LCS Newsfeed Week 3 | Summer Split 2015

Well into the 3rd week, LoL games of the 2015 Summer Split have been rocked not only by team standing changes but also by controversies that have surfaced but have been adeptly resolved by Riot, whose timely action reflects its advanced level of organization.Contenders for the 2015 Summer Split find themselves jostling for position, with former top dogs rotating to rock bottom while new teams have emerged, competing for top positions.

Upcoming LCS matches:

Europe (LCS EU):
06/11 – 06/12: Week 3 – LCS EU Summer Split 2015

North America (LCS NA):
06/13 – 06/14: Week 3 – LCS NA Summer Split 2015


This week starts off with the suspension of Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes, currently the starting ADC for CLG’s Challenger NA Team CLG Black, from all Riot-related competitions for a long 2-week period from June 4-17 as a disciplinary action for unfitting in-game behavior. Riot acts quickly and takes action upon discovery and verified investigation of these incidents which, if left unresolved, would cast a sinister shadow on the integrity of the LCS Games in general, and the 2015 Summer Split in particular.


The next day, this controversial suspension was followed by news of the disbanding of UK’s Reason Gaming (RG) 5-man team, as we witnessed the exit of its members, Team Captain Marek “Libik” Kregiel, Pawel “Celaver” Kopraniuk, Rafat “Takefun” Gomiak, Wojclech “ Tabasko” Kruza, and Jakub “Kubon” Turewicz.


  • Female e-sports team under Logitech (Logi-A Team a.k.a.LAT) acquired the roster of the following ahq Girls who join
    • Su “77”Hsiao-Ting (Top)
    • Hsieh “LeLe” Yi-Shan (AD Carry),
    • Ho “Tangerine” Su-Han (Jungler)
    • Chen “Butterfly” Bai-zhen (Mid-lane player)
    • Lin “Puff”Chia-Yi (Support) and
    • Huang “Eggroll”Shih-Han (Support)
  • NA’s Gravity (GV) team member Nick “LastShadow9”de Cesare leaves.
  • South Korean Jungler Shin “Helios” Dong-jin joins
  • INTZ Reds Leonardo “Leozuxo” Camicia changes to top lane
  • Jungler Jonas “Caos” Cardoso Vriesman moves into position.


As League of Legends continues to move steadily through the season, Riot Games continues to reiterate its commitment to pursue champion diversity in every possible way. The concept behind champ diversity is making each player feel like he can play his favorite champion, that each encounter is unique in that you don’t see the same enemies every time. Also, if you are building a comp, you get to think as you are going in, which of the marksmen will build this comp correctly. You also get to evaluate if the situation would be good for Vayne, or Kag’Maw or whoever. , but acknowledged that realistically, not every ADC would be played in equal proportions, in every region, at every skill level, but improvements could still be made. As of now, ADC’s are very visible but in a way that junglers are not, and the team of organizers and planners are conceptualizing new things that champions can do when they are getting into a team fight, and not just who does the most damage.

This week they reviewed some of the rise and fall of what they call the champion viability ladder, choosing a few who could be motivated towards the center. Aggressive champions such as Katarina, Hecarim and LeBlanc expended massive amounts of oppressive power, which led the team to investigate, in case some weaknesses needed to be highlighted, or necessitate a decrease in power so that other champions could be competitively played. In their opinion, the other end of the spectrum also merited their attention by way of highlighting unique strengths of underrated champs withAatrox’s bloodier passive, Caitlyn’s upgraded headshot and Kha’Zix’s technically reduced isolation range which on the whole yielded a positive effect. Also under the gun was Shen’s split pushing vis-à-vis teleporting skills, which have become more common in the last season=and=a-half, and the lot of ninjas in the League which need a bit more differentiation. Before the end of the discussion, it was agreed that champions would not be completely changed so as not to stave people, especially those who have just began to have a liking for the game and certain champions.


A significant event this week is Riot’s official release of Patch 5.11 where they buff Caitlyn, which is not a feat in itself but opens an avenue of attention for the Sheriff of Piltover after what they at Riot call a period of neglect.   Changes were also accommodated into Twisted Treeline, and organizers were in the process of laying out a detailed cross-map consistency pass of all other map modes in League of Legends, similar to what they did on the Howling Abyss; some applicable broad balance adjustments were also incorporated.

A Twisted Treeline Tier List Patch 5.11 accomplished through the cooperation of several Masters/Challenger 3v3 Teams showed surprising results. The top 5 highest win rate teams Sivir, Leona, Sion, Maokai and Morgana had win rates close to 60%. Surprisingly, the popularity of these teams showed opposite results. For example, Sivir, with a win rate of 58% had a popularity of only 2%; Morgana and Maokai, both with win rates of 56% shared the same popularity rating of 15%.


The week culminates with serious suspensions and sanctions levied by Riot on KiritO from participation in the EU Challenger Series for 2015, Summer and 2016 Spring Splits, and from Riot-affiliated tournaments for violation of Section 9.2 Unprofessional Behavior – Moral Turpitude of the official Challenger Series ruleset. Suspension is subject to review before 2016 Summer Split. In separate incidents, Łukasz Puki style Zygmunciak and Wojclech “ Tabasko” Kruza were also suspended for violation of Section 9.1 involving Unfair Play – Ringing of the official Challenger Series ruleset.


To balance the impact of all the negative movements the LCS 2015 Summer Split that took place this week, Midnight Sun eSports (MSE) welcomes Chiu “NeXAbc” Po Chieh who joins them as Analyst on June 12, which marks the beginning of another week in the LCS Summer Split of 2015.

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