Quarter-Finals: LoL Tournament IEM San Jose 2015

The League of Legends tournament at IEM San Jose 2015 kicks off with the Quarter-final matches. As you might know 6 teams where voted by fans to battle it out on the stage in San Jose. As Origen and Jin Air Green Wings got a bye to the semifinals only two quarter-finals are played. The whole tournament is played on LoL Patch 5.21 so we will not get to see the recent changes in action (most likely we will see 5.22 or later at LoL All-Star in Los Angeles) but the tournament is going to be big fun anyway, as the teams are some of the biggest fav favourites in the global LoL scene. Between the two quarterfinals a charity ARAM show match will be played and of course all matches will be streamed live and available as VOD afterwards. Welcome to the Quarter-finals of IEM San Jose 2015!

LoL IEM San Jose 2015 Quarter-Finals facts:

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  • Date: 11/21/2015 | Saturday, November 21st
  • Start Time: 10:40AM PST/ 01:40PM EST/ 19:40 CET
  • Location: Location: San Jose, SAP Center, (USA)
  • Mode: Best of 3 – Single Elimination
  • Patch: LoL 5.21
  • Live stream for all matches
  • Predictions and Betting tips below
  • Betting Odds for all matches available

Schedule and Betting Odds – Quarter-Finals IEM San Jose 2015

Quarter-Final #1: Logo of LCS NA Team TSM TSM vs. LGD Gaming - LPL Team Logo LGD
(Saturday, November 21st, 10:40AM PST/ 01:40PM EST/ 19:40 CET)

Showmatch: Team Brian Krzanich vs. Team Mark Cuban
(Saturday, November 21st, 2:20 PM PST/ 5:20 PM EST/ 23:20 CET)
Quarter-Final#2: Logo of LCS NA Team CLG CLG vs. Unicorns of Love - LCS EU Team Logo Unicorns of Love
(Saturday, November 21st, 3:20 PM PST/ 6:20 PM EST/ 00:20 CET (next day))

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Preview and Predictions

Quarter-Final #1: Logo of LCS NA Team TSM TSM vs. LGD Gaming - LPL Team Logo LGD

(Saturday, November 21st, 10:40AM PST/ 01:40PM EST/ 19:40 CET)

With multiple roster changes being made this is going to be the 1st match of the newly reformed TSM. With LGD using Flame in the top lane along with the patch being on 5.21 the top lane is still heavily favoured unlike the 5.22 patch that’s currently on live. IEM San Jose is a great place for these teams to check and test their current strengths along with any adaptions or improvements they’ve made since the World Championship 2015 in preparation for Season 6.

Logo of LCS NA Team TSM Team SoloMid – After the retirement of their top laner , their jungler deciding to pursue his education and their Marksman changing teams TSM was left in shambles but their owner has managed to pull together some of the best and most familiar Western players to form his new roster. There’s been little time since their formation so they may lack the synergy or team play necessary to coerce their rival teams but each player definitely has the individual skill to make an impact during their games.

LGD Gaming - LPL Team LGD Gaming – They may not have had the best performances during their World Championship 2015 run but they still made it there and put on a good show, especially nearing the end where they were contesting every single game. With their more veteran players and team cohesion they could pose a big threat to TSM right at the start of the tournament but this’ll be a good chance for LGD to take back some of their pride and to show just how strong they can really be.

With the new roster of TSM having no competitive games to base their prediction on I’ll have to use their players’ individual skill and recent performances as key points whereas LGD have multiple games to base their skill on even with “Flame” in the top lane.

Seeing as the patch is on 5.21 the game is still going to be heavily focused on the top lane and making a comparison between Hauntzer and Flame could put either of them in a bad light. Hauntzer has excelled playing tankier top lane champions such as Maokai and Shen whereas Flame tends to steer more in the direction of top laners that have more carry potential such as Darius and Olaf as we saw during his late showing at the World Championship 2015.

Other than these 2 players we can assume that things are going to play out relative to how things went for a lot of teams on patch 5.21, rotations will be plenty and Dragon will be a strong focus with team fights breaking out around objectives. As for these 2 particular teams I’ll be expecting LGD to take the early objective lead due to their better team cohesion but TSM will hold their own with their experienced Western players and if they’ve got enough practice in they could keep LGD on the edge of their seats.

Prediction: I believe the new TSM roster will eventually become extremely strong, eventually. For now I don’t think they’ve had enough practice or even time to practice to build the necessary communication issues to bring down such a well versed team like LGD. So I’ll be predicting an LGD victory on the basis that their experience as a team are much greater and they’ll be playing to their strengths to earn back their pride after the World Championship showing they had.

Quarter-Final#2: Logo of LCS NA Team CLG CLG vs. Unicorns of Love - LCS EU Team Logo Unicorns of Love

(Saturday, November 21st, 3:20 PM PST/ 6:20 PM EST/ 00:20 CET (next day))

Unicorns of Love are playing with a few fresh players on their roster after losing PowerOfEvil who was thought to be their strongest player; this is a chance for them to show just how well they can succeed with a few fresh pairs of eyes. Counter Logic Gaming have been the eye of journalism lately as they’ve made a few questionable decisions about their roster lately however a few statements from them have led us to believe that they are confident in the change and the possible improvements it could have made. At IEM San Jose both of these teams will have the chance to test out their new strengths before the start of LCS Season 6 with their new team members but who will come out on top?

Logo of LCS EU Team Unicorns of LoveUnicorns Of Love – Having to fill a small player void in short notice the Unicorns managed to pick up a few well know players that are able to hold their own. This however doesn’t change the fact that the short notice has left UOL in a position where lack of practice may get the better of them. Let’s hope that they’ve managed to build the synergy between their consistent members and that they’re able to have a good showing at IEM San Jose.

Logo of LCS NA Team CLGCounter Logic Gaming – The majority of this team is still intact and seeing as Huhi, their new mid laner, was previously their substitute they’ve got good knowledge on how they can play together and of all of the teams making roster changes they’re likely to have the least difficult time adapting. After their great Summer Split and acceptable World Championship showing CLG are aiming for a path of improvement and now they’ll get to show just why they made the changes that everyone was disagreeing with.

I think CLG are coming into this series with an advantage as they’ve had less to adapt to, 4 of their players have previous experience playing together and as Huhi was a substitute practicing both Jungle and Mid lane he’s knowledgeable of how the team plays and how he can fill his role properly. Unicorns of Love however might have a more difficult time adapting to their fresh players but we do however know that each of their individual players have good consistency and have been known to hold their own against world class players before.

If both of these teams play to their maximum potential I think CLG are going to have the upper-hand as I believe their teams individual skill levels are higher however I’d like to keep an eye on Fox vs Huhi in the mid lane and as we’re on patch 5.21 with Top laners being dominant I’d also like to see just how well Zionspartan has adapted since the World Championship 2015.

Prediction: With UOL having made more significant changes and CLG using someone they’re well practiced with I’ll be predicting a CLG victory, I think they are more likely to take the series purely because of the possibilities of UOL lacking the team synergy and communication. Communication is a key role in this game and Aphromoo on CLG has been a fantastic shot caller so far being able to rally his team into positions that keep the enemy behind once CLG gain even the smallest of leads.

About the Show match

IEM had made an announcement that they wanted the CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, to take part in a show-match and not long after the announcement he was contacted by Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, and challenged to which Brian accepted.

The game is going to take place on the Howling Abyss as an epic 10 vs 10 occurs between the CEO of Intel and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, they’ve be accompanied by professional players to assist in filling out their teams. This is not only going to be a great show match for Brian and Mark but also for the fans as there’s possibilities of their favourite retired players showing up and having some fun along with the chance to watch an explosive 10 vs 10 match, the first of its kind. It’s all in good fun though and all money raised from the event will go towards the CyberSmile foundation.

“I’m a big fan of Esports Gaming and after attending the Intel Extreme Masters last year I wanted to be in on the action. It’s exciting to get to play a match at such a large even as IEM and be able to game for good to raise money for the Cybersmile Foundation.”- Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO.

The exhibit match will be played on November 21st and will be the 3rd match played during the Intel Extreme Masters in San Jose so don’t forget to tune in if you don’t have tickets, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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