LEC Spring Split 2019- Final: Who fights with G2 for the championship?!

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The grand final of the LEC Spring Split 2019 (LEC 2019) is on! LoL fans can look back on a fantastic and thrilling championship of Esport, which has once again shown that real emotions cannot only be generated by physical sports. After a long time of anxiety, hope and fever, the opponents of the championship have been determined. Three teams will be on the scales next Friday and Saturday to proclaim the championship for themselves and to secure the prize money of 200,000 euros for themselves. For Splyce the dream of the championship has died last week, because they had no chance against the win-oriented Fnatics. Who will be in the final against G2? The Fnatics will have to give their all to knock the beleaguered Origen team from the throne and then compete against G2 in the final. Can OG hold its own? Will G2 be able to keep their championship title? Leave everything behind and watch the crowning finale of a great championship!

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LEC Season 9 – Spring Split Finals| All facts in one view!

Who is going to win?

Schedule and Results – 2019 LEC Spring Split Finals

  • What awaits us on day 1? On day 1, the Fnatics must beat the Origen Esports, who was beaten from G2 last week.
  • What awaits us on day 2? On day two, G2, the contender for the championship, expects his challenger. The winner of day 1!

LEC Spring Split 2019 | Finals | Day 1

Match #1: Fnatic League of Legends LoL Team Logo FNC vs. OG Origen League of Legends LEC Team Logo 0 : 0
05. April, 09:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET / 18:00 CEST


LEC Spring Split 2019 | Semifinals | Day 2

Match #1: G2 Esports League of Legends LoL Team Logo G2 vsTBD
06. April, 08:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET / 17:00 CEST


Who is going to win?

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Preview and Predictions from our Analyst-Desk!

Finals – LEC Spring Split 2019
Day 1
Day 2
Fnatic League of Legends LoL Team Logo vs. Origen League of Legends LEC Team Logo
G2 Esports League of Legends LoL Team Logo vs. TBD

LEC Spring Split 2019 Semifinals– Day 1

Match #1:
Fnatic League of Legends LoL Team Logo FNC vs.OGOrigen League of Legends LEC Team Logo

13. April, 08:00 AM PT / 11:00 PM ET / 17:00 CEST

In Friday afternoon's match the Fnatics are confronted with the dethroned Origen team. The Fnatics (1.4) must channel their absolute focus on Friday to defeat the Origen players (2.75). Because Origen just missed the victory against G2 last Friday and are still very dangerous. Especially convincing was OG “Alpahri” with his harvesting machine Urgot on the Toplane. One simply could not look away from disgust or enthusiasm, how Urgot sabredled through the map and was not even seriously in danger. Bronze players like to comment on this champ with “Urgot OP”, as they occasionally disregard “unimportant” things like situation, team strategy, CS, positioning, kill rate and equip of this champ. But the Fnatics have a good antidote against Alpahri, namely their showpiece ADC FNC “Rekkles” who considers exactly these things in a teamfight and always knows exactly when he has to be where. You can also occasionally see a suggested smile on his otherwise rather gloomy looking face. It remains to be seen whether FNC “Broxah” will be able to part with his love for Karthus, because Splyce has already adapted his strategy accordingly in the last game, so that his team contribution has remained very limited. We can expect an exciting and dynamic game because both teams are hot for the win. I'm predicting a 0:1 win for the Fnatics because of their sovereignty.

Who is going to win?

LEC Spring Split 2019 – Seminfinals | Day 2

Match #1: 
G2 Esports League of Legends LoL Team Logo G2 vs. TBD

14. April, 08:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET / 17:00 CEST

On Saturday, G2 will receive the final showdown and face the winner of day 1. Will G2 be able to maintain their sovereignty of the tournament or have they wasted too much energy to maintain their favorite status and it will fail at the crucial moment? Who will challenge G2 on Saturday? Two possibilities:


Origen Esport demands his deserved revenge and faces G2 again. This time they will make it harder for G2 to find a gap and concentrate more on the opponent's game dynamics than on the achievement of secondary goals. G2 will probably find it much harder to find a backdoor opportunity and, like last Saturday, bring the game to an abrupt conclusion. We'd probably have great trades in Nashor Bay again, which will ultimately decide the game. From the tactical point of view G2 has perfected flanking OG, so I'm guessing 0:1 for G2.


G2 will once again face the Fnatics, as they did in week 9, who gave them one of their few defeats back then. At that time G2 was too sure of victory and careless, but the winning decision was only a few seconds apart. A very close match, which was decided by the heroic attack of FNC Rekkles on the opponent's Nexus, while G2 was already at the inner towers of FNC's Nexus. In the end, speed was the decisive factor, as the Baron Buffs were alternately present in both teams. In week 9, FNC “Broxah” could still surprise with its new Karthus “Jungle Meta” G2. Has G2 adapted its tactics accordingly? I bet 0:1 for the furious Fnatics.

Who is going to win?

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