OGN Championships: Final round and regional

OGN final round and playoffs logoThe OGN Championships is South Korea's official tournament for the World Championships. Due to their victory in the All-Stars Tournament, the Koreans have secured three spots for the final games. This means that the top two teams in the OGN will represent the region and have the chance to bring home the cup. The finals will be held at Staples Center in Los Angeles on October 5. The tournament is now down to its semi-final rounds and only the top four teams of the region remain. The third and final ticket to the world championship will be played out in the Korean regional (September 4th – 7th).

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Last time, SKT Telecom T1 was up against MVP Ozone. The matches between these two top teams have been top caliber so far as they have never been faced each other since the start of the Summer Split. But, it all boiled down to SKT T1 getting the victory with Game 3 in their hands as they pulled off a double AD team composition which shut down the team's carries. Meanwhile on the other side of the tournament, KT Bullets dominated CJ Frost with a unanimous 3-0 win. Now, CJ Frost will have to face MVP Ozone for the third place while KT Bullets and SKT T1 will face each other for the top spot of the OGN Championships.

Korean Regional

The LoL Korean regional will take place form 4th – 7th September 2013. 4 Teams secured a spot in the tournament and will fight for a spot in the League of Legends World Champion 2013.

Team Logos of the Teams in the Regional OGN TournamentTeams in the OGN Korean Regional:

  • SK Telecom T1
  • KTR Bullets
  • CJ Entus Blaze
  • CJ Entus Frost

Odds for the Korean Regional:*

We have listed you the odds from both bookies which are listing the Korean Regional at the moment. You can compare the odds structure from Pinnacle Sports and Datbet but be aware that the betting odds may have changed in the meantime! We are still working on our live odds feature and hope to get it done soon!

Odds offered by Pinnacle Sports for the tournament:

OGN Regional Final Sept. 7th, 2013

Two teams are left and onyl one will get the chance to show their skills at the World Championship! Who will win? SK Telecom T1 or KTR Bullets?

Odds for OGN Regional final

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OGN Regional Semifinal Sept. 6th, 2013

KT Rolster Bullets will take on CJ Entus Frost in the only semifinal match of the Korean League of Legends tournament. The winner of this semifinal will battle against SK Telcom T1 in the final for the last regional ticket to the LoL World Cup 2013. Pinnacle Sports esports betting analysts see CJ Entus Frost as the underdog in this best of 3 battle.

Pinnacle Sports Odds für the OGN regional semifinal

Tiebraker, Sept. 4th 2013:

Odds for the Korean OGN Regional from bookmaker Pinnacle

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League of Legends Korean Regional Odds

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Bets and Odds for the final round of OGN*

The last two matches of this OGN Season are:

  • CJ Frost vs. MVP Ozone – Wednesday, August 28th 2013
  • SK Telecom T1 vs. KT Rolster Bullets – Saturday, August 31st 2013

Odds for final round of OGN

Final round has been played! You can find out more about upcoming League of Legends Events in our LoL News Section

Both machtes are played in best of 3 mode. Pinnacle Sports offers bets for both games. Find out more about esports betting at Pinnacle here.

Both KT Bullets and SKT T1 players are at the top spot at the Season MVP Standings with Top lane player inSec leading the pack with 750 points followed by SKT T1's mid player Faker then midlaner Ryu from KT Bullets with 550. MVP Ozone's Dandy rounds out the fifth place with 450 points. All top four teams have secured the top 20 players in the MVP Standings whichs set a lot of tension that is brewing towards the final rounds. Players and eSports enthusiasts will surely have a hard time placing their bets as these top four teams will bring out their big guns as they head to the finals for OGN Championships to represent their region.

Teams from the OGN have been hyped as the best bet to win the World Cup and rightfully so. Some of the best League of Legends players hail from the OGN including “God” himself Madlife playing as support and the up and coming Mata who would steal Madlife's thunder as the best support in the game. InSec, formerly a jungler for KT Bullets, is now the top laner and has dominated each and every game he is in. Piglet from SKT T1 and imp from MVP Ozone have been known to have the highest KDA ratios in the entire tournament. Faker, Ryu, and dade round out the best mid players. Meanwhile, DanDy, KaKAO, and bengi served as junglers that exemplify what junglers should be when it comes to ganking and supporting the lanes.

Now, the spotlight shines on these four teams as they down to the finals of the OGN Summer Split. Whoever wins will be a force to be reckon with in the coming World Championships. Players, fans, and eSports enthusiasts hold their breath as these teams will duke it out for the spot and now is the best time to take sides and place bets.

Live Stream OGN final round and Regional

You can watch the matches of the OGN Regional where 4 teams will play for the final ticket to the LoL World Championship  on Twitch or lolesports.com.

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