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The spring break for the League of Legends LCS esport pros is nearing its end in Europe and North America. At June 12th the american league starts with the match “Team Coast” (former Good Game University) vs. “TSM Snapdragon“. At the same day “Curse” will play against “Vulcun Techbargains“.

The european LCS starts a few days later on June 15th with a highlight: Gambit BenQ vs. Fnatic. For the first time Gambit BenQ will play without his Support “EDward” who was in the team for years and announced recently his move to Team Curse in the american LCS because of misunderstandings with the rest of the team. He will be replaced by “Darker” who makes his debut against Fnatic.

Livestream and Comments

As usual all matches will be streamed live on Twitch and Youtube and commented by the Shoutcasters. In between the matches there will be reports about the teams, the players and analysis of the matches.

LCS Summer Split timetable

Recently Riot Games published a complete timetable for all nine rounds of the summer split on its website. The last rounds before the finals happen in the NA region at August 17th and in Europa at August 14, 2013. The timetables can be found here:

LCS Europe timetable

LCS NA timetable

LoL Bets and odds

Of course we will provide you with all infos about quotes and special bets on the LCS like we used to do. Furthermore we will implement a quote feed in the next weeks, which will show you the currently available quotes for the matches of the LCS summer split.

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