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League of Legends Icon LoL Predictions Quarterfinals IEM Oakland

INTZ e-Sports vs. Unicorns of Love - IEM Oakland 2016 Quarterfinals
Quarterfinals #1: Team Intz Logo - LoL Worlds INTZ Esports vs. Team Logo Unicorns of Love EU LCS 2017 Unicorns of Love

Start Time: November 19th, 10:45 AM PDT / 01:45 PM EDT / 19:45 CEST

Kicking off the IEM League of Legends tournament is INTZ Esports vs. Unicorns of Love. Over the short break since the League of Legends 2016 World Championship many teams have made changes to their rosters and their currently ability to perform is under question, luckily the integrity of both of these performing teams is holding up strong and both teams have maintained their rosters. Ever match will be a best-of-3 series in which the teams will have their strategies and expertise tested. The matches will start on Saturday, November 19th, so make sure you tune in!

Team INTZ e-Sports Logo - LoL WorldsINTZ Esports – After a difficult run at the 2016 League of Legends World Championship they headed back to their home region and were quickly diving into the IEM XI Oakland Qualifiers tournament in which they quickly overcame their opponents to prove their reigning dominance in the region. They’re going to be looking to have more of an impact here than they did at the World Championship but can those improvements be made in such a short period of time?

Unicorns of Love EU LCS Team Logo LoLUnicorns of Love – Unicorns of Love have maintained a middle seated position for the majority of the year so they’re not exactly the best team to represent their region. They have however proven to be a challenge to teams that aren’t used to their hectic or niche strategies. They might not be considered “World Class” but after pushing Splyce to a game 5 during the 2016 EU LCS Regional Qualifiers they’re looking to come into IEM Oakland with a bang.

It’s difficult to come to a conclusion as to what team would be the better performing team, Unicorns of Love have been in the dark since they were unable to qualify for the World Championship and their region as a whole were underperforming against international teams, this means INTZ could have the advantage and we’ve seen that they’ve maintained their skill level; however they had their own, and many, issues on the Worlds stage.

Unicorns of Love are going to want to look over and review the recently played games from ITZ, including their most recent games in the IEM XI Oakland Qualifiers tournament. They may need to maintain themselves in the earlier stages of the game unless they’re building an aggressive composition that will thrive in the earlier stages of the game. They’re going to want to avoid falling to a deficit in their games as it will quickly lead them to trouble. INTZ Esports will want to try and create some aggressive momentum earlier on to propel them ahead in terms of lane pressure, they’re going to need to try and get UoL into a position where they don’t have a choice about specific engagements around objectives. This could quickly push ITZ into a lead which we’ve seen previously that they can use and abuse relentlessly.

Prediction: INTZ Esports Victory. I think INTZ, with their recent practice and proof of dominance in their region, will come into IEM Oakland with great confidence. With the regional skill of Europe seeming low at the moment INTZ could quickly show dominance in singular games and throughout the series. I think UoL will show some great strength, having practiced in the shadows, but ITZ will take the series.

The Chiefs eSports Club vs. Longzhu Gaming - IEM Oakland 2016 Quarterfinals
Quarterfinals #2: Chief eSports Club - LoL Team Logo The Chiefs Esports Club vs. Longzhu LCK Team Logo Longzhu Gaming

Start Time: November 19th, 02:15 PM PDT / 05:15 PM EDT / 23:15 CEST

A battle of the underdogs, both Longzhu Gaming and The Chiefs Esports Club don't have the strongest track record and neither of the two teams were able to push very far on their journey to the 2016 World Championship however both teams have already proven to be a challenge in their own regions and will look to make good impressions during this international tournament. For a chance to access IEM XI Katowice both of these teams will be giving everything they've got to overcome their opposing teams in this best-of-3 series, their game kicks off on Saturday, November 19th, so make sure you catch it live!

The Chiefs eSports Club Team Logo LoLThe Chiefs eSports Club – This particular Australian OPL team haven't recently been affected by any roster changes, they've stuck to the team that we know and love. This means they won't be hindered by lack of practice but if they've been unable to adapt to the more recent patches they could hit a few issues when going against the quickly adapting Longzhu Gaming. The Chiefs Esports Club has proven to be a strong a dedicated League of Legends team and were able to take 1st in the OPL Summer Split Playoffs. They hit some issues following it but were able to keep their heads held high as they're not entering into IEM Oakland and will be looking to proceed, testing themselves against Flash Wolves in the semi-finals.

LongZhu Gaming LCK Team Logo LoLLongzhu Gaming – Longzhu have had a below average year, at least for their region. They've been less than effective against other teams in their region and have regularly placed in the lower position on their regional ladder, that doesn't mean we should count them out though. They've been able to give other teams in the region quite a lot of trouble; they kept Jin Air Green Wings busy during the 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup and contested proceeding during the tournament. They have regularly beaten teams that were placed significantly higher than them and i expect them to bring that kind of experience to this international tournament.

I think Longzhu Gaming are at an advantage here, they're from a considerably stronger region than The Chiefs Esports Club and have taken down extremely notable teams. A lot of their victories are achieved through phenomenal strategy along with rigerous practice, with their region regularly being ahead of the curve when it comes to meta adaption and adapting to patch changes i think we're going to see surprising strength from them. This doesn't count out The Chiefs Esports Club though! The Chiefs Esports Club has previously proven their regional strength when they were contesting the seeding for IEM Oakland against INTZ E-Sports, their regional World class team! The Chiefs Esports Club could come out to surprise us and i think they're going to show us potential during this series.

Prediction: Longzhu Gaming Victory. Longzhu Gaming's region is leaps ahead of The Chiefs Esports Club's, this isn't just a problem in terms of their ability to practice but also their ability to adapt and work through a series. Longzhu Gaming is well practiced and has had experience playing against the strongest teams in the world along with the current and previous World Champions. They've got a notable amount of experience behind them which i think will show during the series and will give them what they need to take the victory.

You know who will win?


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