LoL Semifinals – IEM Cologne 2015 – Predictions

The first round of IEM Cologne Season X is over and 2 teams managed to advance to the semi-finals from the quarter-finals and it just so happened to be H2K-Gaming after defeating C9 and Qiao Gu Reapers after taking down Dignitas. For the Semi-Finals it’ll be Fnatic vs Qiao Gu Reapers and H2K vs Ever. All of this will be taking place on patch 5.23 with Illaoi enabled, tune in to IEM Cologne 2015 Season X and watch the first few matches of the pre-season play out in this thrilling years end tournament.

LoL IEM Cologne 2015 Semifinals | Facts

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  • Date: 12/19/2015. Saturday, December 19th
  • Start Time: 8:00 PST, 11:00 EST, 17:00 CET, 1:00 KST.
  • Location: ESL Studio, Cologne, Germany.
  • Mode: Best of 3 – Single Elimination.
  • Patch: LoL Patch 5.23 (Illaoi Enabled)
  • Live Stream for all matches.

Schedule and Results:

Semi-Finals #2: Team Fnatic Logo - IEM Cologne 2015  Fnatic vs. Qiao Gu LPL Logo - IEM Cologne 2015  QG Reaper     1   2   
Start time: 7:40 am PST / 10:40 am EST / 16:40 CET 

Semi-Finals #2: Ever LoL Team Logo - IEM Cologne 2015  Ever vs. H2K Gaming Logo - IEM Cologne 2015  H2k      2   1   
Start time: 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST / 20:00 CET 

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Preview and Predictions IEM Cologne 2015

Fnatic vs. Qiao Gu Reapers

This match raises concerns for me as a Fnatic fan, their line-up has been noticeably strong season after season but we’re yet to see how their new team will handle the changes to their roster after losing such a high impact player like YellowStar. We’ve already seen how dominating Qiao Gu Reapers can be If they get a lead, from their first series, and if they do this once again they’ll take an easy ticket to the finals by going against an unpractised team but I have faith that Fnatic have been practicing hard and will remain a strong team, maybe not as dominating but certainly strong.

Qiao Gu LPL Logo - IEM Cologne 2015 Qiao Gu Reapers: Taking their 1st series in the tournament away from Dignitas will help them build morale and comfort on this patch, propelling into the semi-finals against Fnatic could be a challenge but if they’ve learned enough about this patch then they should be able to get strong picks and punish the weakness of Fnatic, which at this point would be their team co-ordination and possibly their late game shot calling. If they can stall out a game when it doesn’t go in their favour earlier on then they might just be able to out manoeuvre their opponents to take the series.

Team Fnatic Logo - IEM Cologne 2015 Fnatic: After losing their shot-caller and veteran player support they’re in a bit of a mix but if there’s any team that can build a roster and make the most out of their practice it’s Fnatic, keep your eyes on the new players and take not of the team synergy. Their shot calling might be called into question but each individual player is mechanically capable of having a lot of impact and they could use that to take the games.

Without much knowledge of how well Fnatic have been performing during their practice we can only assume that this series could go either way, with a slight advantage for QG. QG have more practice together as a team, a longer term synergy and more experience playing competitively on the current patch. All of those combined will give them more comfort in the game but they’ll still have to watch out. If Fnatic have been able to fit in enough practice then they could actually show up even stronger than before as long as they’ve worked hard on covering the experience they lost when their previous support player left the team. We definitely can’t forget about possible communication issues, a lot of the new players on the team are from different countries so there could be a language barrier, if that’s fixed then I think they’re going to have an amazing showing so let’s keep out eyes peeled and get ready to see some throws, some plays and some amazing games!

Predictions: I’m confident in the roster changes that have happened to Fnatic and I’d like to believe that they’ve covered a lot of the weaknesses I’ve point out so I think they’re going to take the series. Fnatic 2:1. Their individual player skill is insane and they’ve always been a team that have been able to make the best out of a bad situation, this could keep them in the series to take the win.

Ever vs. H2K Gaming

A lot of hype has been generated around Team Ever and you may have never heard of them before. They’re the team that took 1st place in the Kespa Cup by taking down SKTT1, the 2015 World Champions, and CJ Entus who have been a formidable team for quite some time. Ever have a fantastic roster of experienced players who have practiced in the most competitive and dominating region in the world but H2K have shown that they’re a team that can push for a come-back and maybe it’ll happen again here! We’ll have to wait and see!

H2K Gaming Logo - IEM Cologne 2015 H2K: They’ve already shown that their newly formed roster is up for a challenge, they may have looked a bit shaky in the start but in each game from the first series they managed to push their opponents to their limits and then a bit further, only losing when they were throwing. If they can continue to apply this same pressure they might just stand a chance against the world championship killers, Ever.

Ever LoL Team Logo - IEM Cologne 2015 Ever: Little information can be gathered about the team other than their lack of success earlier on, they worked things out after changing a few members of their team and came back with a fiery passion to show their region what they’re made of, after taking 1st place in the Kespa Cup by taking down the world champions, SKTT1. Now they’re on an international stage where they get to prove their worth to the world.

H2K are coming into the series with a series victory on their backs that they can be happy with and it could make Ever feel a little concerned, they’re also quite familiar with the patch and can use their recent games as a reference on how to improve on small individual mistakes. I think they’re going to be in the drivers-seat of the game for a while but the sheer power and team experience of Ever cannot be ignored. Not only did they take down the world champions in a regional tournament but they also took down the other contending teams, the teams that manage to beat all of the western region teams. They’re skilled individually and comfortable as a team, they know the patch well and don’t have any issues to work out, unlike H2K with their minor communication issues and slightly lacking team synergy.

I think this match is going to go in favour of Ever quite handily but H2K have proven that their individual skills can work well together to take game, which was evident and necessary against Cloud9 in the quarter-finals, so we can’t just count them out. Expect to see at least 1 dominating game, a few throws and possibly a team you’ve never heard of show off their region in an extremely flashy way.

Prediction: Ever 2:1 victory is what I’ll be predicting, western teams have a hard enough time against teams from the Korean region and this team have taken down the best competition possible, if they’re having trouble throughout the series I expect them to recover quickly and really push this H2K roster to their limits. H2K might be able to out-rotate for earlier turrets to push for a gold lead, possibly even taking a game, but I expect the team experience of Ever to propel them ahead and give them the series.

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