LCS Newsfeed Week 8 | Summer Split 2015

This is one of the most exciting weeks in the history of the LCS. If Fnatic keep going the way they’re going, we may be looking at a perfect score for the European team in reaching the Summer Split Playoffs, which is actually a lot more impressive than it sounds. However, the fight is not over yet, so Fnatic can’t afford to rest, despite their stellar performance so far. We’ll see what happens, but the next few games are definitely going to be off the hook.

In this week’s news, we are looking at some roster changes, and Riot has released a new patch to be used so we are also looking at some meta-changes, as well. The patch is a big one and covers a large variety of aspects to the game that, for all intents and purposes, are going to be interesting to behold.

LCS Matches Summer Split Week 8:

Europe (LCS EU):
07/16 – 07/17: Week 8 – LCS EU Summer Split 2015

North America (LCS NA):
07/18 – 07/19: Week 8 – LCS NA Summer Split 2015

LoL Patch 5.13

The new patch offers an overall overhaul of the AP item system and changes many of the mechanics revolving around the stats. Needlessly Large Rod gets a bit of a change in terms of AP (now offers 60 instead of 80), but also becomes a bit more affordable 1250 gold (no “two at the price of one promotions”, though; sorry). This affects the entirety of building other AP items from it, which leads to an overall rebalance. Some items cost has been increased, some has been decreased, and there have been some changes in the abilities and AP levels. Naturally, there have been some champion rebalances, as well. For more detailed information, have a look at the patch notes or watch the patch rundown below.

Nick Allen is leaving Riot

Nick Allen - Riot Games League Operations ManagerOn a much sadder note, Riot’s Nick Allen is not going to be Riot’s Nick Allen anymore. He’s leaving in order to be with his family in Northern California. He’s still stay in the esports field by accepting a role at Twitch. We wish Nick the best of luck in all his endeavors. You can read his statement here.

EU LCS Roster Changes

Kikis leaving Unicorns of Love – Joining Gamers2

Logo of LCS EU Team Unicorns of LoveMateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek, Unicorns of Love’s jungler, is leaving the team. Apparently, things haven’t been going well in the team lately, despite the fact that UoL have always been close and have always regarded each other as friends. The players have the same ideas, but different ways of getting there, so apparently their paths diverge and Kikis is leaving the team. Recently Kikis accounced that he will be joining Gamers2.

Gilius joins the ranks of Unicorns of Love

Logo of LCS EU Team Unicorns of LoveKikis’ departure is sad news, but life goes on and Unicorns of Love had to find a new jungler, which they did in the face of Berk “Gilius” Demir. Demir has played for a number of teams, including Gamers 2, Kikis’ new team, so we might say that this is a swap, of sorts. We’re interested to see how things turn out of the team. They haven’t had the best performance this season, but they haven’t been doing horribly, either. Will Gilius be the breath of fresh air the team desperately needs? Stay tuned to find out. We’ll keep you posted.

NA LCS Roster Changes

Rico is being replaced by Brokenshard as a coach

Logo of LCS NA Team DignitasRam “Brokenshard” Djemal is going take the function of coach in Team Dignitas instead of Sami “Rico” Harbi. Dignitas is not showing a stellar performance this season, but they are not doing badly, either. Their plays have been sort of mediocre, but we hope that under the guidance of the new coach they will develop some new and interesting strategies they can implement and make their playstyle more worthy for the scene in 2015. We hope that this is will also improve their general performance. Only time will tell if that will happen. We’ll keep you posted.

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