adapted I don’t expect too many issues to arise for them unless SSG take some niche picks or show some serious aggression.

Prediction: H2k Victory. I think there’s going to be a fairly close series, possibly 5 games. But with how convincing H2k have been I don’t see them letting up now. Their recent games in the quarterfinals were dominant and they’ve already shown phenomenal ability to adapt. SSG have looked like a strong team too but haven’t had the opportunity to show adaptions throughout a series and this is where I think H2k will pull ahead.

 Semifinals #1 – Day 13 – Preview & Predictions 

SK Telecom T1 vs. ROX Tigers - Semifinals - 2016 World Championship League of Legends
Semifinals #1: Team SK Telakom T1 Logo - LoL Worlds SK Telecom T1 vs. Team Rox Tigers Logo - LoL Worlds ROX Tigers

Start Time: October 21st, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

SK Telecom T1 are a world renowned team and have been able to constantly put on fantastic and dominant performances throughout the World Championship 2016 but this is fairly easily matched by the Rox Tigers. Rox, after running into a few issues in games where they have a difficult early game, have shown that they can adapt and work to their own strengths. This could be enough to take down SKTT1 who tend to not abuse earlier stages of games. Will it be enough though? SKTT1 will be pushing to defend their title.

SK Telecom T1 LCK Team Logo LoLSK Telecom T1 with their title on the line I expect SKTT1 to do whatever they can to pull ahead here, they’re often playing around the middle and later stages of the game but with them knowing that ROX have a more difficult time in the earlier stages of the game I think we could be looking at a few changes. Aggression could work out well for SKTT1 as they’ve always managed to abuse a lead, this could spell trouble for ROX but in a best of 5 series a lot could happen.

ROX Tigers LCK Team Logo LoLROX Tigers have had trouble, they’ve dropped matches to teams that were seen as considerably weaker than them and to teams that have already fallen during the World Championship. They have however shown that they’re growing as a team and are able to adapt throughout a series, during their quarterfinals series against EDG they had proven to have quick strategic thought that will help them significantly against SKTT1.

I think SKTT1 are at an advantage here, they’ve got more to work with in terms of both strategy and adaptability. It’s going to be far from easy though, SKTT1 will need to be more aggressive during the earlier stages of the game if they want commanding victories; ROX have already shown that if they don’t fall during early stages then they’re a force to be reckoned with. If they can stabilise the early stages of the game and avoid any abrupt engages from SKTT1 when they feel they’re unwarranted then they should be able to gain control of objectives slowly and apply jungle pressure to gain a lead in a few of their lanes. This will let them slowly gain control over middle and later stage team fighting where they could open up significant opportunities. SKTT1 are going to want to try and throw out some early aggression in skirmishes and will want to gain early control over objectives. This will open up controlling opportunities for them to spread over the map and will turn them into a constant and regular threat. For SKTT1 to take commanding wins they’re going to need to abuse a significant amount of early game jungle pressure, this will be challenging but at this point it’s what will define them as a stronger team.

Prediction: Rox Tigers Victory. Both teams are undoubtedly strong, SK Telecom T1 have always been a top contender at the World Championship but this year their performances have been lacking in comparison to previous years. They’ve shown that they can adapt and take victories but their early game has been a weak point for them. This is where I think ROX will take the step ahead and take the win in a considerably close series.

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