LoL Worlds 2013: Finals Recap & Vod

Logos of the two teams in the League of Legends World finals 2013: SK Telecom T1 and Royal ClubFor one final time this season, two teams enter the stage and only one came out victorious. SK Telecom T1 and Royal Club face off in World Finals for the Summoner Cup and $1 million cash prize. Hailing from South Korea, SKT has been a dominant force since the Group Stage. Having only lost a few times early on in the Group Stage, SKT was one of the heavy favorites to win this season but Royal Club has etched a mark on the Summoner's Rift with their own brand of aggression and exquisite gameplay. True to the style of Chinese meta, Royal Club came out strong with unorthodox pick such as Annie Support. Will Royal Club truly beat the fan favorite or will SKT tumble out into second place.

World Championship Finals 2013:

SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Club

The Staples Center is beaming with lights and the crowd is anxious as the first match of the day begun. SKT immediately banned out Zed and Annie from Royal but it was surprising to see Royal Club banning out Vi. As it turns out, they should have just banned out Gragas instead which would limit Faker's champion pool to Ahri or Orianna. This way, they won't have a problem with the laning phase. But, as soon as the game started. Royal Club proved to have a very difficult laning phase early on as their aggression was quickly countered by SKT. Piglet's Corki run the bottom lane while Impact's Jax made a dent on the top lane. Meanwhile, Faker's Gragas was a bit understated at this game. Royal Club was easily shut down during the laning phase which carried over to the mid game and to the late game where Uzi was not able to get to the late game phase of his Vayne. The game closed out with SKT winning the match with 18 kills against 9 from Royal Club.

On the second game, Royal Club gave SKT the chance to play their comfort champion with Faker getting Zed and Bengi taking Lee Sin. Royal Club picked up Kassadin with Teleport in order to shut down the bottom lane and be able to gain a huge advantage from the laning phase. There were some brilliant team fights but the relentless aggression from SKT proved to be too much for Royal Club as Impact's Jax once again continued to split push while the rest of the team took objectives after objectives and sealed Royal Club's fate for the second time. The series has now gone to SKT's favor 2-0.

On what could be the third and final game of the night, Royal Club tried another form of strategy this time with Kennen top and swapped lanes but it was already too late. Godlike's Kennen was stomped to the ground by Impact's Jax and was in no shape or form to be a presence in team fights. SKT finally put a nail in the coffin by controlling Royal Club's jungle and took objectives right under their noses. In just under 21 minutes, SKT took home the victory and became the Season Three World Champions.

Vod of the League of Legends World Championship finals 2013:

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