LCS Newsfeed Week 5 | Summer Split 2015

We enjoy an exciting week 5 of the LCS Summer Split of 2015 which is still played on the 5.11 patch. Patch 5.12, which was released this Wednesday, will most likely be used in week 6 of the League of Legends Champinship Series. We are starting to see new developments unfold as previous underdogs struggle to get back on track and be counted among the strong contenders in the ongoing Summer Split 2015 games.

LCS matches Summer Split Week 5:

Europe (LCS EU):
06/25 – 06/26: Week 5 – LCS EU Summer Split 2015

North America (LCS NA):
06/27 – 06/28: Week 5 – LCS NA Summer Split 2015


Gravity - LCS Team LogoOne of these teams is Team Gravity (formerly Curse Academy), owned by the youngest team owner, 19-year old “Samurai” Davis. In a recent interview, Davis shares his insights on the improved performance of his team, which has stealthily crept into 4th rank after the former’s disgraceful performance in the 2015 NA LCS Spring Playoffs just a few months ago.  Despite original misgivings, he attributes the team’s enthusiasm and motivation to do well to new coach David “Cop” Robertson‘s “ability to crack the whip, incite good discussions and have the mindset of a great coach.”


We find Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) determined more than ever to prove themselves worthy of their title as the original League of Legends powerhouse now in first rank with 7-1; Team SoloMid (TS) sharing 2nd rank with Team Dignitas (TD) each with 6 -2, followed by Team Liquid (TL) and Gravity Gaming on 4th with 5 -3, Team Impulse (TI) right in the middle with 4-4, Enemy eSports with 3-5, Cloud9 and Team8 tied at 8th rank with 2-6, and Team Dragon Knights still at the bottom of the ladder with a score of 0-8.


  • Fans, team management and LCS 2015 Summer Split organizers alike have mixed feelings with regard to the crisis that has come upon the Copenhagen Wolves (CW) with the announcement made by Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia of his decision to leave just merely six weeks before the end of the LCS 2015 Summer Split, hinting at an unpleasant team atmosphere. With the departure of Airwaks came the elated announcement made by CW Executive Officer Jakob Lund Kristensen, voicing his enthusiasm in welcoming Airwaks’ replacement in the person of former wolf Ilyas “Shook” Hartsema, one of the original team, back into the fold who, according to Kristensen, was bringing with him the mechanical skill and experience the wolves so needed.
  • Riot Games announced that Chris Badawi, current owner of Team Renegades and part-owner of Team Dragon Knights will not be eligible for any official LCS position for any team for the remainder of 2015 and the duration of the entire 2016 season for violation of LCS Rules 3.1 Team Ownership Restriction and 10.2.13 No Poaching or Tampering.
  • Preparations are underway for the Finals of the LCS Summer Playoffs to be held from August 22-23 at the historical and prestigious sports arena, Madison Square Garden in New York City and at the home of Europe’s finest, Hovet Arena in Stockholm, near Sweden’s south-central east coast on that same weekend, where the finals showdown and third and fourth place matchups will be held.

Meanwhile, the East Coast is in the midst of fine-tuning the preparations to welcome League of Legends as one of the events to be added to the history of Madison Square Garden, which has seen countless sports and entertainment events in the course of its 136-year life.

  • Riot announces the release of Patch v5.12 with the following features:
    • visual effects (VFX) updates for Galio, Nautilus, Corki, and Brand toning down their visual noise during team fights,
    • a new Runeglaive jungle enchantment which seeks to unlock many AP junglers in the pursuit of champion diversity
    • Refinements of skillshot collision and hitbox detection will be released at a later date and in specific regions first so that its impact can be monitored, and disseminated to the rest of the regions only when it has been perfected and after taking into account the safety considerations.
    • Important changes in the recall window so that the player knows if his strategy can stop an enemy recall or if it will not work; the timing will be the same every time, unlike previously, when it was randomized.
    • Shift from oppression to a Tier 5 mastery along with a nerf
    • Shift of Swiftness down to Tier 1 to see if it could qualify as a potential competitor against slow-to-heavy teams, particularly against marksmen going 9 points in
    • Introduction of Adaptive Armor which will allow champions to itemize armor or magic resistance to survive their lane matchups in spite of a strong opposing team.
    • Turret death lasers have been identified as inhibitors of alternative paths to victory (like split-pushing). At the start of the season, we put these mechanics on to curb split pushing, while at the same time trying to see if it would be compatible with meaningful changes in strategy.
  • Several bugs were discovered and fixed
  • New Pool Party Skins for Draven, Lulu, Mundo, Rek’Sai and Zac were released with Patch v5.12


  • 2015 Challenger Team Misfits was renamed Renegades, with Christopher “Montecristo” Mykles joining in as co-owner.
  • Team Overclockers UK (OUK) announces its roster of players: Marek “Libik” Kregiel, Pawel “Celaver” Kopraniuk, Rafat “Takefun” Gomiak, Wojclech “Tabasko” Kruza, and Jakub “Kubon” Turewicz, all former members of UK’s recently disbanded Reason Gaming (RG) team., managed by Fryderyk “Veggie” Kozioł, former head coach for Team ROCCAT.
  • Paweł “Woolite” Pruski, rejoins Team Denial Esports (DNL)
  • Trevor “ChuffeR” Lao of team Dire Wolves (DW) opts out of competitive gaming.
  • Yuri “KEITHMCBRIEF” Jew tries out for Team SoloMid
  • Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia leaves team Copenhagen Wolves; Ilyas “Shook” Hartsema rejoins as starting jungler.

This ends our News Feed for Week 5, as the games and excitement continue; we look forward to the effects of Patch v5.12 and the results of team changes implemented this week. Watch for it.

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