Riot Games Partners with Super League Gaming: What does this mean?

Riot Games partners with Super LeagueThe world of gaming and esports never ceases to amaze us with constant developments that are meant to revolutionize tournaments, provide more excitement, and improve the overall experience of loyal fandom. The latest news will change esports forever, and it’s just the beginning of many things to come in the future. Riot Games partnered up with Super League Gaming, and we’re bringing all details you should know.

The partnership

Super League Gaming, an interactive video game league, played in theaters, has announced its partnership to bring League of Legends competitions to movie theaters in different cities across the United States. The news comes after it was revealed that the aXiomatic and Toba Capital investment companies invested $5 million into this North American company.

Super League Gaming launched in summer 2015 with a preseason tour across the US. The tour included more than 10,000 players, but the biggest issue was that the company headlined the events with Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft is nice and all that, but can it offer the excitement and thrill that some competitive games provide? No, it can’t. In a bid to improve the situation, they proposed the collaboration with Riot Games to feature League of Legends at the events. After all, it has the status of one of the most popular games on the planet.

Super League Gaming’s offering will consist of two different ways to play LoL with your friends: City Champs and City Rec.

Super League Gaming - City ChampsCity Champs is a multi-week, high stakes competition that empowers LoL players to represent their city in a national tournament. To apply for this type of playing experience, players must be level 30 or above. Then, 60 players per city are selected to play in City Champs. If you want to participate in these events, you’ll also need a season ticket.

Super League Gaming - City RecOn the other hand, City Rec is all about having fun while playing the favorite game. It involves one-day events where everyone can participate. There are no special requirements or demands for the City Rec; all players can join regardless of the level. Players are also able to purchase a multi-event pass or a single ticket, depending on the preferences.

The ability to provide the superb League of Legends gaming experience to all players is a result of the collaboration between Super League Gaming and Cinemark. It’s also important to mention that City Champs and City Rec players will have the opportunity to experience a new program that Riot Games named League Unlocked. The program unlocked every champion a wide array of skins and elevated XP and IP earnings when playing at the theater. The SLG will review each player’s signups in every city and invite selected players to compete for spots on the official team. After setting teams, the SLG will run a round-robin type of tournament where the winning team will get the City Champs title.

What does the partnership mean for LCS and other tournaments?

After the new partnership had been announced, loyal League of Legends fans and enthusiasts were worried about its impact on the LCS and multiple tournaments organized by Riot Games. There’s no reason to worry about because the collaboration between Riot Games and Super League Gaming will have no effect on competitions. The primary goal of this move is to offer a better experience for semi-pros and casual players. Although the CEO of Super League Gaming, Ann Hand, doesn’t hide the fact it would be amazing if the company became a one-day Launchpad to competitive esports, that’s not going to happen with this partnership. At this point, the new collaboration is aimed at providing amateur players with the experience that professional players have when playing at the tournaments.

Bottom line

Super League Gaming and Riot Games announced the partnership whose goal is to provide a superb gaming experience to amateur players and semi-pros. With the in-theater play, every player will experience the same excitement and screen quality that professional players do. The collaboration will have no impact on leagues and tournaments organized by Riot Games.

About the Author: Aman El TawilAmna El Tawil is a news reporter and a technology blogger. For the past five years, she has worked for major publications and TV networks in the Middle East, covering one of region’s hotspots. When Amna is not chasing after the truth amidst gas canisters, she can be found cheering her favorite football team on, or unwinding with some online gaming.

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