MSI 2016 influences LoL Worlds seeding order

The wait is almost over! The 2016 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational hosted in Shanghai will start on May 4 and end in May 15. All League of Legends fans are waiting patiently for this highly exciting event when they’ll finally be able to see the best of the best showing off their skills. But, the entire tournament became even more important with the latest set of changes that aim to revolutionize the competition. You already know this year’s tournament will have an extended schedule than previous events but the biggest change is, definitely, the seeding order. This MSI tournament introduced one of the most important changes in history of League of Legends events, starting this year results of the tournament will have a direct effect on LoL World Championship 2016. Keep reading to find out more about this.

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Teams that place in the knockout stage at MSI in Shanghai will have their region’s top seed automatically placed in top four seed for 2016 World Championship, Riot Games announced. On the other hand, teams that don’t manage to qualify to the knockout stage will have lowered placement for the upcoming Worlds.

If you’re wondering whether this decision will alter the number of teams that are able to qualify to this competition the answer is “no”. So, why did Riot Games make this change then? According to the official statement it’s because this change will:

  • Create a better way to seed regional teams in group draw process at Worlds
  • Aim to make MSI event of higher stakes for both fans and players.

Basically, with this new organization of teams the officials aim to create a fair, unbiased draw that will give equal and honest chance to all competing teams. This will also improve overall atmosphere at such events and tournaments.

League of Legends Icon How will LoL Worlds 2016 look like?


Let’s talk about the format first. You’ll be happy to know the format will stay the same and will consist Group stage and Knockout stage. 16 teams will enter group stage, while 8 teams will move forward to the knockout stage.

Regional seeds

The number of regional seeds and participating teams will also remain unchanged from last year competition:

  • China: LPL – 3
  • Europe: LCS – 3
  • North America: LCS – 3
  • Korea: LCK – 3
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau: LCS – 2
  • International wildcard – 2.

There will be three Group Draw Pools to which these 16 teams will be allocated to. Naturally, regional champions will be in Pool 1. Then, groups will be randomly drawn. It’s also important to know that no group will contain more than one team from each region. With this decision the officials are trying to avoid events from previous seasons when teams from same regions clashed.
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League of Legends Icon How will these changes affect Worlds?

To avoid any confusion, you should remember that these changes don’t mean any of these teams will directly qualify to Worlds. These changes only affect the seeding of each region for the final draw to the 2016 Worlds.

For example, in 2015 Worlds regional champions from China, Europe, Korea, and North America were automatically placed in Pool 1 for the draw. But this year top 4 teams at MSI in Shanghai will be placed in Pool 1.

If teams don’t manage to make top 4 their summer split finals champions will be placed in Pool 2 together with 2nd and 3rd place seeds from other regions. Sixth place teams will be automatically placed in Pool 3.

For instance, if the LCK representative team finishes at 5th place at MSI then the region’s summer split finals champions will be placed to Pool 2 along with LCK team which won the most amount of the Championship points throughout the season. Due to pool limitations, LCK’s regional qualifier champions will be allocated to the Pool 3.

There’s also a possibility that IWC team secures top 4 finish. In that case, the region they’re representing will be allocated to Pool 1 seeding. Let’s say team from Brazil finishes in top 4, then the CBLOL Winter Finals champion team will get Pool 1 seeding at Worlds. If this scenario occurs at 2016 MSI, it will be the first time ever that IWC team qualifies for Worlds. The second IWC team will be allocated to Pool 3.

One thing is for sure, new seeding changes will revolutionize the Worlds and it will be definitely fun to watch to see who’s going to qualify. From now on, anything can happen.

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