Recap | Group Stage Week 1 – LoL Worlds 2015

The first week of the Worlds Championship 2015 groups stage is over! It was running from the 4th of October to the 8th. With an over-performing surprises, Cloud9! To a few major upsets, looking at you there LGD, here’s a quick overview of what’s happened so far during the 1st week of the Group Stage, let’s see what you’ve missed and how the teams have performed in the first 24 matches of LoL Worlds 2015!

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Worlds Group A – Week 1

Standings after Week 1
1. Logo of LCS NA Team CLG Counter Logic Gaming 2
2. KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers
3. Flash Wolves - LMS Team Logo Flash Wolves 1
4. paiN GAMING - LoL Team Logo paiN Gaming 1
GROUP A: Team Info | Roster | Matches | Results

So far group A has had a few upset, Flash Wolves taking down KOO Tigers was unexpected by most and PaiN defeating the Flash Wolves was a minor upset although it really did show that PaiN shouldn’t be underestimated. No team in group A has shown a perfect performance and every game will need to be analysed as the current standings could shift dramatically. This is any teams group to win; the group of life.

Logo of LCS NA Team CLGCLG – After a few rough performances they’ve taken 2 victories and suffered a loss at the hands of the KOO tigers, this puts them at the top of their groups currently tied with KOO. Complaining of some sloppy play we’re going to have to hope that they bring their A game into week 2 as the competition can only get more difficult with more on the line.

Koo Tigers - LCK Team LogoKoo Tigers – Also at the top of their group leader board the KOO Tigers are going into week 2 with a challenge ahead of them, they’re going to need to defeat the Flash Wolves who had previously defeated them along with taking victories from the rest of the teams in the group to secure their place out of the groups stage. If they drop a game to the Flash Wolves once again they could be upset at the ending results if the ot her well playing teams can play consistently well.

yoe Flash Wolves - LMS Team LogoFlash Wolves – After a bit of an underperformance the Flash Wolves are tied at the bottom of the group so far to PaiN Gaming, the Brazilian Wild Card team. Although they had a strong showing against the KOO Tigers they’re going to have to come into the second week of the World Championship 2015 Group Stage strong and confidence, dictating the pace of their games to gain a lead and earn their way out.

pain gaming - IWC BrazilPaiN Gaming – Achieving their victory over the Flash Wolves means that PaiN Gaming is the first Wild Card team in League history to contest a place out of the groups stage, although it could be a struggle against the likes of the competing teams PaiN have shown that they can take victories and know how to punish their enemies. If they go into week 2 with a few performance improvements we could see them contest victories against the best in their group.

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Worlds Group B – Week 1

Standings after Week 1
1. Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 Cloud9
2. Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic
3. Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo AHQ e-Sports Club 1
4. Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus Gaming 1
GROUP B: Team Info | Roster | Matches | Results

So far group B has had the most surprising outcome, in my opinion, as Cloud9 who were a supposed underdog team have battle their way through the group with methodical play and amazing strategy. I expect C9 to have a harder time during their second week however because teams will more than likely start banning Tristana, Azir and Veigar which will result in their composition breaking down. However if they have a few more tricks up their sleeve then we could see this team go undefeated once again. As for the other teams, they’re all tied at the bottom with a 1:2 score and if they all make the necessary improvements I’ll expect Fnatic to be the second place contender but only if their top laner can play comfortably, if not then it’s goodbye Fnatic. Invcitus Gaming and AHQ will have a harder time making it out of the groups stage but it’s not impossible, all it’d take is a few good games and either team could make it. Expect to see a few upsets from this group.

Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9Cloud9 – A stunning performance by this team, previously considered an underdog team, has given them the top seat in their group standing so far, being undefeated in their group with every other team standing on a 1:2 means Cloud9, as long as they keep up their performance, are looking to make it out of the groups stage against all odds.

Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic – Previously known as the ‘team to beat’, Fnatic have had some trouble so far in their run though the group stage as there has been questionable play from their support and team captain “YellowStar” and some very aggressive and badly played games from their top laner “Huni”. If they can pick up the slack and get everyone back into a comfortable position they could look to take the second place out of the groups stage however if they continue to underperform then things are looking bad for the EU 1st seed team.

Invictus Gaming - LPL Team LogoInvcitus Gaming – One of the fan favourite teams to make it out of the groups stage, Invictus Gaming has ran into a few spots of bother as they’ve only take 1 victory so far throughout their group stage. If they manage to make a few small improvements and play more consistently then I’ll be expecting them to contend for their way out.

Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team LogoAHQ e-Sports Club – Being the first team to be defeated by the supposed underdog team Cloud9, AHQ have suffered from a lot of community backlash from their region as the 1st seed. After having a difficult time they managed to take a convincing victory which has held them from being the bottom placed team and as the group stands if they improve on their consistency and play a bit more methodically they could quite easily take a place out of the groups stage, it won’t be easy though.

Worlds Group C – Week 1

Standings after Week 1
1. SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom 3
2. Edward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming
3. H2K Gaming - LCS EU Team Logo H2K 1
4. Bangkok Titans- LoL team Logo Bangkok Titans 0
GROUP C: Team Info | Roster | Matches | Results

So far group C is going as well as I’d expected, SKTT1 taking the top place and EDG taking their respective 2nd, I don’t expect the positioning in this group to change after week 2 however if H2k come in strong with a few devised strategies we could be looking at them making it out of the groups stage over EDG however that’d take a bit of luck.

SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team LogoSKTelecom T1 – So far SKT have gone undefeated and have shown that they’re not afraid to play with their enemies during their games. After their slow game vs H2k it looked like they could have lost but in just a few minutes they took a substantial lead. Their game vs EDG was the most convincing as they have had trouble with EDG in the past, SKTT1 picked accordingly and took EDG by storm. Looking like the strongest and most consistent performing team so far at the World Championship we can certainly expect SKTT1 to make it out of groups.

Edward Gaming - LPL Team LogoEDG – After suffering their loss to SKT, EDG hold 2nd place in the groups stage and the most unlikely upset for this team to not make it out would be suffering a loss at the hands of H2k. If they manage to defeat SKT and then SKT take a loss against H2k then EDG will also be looking at their ticket out of the groups stage. For them to increase their performance they’re going to have to adapt to what each team has shown so far and focus more on their top lane.

H2K Gaming - LCS EU Team LogoH2k – Currently in 3rd place it wouldn’t be unbelievable for H2k to make it out of the groups stage, they’d only need to take an upset win for things to go in their favour and after they’ve already shown that they can hold their own against the top teams in this group we’ll have to consider H2k coming into week 2 with a few strategies.

bangkok titans - IWC TurkeyBangkok Titans – Unfortunately BKT have been lumped into a group where they’ll have to contend against teams that are considered strongest in the world and not only their region, they don’t stand much chance at making it out of the groups stage but if they take an upset victory against any of the teams here it could certainly throw a rival teams plans out of the window.

Worlds Group D – Week 1

Standings after Week 1
1. Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen
2. KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo KT Rolster
3. Logo of LCS NA Team TSM Team SoloMid 1
4. LGD Gaming - LPL Team Logo LGD Gaming 0
GROUP D: Team Info | Roster | Matches | Results

Group D only has 1 defined dominating team, Origen, who are looking to take their 1st position out of the groups stage as long as they play consistently well however the 2nd place could still be easily contested. With the top 3 teams in this group having a short time window between the 1st and 2nd week we could see a few surprises come out from the other teams and if LGD manage to upset the balance, which I expect to happen on at least 1 occasion, the 2nd position of out the group could be heavily contested.

Origen - LCS Team LogoOrigen – Most people keeping their eye on this group expected Origen to take 3rd place overall but after a phenomenal performance during their 1st week they’ve gone undefeated and take the top place in the group. If they manage to keep up their performance and play consistently well then we’re going to see some amazing drafting during the champion selects with team compositions built around each rival they face.

KT Rolster - LCK Team LogoKt Rolster – After their only loss being against Origen, who hold the top position so far, Kt Rolster have had a good showing on the worlds stage however fans expected this team to take the top position fairly easily, they’re going to have to adapt to Origen and pay a lot of attention in champion select as they were heavily out drafted in their previous encounter. KT is likely to come out of this group but only if they manage to keep up their consistency and adapt to any changes made over the short break between the 2 weeks.

TSM - NA LCS Team LogoTeam Solo Mid – Underperformance so far has made this team 3rd position in their group so far however this could change quickly if they bring in some strong performances in week 2. Taking their 1st victory over LGD, TSM will need to make a few substantial adaptions to contest victories against Origen and KT however it isn’t unlikely that they pull out a strategy and surprise the viewers, allowing them to take a win against a higher positioned team.

LGD Gaming - LPL TeamLGD – As far as LGD is concerned week 2 is the time they need to step up to perform, they’ll need to do more than just go undefeated in week 2 and even that takes a lot of hope however as a 1st seed from their region it’s possible for them to make the improvements necessary in the small time gap between the weeks to come up with strategies to at least contest victories in week 2.

Current Prediction Score

So far my prediction rate for the 1st week has been 17:7 with 4 of the wrong predictions being on the last day, with a few upsets happening that I didn’t foresee. I hope to continue to hold a strong prediction record coming into the second week however it’ll be more difficult as each group is now played out throughout a single day, my analysis will be based off the 1st weeks performances and if the teams have made improvements that I couldn’t account for I may not be able to pull off any more 6:0 prediction days like I did during Week 1 Day 2. However with a bit of extra studying of each team I hope to bring some reasonable predictions with a strong analysis of how each team is handling their situation and their ability to adapt to these situations.

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