Quarterfinals – LoL Worlds 2015

The quarterfinals of the 2015 League of Legends World Championship are the start of the Knockout Stage of the tournament. From now on no loss will be forgiven. While the winners advance to the Semi-finals the losers will be eliminated from the competition taking home $ 75,000 each for placing 5th to 8th. The Quarter-finals are running from Thursday, October 15th to Sunday October 18th. On each day one of the 4 matches is played and of course all games are best 5. The teams were drawn into the bracket of the Knockout Stage (Playoffs) after the last day of the World Championship Group Stage. Even though it looked pretty good for the NA LCS teams after Group Stage Week 1 none of them made it into the Knockout Stage. Europe has with Origen and Fantic still two teams in the tournament. We will see how the journey continues – welcome to the quarterfinals of LoL Worlds!

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Results and Betting Odds – LoL Worlds 2015 | Quarter-finals

Quarterfinal #1: Flash Wolves - LMS Team Logo Flash Wolves vs. Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen    1  3  
(Oct. 15th, 09:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST/ 01:00 (next day) KST)

Quarterfinal #2:  SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom vs. Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo AHQ e-Sports Club    3  0  
(Oct. 16th, 09:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST/ 01:00 (next day) KST)

Quarterfinal #3: Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic vs. Edward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming    3  0  
(Oct. 17th, 06:00 PDT/ 09:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST/ 22:00 KST)

Quarterfinal #4: KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo KT Rolster vs. KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers    1  3  
(Oct. 18th, 06:00 PDT/ 09:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST/ 22:00 KST)

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Preview and Predictions

After a few outstanding performances in the 2nd week of the groups stages we'll be taking a look at the strongest teams from each group that have been drawn into the Quarterfinals of the World Championship! With my prediction rate standing at a positive i'd like to keep it that way! Take a look below to see my thoughts on how the teams are going to perform and who i expect to take the victories in the quarter-final round!

Quarterfinal #1: Flash Wolves - LMS Team Logo Flash Wolves vs. Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen

(Oct. 15th, 09:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST/ 01:00 (next day) KST)

With this being the best possible outcome for Origin during the quarterfinal draws the teams excitement was visible during their ‘behind the scenes’ video. After the evasion of going against the likes of SKTT1 and being bounced across the groups to avoid Fnatic this match will be a skill match-up between 2 teams that have shown a tremendous ability to adapt and as the quarterfinals matches are a best of 5 series instead of single games we’re likely to see some exciting games.

Origen - LCS Team LogoOrigen – After a few fantastic performances during their 1st and 2nd weeks of the groups stages Origen managed to take the 2nd seed out of their group after falling to the likes of KT Rolster. They’ve shown an ability to adapt through their performances and this could really shine through the best of 5’s series. If they’re able to play consistently well throughout their series we could be looking at an even stronger Origen than their 1st week in the groups stages, which beat expectations.

Flash Wolves - LMS team logoFlash Wolves – Their 1st week of the groups stages was rough, to say the least, but they bounced back and came into the 2nd week significantly stronger. After putting up a fight they managed to come out of the groups stages with the 1st seed of their group and have proven to be a great threat to any opponent they come up against. With a fearless mentality and strong team cohesion the Flash Wolves have shown great mechanical skill and improvements in their macro management.

Flash Wolves are going to come into this series strong, after their performances in week 2 of the groups stage Origen are going to need to have outstanding preparations. But Origen have a few tricks of their own, after showing us in week 1 of the groups stage that they’re prepared to pick champions that don’t exactly fit the meta their ability to adapt and strategies they could pull out can be pretty unpredictable. Flash Wolves definitely had a better looking week 2 of the groups stage in comparison to Origen so OG are really going to need to make a few improvements, if they can increase their bottom lane diversity and avoid their top-lane miss-haps that previously occurred they should be able to really step up during this series. Flash Wolves have shown a slight lack in consistency and that could be their downfall. If they avoid giving away an early lead, that Origen will heavily punish, they should be able to come out even and if that happens I think Flash Wolves have the better team fighting mechanics. It’ll be difficult for either team to overcome their opponents here as we’ve seen them both perform excellently and badly, if they can both avoid simple miss-plays we could be looking at some extremely extended matches.

Prediction: Origen Victory over the Flash Wolves, it won’t come easy and I think the series could go to a 5th game however I think Origen will come out on top. Their ability to adapt between games is phenomenal and although they’ve shown some slight mechanical miss-plays I think they’re going to have prepared accordingly and could picks a few surprise champions to throw everyone off.

Quarterfinal #2:  SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom vs. Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo AHQ e-Sports Club

(Oct. 16th, 09:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST/ 01:00 (next day) KST)

After coming out of their group with a perfect 6:0 score SKTT1 have a lot to fight for and so far have appeared to be the most difficult opponent to overcome. AHQ however had a rough start to their groups stage and suffered early on but managed to crawl their way back to a 2nd seed ticket to the quarterfinals and have been drawn to face the most dominating team to show up at the World Championship 2015.

Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team LogoAHQ – Showing the ability to defeat the team that came out as the 1st seed of their group AHQ have shown a great performance improvement since their 1st week at the World Championship. Doing so allowed them to crawl their way back at the end of the groups stages and take a victory in the tie-breaker match for the 2nd seed. Their improvements haven’t gone unnoticed and they’re looking like a team that can bring a surprise to any match.

SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team LogoSKTT1 – The only team throughout the groups stages, including every group, which managed to take the 1st seed whilst being undefeated. SKT have shown that they’re formidable and their strengths shouldn’t be overlooked. With nearly no weakness in their roster they’ve managed to take victories with multiple unconventional picks that took everyone by surprise.

SKT are bringing a lot to the table here and AHQ are going to need to match it, they’ll survive laning but trouble will arise if they try and confront SKTs map movements and methodical play. Many teams have tried to bring them down by focusing on their middle-lane but their top laner “Marin” has shown that he is more than capable of taking the game into his hands. AHQ are going to need to focus on getting an early lead or building a composition with a lot of crowd control. SKTT1 will stick to their methodical play style and if they manage to get a gold lead at any point they’re going to heavily punish AHQ with aggressive ward coverage and rotations. If AHQ can get through the laning phase and only take fights where they have an advantage, whether that is through tempo or even summoner spells, they should be able to punish SKT’s over-confidence. It’ll be more than difficult but I expect to see AHQ but up a phenomenal fight and keep SKT on their toes.

Prediction: SKTT1 victory, AHQ have shown great improvements and they’ve more than likely made more but SKTT1 have shown a level of play that nearly no other team could match right now. If AHQ pull out a strong composition and equal SKT’s macro movements they could take a win but ultimately I see the series going in SKTT1’s favour.

Quarterfinal #3: Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic vs. Edward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming

(Oct. 17th, 06:00 PDT/ 09:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST/ 22:00 KST)

Both of these teams have shown that they’re more than deserving to have taken their place in the quarterfinals. EDG would have likely had an undefeated groups stage if it wasn’t for the likes of SKTT1. Fnatic on the other hand had a really rough start to the groups stage where it appeared that their top-laner was underperforming and making aggressive movements that were more than unnecessary. After their improvements they’ve come back strong and will be coming into this series as well prepared as they could possibly be.

Logo of LCS EU Team FnaticFnatic – With extensive practice being a part of their regime they’re coming into this series with extensive preparations. After they earned their 1st seed out of their group they’ll be coming into the quarterfinals making an impression. The entire team felt morally down after their 1st week’s performance and will be refusing to underperform so we can expect this team to really show up and give EDG everything they’ve got.

Edward Gaming - LPL Team LogoEDG – By far the strongest seed making it to the groups stage from the Chinese region, EDG have shown that they’re more than capable going against the strongest teams in the world. If it wasn’t for SKT they would have been fighting for the 1st seed in their group due to their phenomenal performances however with the 2 defeats they took they managed to take the 2nd seed, being drawn to face Fnatic in the quarterfinals.

This series could be trouble for both teams, EDG have performed extremely well against every team in their group despite their losses and have shown that they can adapt and mould to their enemy teams. Doing so in a best of 5 series gives them a better chance at taking the series instead of a singular victory. Fnatic have shown that they can take victories over better performing teams regardless of their mechanical mistakes because they have such formidable shot-calling and tempo control. Their ability to pressure the entire map in a small space of time can give them the advantage they need to take a victory. Fnatic have ran into a few troubles with their players underperforming but a recent insight into the teams work to improve has told the world that they’re extremely well prepared for this series.

Prediction: Most people who have been following the League of Legends scene have heard that EDG are Chinas strongest and best performing team, especially after taking a best of 5 series against SKT at MSI, however Fnatic have also shown a phenomenal amount of strength and improvements. I will be expecting this series to get to a game 5 where Fnatic will take the victory. It may be unexpected by most but after their improvements they’ve shown to be a pretty difficult team to take down and I expect that Fnatic to show up during the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal #4: KT Rolster - LCK Team Logo KT Rolster vs. KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers

(Oct. 18th, 06:00 PDT/ 09:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST/ 22:00 KST)

KT Rolster only took 1 loss during their entire run through the groups stages and has shown a tremendous amount of skill in their performances. KOO Tigers had a more difficult time but have shown great consistency in their ability to perform. Their 2nd week definitely looked stronger than their 1st and they’ve made subtle improvements that have helped them and will continue to help them as they battle the 1st seed from Group D of the groups stages.

KT Rolster - LCK Team LogoKT Rolster – KT Rolsters only defeat was to the hands of Origen, who went undefeated during their 1st week, however KT managed to crawl their way to the top while going undefeated against every other opposing team. Their ability to show up and perform has been outstanding along with both their micro mechanics and macro management. They’ll be coming into the series as the favourable victors but it certainly won’t come easy as the KOO Tigers tend to show some really good matches.

Koo Tigers - LCK Team LogoKOO Tigers – KOO’s only defeats were to the Flash Wolves, who took 1st seed in their group, and in every other performance the KOO Tigers had shown that they’re ready to come up and perform regardless of region or meta. They may have only taken the 2nd seed of their group but their ability to step up against every other team could favour them in these matches. Their ability to adapt throughout the game is going to keep them up against KT Rolster and could even net them a victory.

For KOO Tigers to take the victory over KTRolster they’re going to have to come out of the drafting phase strong, eliminating the strongest champions that their enemies could play. Doing so would help them create a composition to counter the style of play that KT follows. KT Rolster definitely has the upper hand in this series as they’ve shown better performances than KOO but they’re still going to need to make a few improvements of their own. If they’re looking to take the victory they’re going to need to reduce the risk of taking an early game gold deficit, taking an early deficit was their downfall against Origen and could be their downfall against KOO. If they avoid the deficit and can stick to a comfortable style of play, avoiding any ‘cheese’ strategies or uncomfortable rotations, they should be able to take a lead but pushing it a victory could be a problem so the need for tanks or champions that can easily dive turrets, along with clearing waves of minions, is a must.

Prediction: KT Rolster Victory, they’ve shown that they’re on a slightly higher level of play than a lot of the other teams at the world championship and if KOO can’t step up and perform at that same level then they’re going to be in trouble. I expect KOO to take at least 1 win in the series but ultimately I’ll be expecting KT to take the series.

Live Stream / Vods – Quarterfinals League of Legends Worlds

Watch the english live-stream of all 4 quarterfinal matches of the League of Legens World Championship Knockout Stage right here. After the live stream has ended all quarter-final matches will be available as Vod! The 4 matches will also be streamed on BBC three.

Youtube Vod / Live Stream – Day 1

Youtube Vod / Live Stream – Day 2

Youtube Vod / Live Stream – Day 3

Youtube Vod / Live Stream – Day 4

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