LCS Newsfeed Week 7 | Summer Split 2015

This is an amazing time to be a League of Legends fan. Things have never been better in this competitive field and it’s absolutely amazing to watch these teams explore the new frontiers of team play and trying to gain a competitive edge through new tactics and interesting new strategies. Riot are also giving us a treat by constantly changing things around with different patches, forcing the teams to adapt. Adaptation is the name of the game, because if you don’t adapt, you just fall off the bandwagon. This doesn’t mean that you will never return, but this makes that much harder. The struggle is real, and witnessing how teams reach new heights of their play is a privilege. Like we’ve said, great time to be a League of Legends fan.

This week things have been quiet on the front. Not many newsworthy changes around, so we’ve decided to do something else and capture what has actually be going on in the Fields of Justice. Who’s been doing well and who hasn’t are the questions we’ll attempt to answer today. We hope that you enjoy these answers and find them to your satisfaction.

LCS Matches Summer Split Week 7:

Europe (LCS EU):
07/09 – 07/10: Week 7 – LCS EU Summer Split 2015

North America (LCS NA):
07/11 – 07/12: Week 7 – LCS NA Summer Split 2015


LCS NA Logo 2015We can’t begin covering North America in any other way that stating that Gravity are awesome. They had a tremendously difficult week and despite the fact that odds were significantly stacked against them, they proved they were not backing down for anything and to anyone, and won some of the hardest matches for the season. Not only that, but they did it in style, proving once and for all that they are one of the best teams in the world, and possibly the best team in NA right now. Even TSM had trouble with them and got significantly outclassed, outgunned, and outplayed. Maybe it wasn’t their day, but it was definitely Gravity’s. They’re really not letting anything slow them down.

Not all is well and good on the North American front, though. Counter Logic Gaming continue to do poorly as of late, despite getting a relatively good start. The fact that they can bring a game to the point of almost certain victory and then throw it away like it’s nothing is inexplicable. How is it that they can lose a game they’ve already won is beyond us. CLG continue to disappoint their fans and we hope, for their sake, that the team gets their heads out of the bag and start playing good League of Legends once more.


LCS EU Logo 2015Fnatic are absolutely kicking ass right now, that much is certain. They haven’t lost a game so far, so they’re definitely going to make it to the LCS Summer Playoffs and finish in the first place this season. However, if they manage to make it through the week without losing a match, they will be 14-0 and will have gone through their toughest matches, meaning that the possibility of them reaching the playoffs undefeated is within their grasp.

This doesn’t mean that other teams are not doing well in the middle of the spectrum. Unicorns of Love are reminding us why they’re still here and how they managed to conquer their place this season. Their opponents keep underestimating them, and UoL keep showing them why that’s a terrible mistake. At the end of the day, they don’t have the chance of getting to number one, but they do have the chance of getting to the playoffs if they keep showing solid plays and good strategies. This shouldn’t surprise anybody, though. They reached the playoffs last season (even if it were only by the skin of their teeth), then they reached the finals and gave Fnatic a good run for their money. Those are some badass unicorns and other teams should start taking them more seriously, or we will be seeing last season’s events repeating themselves.

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