LCS Newsfeed – Summer Playoffs #4

With the playoffs nearing their end this weekend, the League of Legends is already getting prepared for Worlds. The high from the finals is going to be enough to keep our spirits up during the month of September until the beginning of the world championship in October. Fnatic are still wreaking havoc in Europe, while things don‘t look too different on the NA front, either, with TSM destroying everything in their path so far (with only a few lost games). The finals in both regions are going to be spectacular and we can‘t wait to see the first team fights and witness true awesomeness. Some of us will be doing it on big screens with a lot of people around because we‘ll be going to the viewing parties, but even fans from home will be able to have fun while watching the glorious performance of the best teams in the world as they‘re preparing to face their greatest challenge yet.

Upcoming Summer Playoffs Matches:

Europe (LCS EU):
08/22 – 08/23: Finals and match for 3rd – EU LCS Summer Playoffs

North America (LCS NA):
08/22 – 08/23: Finals and match for 3rd – NA LCS Summer Playoffs

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LoL Worlds

TSM in NA and Fnatic in Europe will definitely be going to Worlds. The teams will either win the finals and get to the tournament through first seed, or they will lose and get there through second seed because of Championship points. If the question, „Is it possible for Fnatic to lose the finals after their record-breaking performance during the season and the playoffs“, is creeping into your mind, you‘re not alone. Most analysts believe that Fnatic will be victorious so we‘re sure the team will be getting into the Fields of Justice with a great deal of confidence. However, we‘re positive that the pressure will be just as great. We‘ll see what happens this weekend.

TSM is pretty much in the same boat. Almost everyone expects them to win the finals with ease even though their performance isn‘t even near the caliber of Fnatic. The finals are going to be interesting. Take a look at this LoL World Championship overview to find out which teams have already qualified for Worlds 2015 or find out more about the upcoming LCS Regional Qualifiers here.

Noxiak to replace nRated as starting support for the 2016 EU LCS Spring Promotion

Logo of LCS EU Team SK GamingLewis “Noxiak” Felix will be the starting support of SK Gaming instead of Christoph “nRated” Seitz in the 2016 spring promotion. The German player was moved to the starting support position recently, while nRated was moved in the substitute role. Noxiak has definitely shown that he has skill. Whether he manages to prove himself further is in his hands, and the hands of his teammates, of course. After all, this is a team game and no matter how well a player plays, his performance is always dependent on others, as well.

League of Legends Patch v5.16

Patch v5.16 was released by Riot and is bringing a plethora of changes to the table. We have new items, rebalances, and bug fixes. Some champions that were nerfed a few patches ago are getting some love now, while others are receiving much needed nerfs this time around. The new items are sure to find their place in the meta rather quickly. We‘re not sure why some already powerful champions got buffed (we‘re looking at you, Zed), but we assume Riot know what they‘re doing. Note that the finals of the Playoffs are not going to played on this version, but on version 5.14. As for Worlds, it‘s going to utilize patch 5.18, which is yet to be released.
For more information, have a look at the patch notes or watch the patchrundown below.

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