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The League of Legends All-Stars 2016 Event is right at the doorstep and awaits us with exciting regional duels, hilarious game modes and a crazy 1-vs-1 tournament – certainly our previews and predictions for these games mustn't be missing. From December 8th to 11th the best (or at least most popular) LoL players of the world will compete for fame and glory of their regions. On the last day of the tournament the two most successful teams of the over-teams Ice and Fire will compete against each other in a semi-final and a grand final for the big points. Below you´ll find our detailed predictions for the regional 5 vs 5 matches. The full schedule of the 2016 All-Stars tournament can also be found at our site, so don't forget to take a look and have fun watching this thrilling event!

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League of Legends All-Stars 2016 Facts

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  • Date: 12/08/2016 to 12/11/2016
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • 2 Main-Teams: Team Ice vs. Teams Fire
  • 5 All-Star teams voted by fans + 1 Wildcard team
  • Regions / Leagues: LCS NA, LCS EU, LPL, LCK, LMS
  • Format:
    • regional All-Atar Matches
    • 1 vs 1 Tournament
    • Fun Game Modi
  • Patch: 6.23
  • Full schedule with results
  • Live Stream: All matches will be streamed live
  • Betting Info: view Allstars 2016 betting odds
  • Hashtag: #Allstars

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All Star 2016 Barcelona – Preview and Predictions

EU LCS vs NA LCS All Star Barcelona 2016
Match #1: Team EU LCS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo EU LCS All-Stars vs. Team NA LCS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo NA LCS All-Stars

Start Time: December 8th, 08:10 AM PDT / 11:10 PM EDT / 17:10 CEST

The European All Stars will be facing off against the North American All Stars to start off the tournament; this will be surrounded by a lot of fun game modes that you’re certainly going to want to catch! With there being a huge but fun rivalry between these 2 regions the competing players have a lot of regional reputation on the line, will this be the decider on which is the better performing region?

League of Legends EU LCS Europe LogoEU All Stars – The European All Star team is comprised of many veteran players with the addition of a few newer talents. All of the players are very familiar with each other and have experience against each other, with the exception of Jankos, but with multiple strong leading roles on the team their intentions should be clear. Will it be enough to take down the NA All Stars though?

League of Legends NA LCS North America LogoNA All Stars – The North American All Star team is packed with well know League of Legends popular figures, some of the most popular in the world. But how well will this translate to performances on the rift? They’ve got stacked talent and a formidable bottom lane, their middle lane is a world class all-star and their jungler has been a carry for years. But how well will they perform without a strong leader calling the shots?

This game is going to come down to a few small factors. Lanes look fairly equal, North American appears to have an advantage in the middle lane because xPeke has been out of visible practice for a while and it’s arguable that SoaZ could have some trouble in the top lane. But Jankos has had a charging time in the jungle recently and could push past Reignover to give his lanes a lead. The bottom lane is certainly going to be interesting, they’ve got fairly opposite play styles and both will dominate the later stages of the game. When it comes down to each teams skill on an individual level I think North America is pushing ahead but how will their macro management hold out? The EU All Star team has a few figureheads that have proven to have phenomenal shot calling; this will be challenged by Aphromoo for NA but there could be some conflicts because the teams is fairly divided.

Prediction: North America All Star Victory. I’d love to side with my own region but in a player vs. player matchup the European team looks a bit outclassed here. They may have great macro management in theory but Aphromoo is an extremely experience and respected shot caller who will be able to manage the team and get them to where they’ll need to be. Because of this I think they’ll take the series 2:1.

LPL vs IWC All Star Barcelona 2016
Match #2: Team LPL All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo LPL All-Stars vs. Team IWC All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo IWC All-Stars

Start Time: December 8th, 10:10 AM PDT / 01:10 PM EDT / 19:10 CEST

Shortly after the tournament kicks off we’ll be faced with the LPL All Star team going head to head against the GPL All Star team. The GPL team is often considered the underdog of the tournament because the team is comprised of players from the Wildcard region, South East Asia. They’ve already proven to be a strong region, even if they’re considered ‘minor’, so the Chinese LPL team is going to need to play steady.

League of Legends LPL LoL Pro League LogoLPL All Stars – The LPL All Star team is feared by many competing teams at the tournament, they’ve got stacked talent and are ready to let their bests run free. With a combination of Uzi and Mata in the bottom lane the GPL team are going to need to watch out on the bottom side of the map right from the get-go. These Chinese players have huge reputations for many reasons, most of which are positive and performance based. The GPL team could run into trouble here.

League of Legends IWC All Star 2016 LogoGPL All Stars – After fighting their way through the International Wildcard All Star Tournament the GPL team has proven that they are deserving of their place in this tournament. They went through the IWCA tournament with ease, not dropping a single game. This proves that they’re ahead of the other regions and are ready to put up a fight against the majors. Will the LPL team need to watch out? You’re damn right they will.

The GPL team is packing punches, ready to prove that their region has more value than they’re often given. They stormed through the IWCA tournament and are ready to make a big international impact. Even if it’s only ‘playing for fun’; this is an opportunity for them and they won’t squander it. The LPL team will need to watch out for possible roams and will need to keep a lot of their vision on a constant refresh, the GPL team knows how to macro manage and can handle a lead extremely well. The LPL All Stars appear to have an advantage when it comes to individual talent but how well will their individual players work together? The GPL team has already proven that they have phenomenal synergy; it might not be the same for the Chinese.

Prediction: LPL All Stars Victory. The GPL team have already proven that they’re a strong team and that they can work well together, but have you seen the LPL line-up? A lot of regions will fear going against the LPL team because some of those player names resonate and strike fear. All it’ll take is for the LPL team to take a small lead and they’ll be able to run away with games, I think they’ll come out on top of this series fairly confidently.

LCK vs LMS All Star Barcelona 2016
Match #3: Team LCK All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo LCK All-Stars vs. Team LMS All Star 2016 Barcelona - Logo LMS All-Stars

Start Time: December 8th, 11:45 AM PDT / 02:45 PM EDT / 20:45 CEST

I would consider this to be the game with the most talent participating. We’ve got the likes of Faker vs. Maple in the middle lane, which will be exciting to watch! Bengi running through jungles against Karsa and we certainly can’t forget the stacked bottom lanes with PraY and Madlife facing off against Bebe and Albis! If you want to watch League of Legends talent then you’re going to want to catch this series.

League of Legends LCK Champions Korea LogoLCK All Stars – This is obviously the most talented roster competing at this tournament, that’s not an opinion either. We’re looking at multiple multiple-time world champions on a single team that are still at a performance peak. This will only be aided by their regions relentless practice and methods. They’re going to have solid performances and this could change the way we look at the All Star tournament; the LMS may be Korean kryptonite but will it beat World Champions?

League of Legends LMS Master Series LogoLMS All Stars – The Korean Kryptonite, also known as the LMS All Star team, could be facing a bigger challenge than they had originally anticipated. But they’ve got a few tricks of their own! Their combination of players will be able to cover their previous weaknesses and they’ll be able to find a lot of opportunities to execute their all-star strategies. With players such as Karsa and Maple running rampant they could gain a lead enough to take control of the game, if not then they could be looking at trouble.

The LMS All Star team will be relying heavily on the outcome of the earlier stages of the game. Without a strong early game they could quickly fall to pieces. With multiple members of the Flash Wolves on the team they shouldn’t have too many issues but will it be enough to push ahead? The LCK All Stars team are well rounded; they have a good early game, a strong middle game and a phenomenal late game. They’re going to be difficult to beat but the aim from the LMS team should be to control. If they can control the pace of the game they should be able to find favourable engagements, their region has proven to have phenomenal team fighting so we’re going to need to hope they’ve got the practice in to prove their strength to the world.

Prediction: LCK All Star Victory. Such a well-rounded team is hard to come by, even when Organisations are putting players together for competitive teams. The LCK team has clutch players, consistent players and strengths that can shine through all stages of the game. They’re going to be the team to beat and I think they’ll prove why during this series. I think the LMS will put up a good fight though, leaving the series at 2:1!

You know who will win?

Addam ‘Canvas’ Burrows

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