LPL Spring Playoffs 2015 – Recap

LPL LogoChina’s pro-League of Legends League, Tencent LoL Pro League 2015 Spring Playoffs ended this Sunday successfully. We have, with us, the list of top 4 teams of the league table. Total twelve teams compete with each other before the playoffs, and only 8 march forward to the offline Playoffs which were running from April 14th to April 24th. The teams were fighting for total prize money of apox. $ 265,000 USD and of course a ticket for the winner to the League of Legends Mid Season Invitational. All matchups in the were best of 5 series. We will be taking you to the journey from the playoffs-stage of the LPL Spring Split.

Teams that made it to the playoffs

  • Edward Gaming
  • Team Snake
  • OMG (Oh My God)
  • Vici Gaming
  • Team King
  • Invictus Gaming
  • LGD Gaming
  • Team WE

LPL Spring Playoffs 2015 – Prize Money and Results:

  • 1st place:    Edward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming | $128,800 USD + Ticket to MSI 2015
  • 2nd place:  LGD Gaming - LPL Team LGD Gaming | $64,400 USD
  • 3rd place:   Team Invictus Gaming Logo Invictus Gaming: | $40,250 USD
  • 4th place    Team Snake: | $32,200 USD

Congratulations to EDG for winning the tournament and other teams too for the prize money.

Recap and Results of the LPL Spring Split Playoffs

1st Quarterfinals Match-ups: EDG (Edward Gaming) vs. WE (Team WE)   3   :   2  

Match 1/5: EDG won this 33-minute game. They faced no bans in this game and led the 5 game series with 1-0

Match 2/5: EDG with the second consecutive win got a strong hold on the series. In this game, both the teams faced 3 bans each. EDG got their noses in front with 2 wins out of 5

Match 3/5: Team WE didn’t let EDG take away the cake so quickly. They struck back in the third game and destroyed the party for EDG by making it 2-1.

Match 4/5: Team WE was pretty serious in their business, and they proved it in the fourth game registering their second consecutive win in the series. This tied up the series with 2-2. The fifth game will decide who will move ahead to the semis.

Match 5/5: The decisive match ended up with EDG’s victory in 39th minute. It was a huge turn around as EDG made their comeback after the two defeats.

2nd Quarterfinals Matchups: VG (Vici Gaming) vs. IG (Invictus Gaming)   1   :   3  

Match 1/5: VG won in the 42nd minute and got the lead in this 5 game series

Match 2/5: VG wasn’t even over with the celebrations yet and they faced a loss in the second match. IG defeated VG.

Match 3/5: IG’s confidence was boosted after the victory, and they continued their winning streak in the third match making it 2-1 in their favour.

Match 4/5: IG was on a winning run as they emerged victorious in the fourth game too making it 3-1. They didn’t need to play the fifth game.

3rd Quarterfinals Matchups: Snake (Snake Esports) vs. King (Team King)   3   :   2  

Match 1/5: The first matchup between these two teams went 34 minute long and resulted with Snake’s win over King.

Match 2/5: How can King sit back in peace after getting defeated from Snake. So, King took revenge in the second game with a win and making it 1-1.

Match 3/5: Snake tried to fight back, but their efforts weren’t enough and couldn’t defeat King even in the third match.

Match 4/5: Snake’s efforts did pay back in the fourth match as they registered the second victory in their fourth match.

Match 5/5: So, till the fourth match, it was 2-2. The last match’s win ignited the fire in Snake, and they won the last game making it a 3-2 win over King in the quarter-finals.

4th Quarterfinals Matchups

OMG (Oh My God) vs. LGD (LGD Gaming)   0   :   3  

Match 1/5: Game 1 goes to LGD Gaming

Match 2/5: The fans, OMG team, were all waiting for a win, but they settled with a loss even in the second game.

Match3/5: It was the first quarterfinal matchups where a team made a clean sweep to the semis. 3-0, which saved the time of their last two matches.

This was all about the quarterfinal stage. Let’s go to Semis now! Semi-finals were also formatted in the best out of 5 series

Semi-final 1

EDG vs. IG   3  :   0  

Match 1/5: IG did perform well enough in the quarter-final stage, but couldn’t reach the level where EDG is playing. EDG won the first game of this 5 match semi-final series.

Match 2/5: EDG dominated the second game too and secured the victory over IG.

Match3/5: IG had this one chance to make a comeback into the competition and take the game to fourth match of the series, but they didn’t take on this opportunity and lost the third consecutive match. EDG made a clean sweep to the finals.

Another semi-final arrangement was set between Snake and LGD

Semi-final 2

Snake vs. LGD   0   :   3  

Match 1/5: This was one of the longest matches of the series that lasted for about 46+ minutes.

Match 2/5: Snake did try to fight back in the second, but LGD was on a roller coaster ride. They made it 2-0

Match 3/5: Snake were in the same situation where IG was in their semi-finals. Snake faced the same fate. They lost 3-0 to LGD. Now LGD will face EDG in the finals.

The stage was set for the big battle between LDG and EDG

LPL Spring Playoffs Grand Finals

LDG (LDG Gaming) vs. EGD (Edward Gaming)   2   :   3  

Match 1/5: The battle of the best began with a victory of LGD over EDG in the first match of the final 5 match series.

Match 2/5: EDG showed why they are in the finals by winning the second match and evening up the score by 1 win each.

Match 3/5: EDG got the lead in the series in this match, and they defeated LDG second time in the series.

Match 4/5: EDG could not save the lead for longer. LGD struck back in the fourth game and made the score even with 2-2.

Match 5/5: EDG finally put an end to the suspense and thrill, defeated LGD and won The LPL Spring 2015 season.

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