LCS Newsfeed Week 9 | Summer Split 2015

The summer split continues in week 9. We’re almost at the end of the season and the playoffs are approaching fast. Things are rather interesting and highly competitive on the NA front as Gravity and Liquid are still battling for the first place, although Gravity has a slight edge as of now. Europe continues to be dominated by Fnatic who haven’t been defeated yet. And with the new patch being released by Riot, it’s certainly been a fun week. Of course, there are also some bad news, but this is how it is.

LCS Matches Summer Split Week 9:

Europe (LCS EU):
07/23 – 07/24: Week 9 – LCS EU Summer Split 2015

North America (LCS NA):
07/25 – 07/26: Week 9 – LCS NA Summer Split 2015

LoL Patch v5.14

The new patch is going to be a bit more massive than most so we can’t wait to see it in action. As usual, there are rebalances and champion reworks, but this time it also comes with a new item, which is always fun to see, especially when teams decide to get creative in the pro scene. The new item is Zeke’s Harbinger, which is going to replace Zeke’s Herald. Some champions are going to get nerfed a bit, while others will get a bit of love. We expect the patch will be used for the upcoming LCS summer playoffs.

For more information, here’s the full patch notes or watch the patch rundown below:


Adrian steps down from starting support

Team Impulse - LCS NA Team LogoAdrian “Adrian” Ma is stepping down from the starting support position on Team Impulse. Despite the fact that the team really enjoys playing with him, Adrian feels a lot of pressure, which is why he’s made this decision according to his teammate Apollo “Apollo” Price. As of now Austin “Gate” Yu will be replacing Adrian in the support position. We’ll see how the team does with the new support, but it seems like Adrian thought he was doing them a favor by stepping down. Whether he was right remains to be seen.

XiaoWeiXiao is temporary suspended

Team Impulse - LCS NA Team LogoYu “XiaoWeiXiao” Xian from Team Impulse is suspected of ELO boosting and has been temporarily suspended, awaiting formal investigation. LCS authorities have shown themselves to take these matters seriously, so we think that the player will face the consequences of his actions if his guilt is proven. Once the formal investigation is conducted, we’ll know more about this and inform you right away. With Adrian stepping down and XiaoWeiXiao pending investigation, things do not look good for Team Impulse. This doesn’t seem like a hit they’ll be able to recover from very soon.

Update: XiaoWeiXiao is not allowed to play in week 9. Adrian will be starting support again and Gate will be starting Mid. Read the statment by Team Impulse regarding XiaoWeiXiao here.


Forg1ven will not be forgiven by Riot

Logo of LCS EU Team Gambit GamingKonstantinos ‘Forg1ven’ Tzortziou, the ADC of Gambit Gaming is going to be suspended for four games. The competitive ruling is final and was caused by a series of reports for toxic behavior on part of the player. It all started with a few screenshots showing targeted harassment that prompted the LCS authorities to launch a formal investigation. Forg1ven was fined for the same offence last year, as well. He’s been reported in many of his games and by statistics, he’s in the top 2% of toxic players during the last 30 days.

Dart is the new addition of ROCCAT

Logo of LCS EU Team RoccatJae “Dart”SeungJin is joining ROCCAT on the top position as a sub. It’s always interesting to see a new sub player join a team because you can never be sure how things will turn out and when the team is going to use him. ROCCAT haven’t had the best track record this season, but they’re not doing horribly, either. Their performance has been suboptimal and it’s curious to see if Dart will in any way change that. Once we see him in action with the rest of the team, all questions will be answered.

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